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  1. Killy_McMurder

    WIP: Stuff you are working on 2!

    Great to know yurapetrov is still working on those amazing seahawks! I thought for a while they were lost mods. And Jdog i can't wait to see your next update for the Nimitz! Hooray for navy mods!
  2. Killy_McMurder

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Thats an enormous download! Is there anywere to get it in sections? I've been looking for an ARMAII compatible F18 for a long time...
  3. Killy_McMurder

    Blackhawks and seahawks

    Ohh, didn't realise that. That being said though its been almost a year since he was active on here, i think it might actually be dead. I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong though!
  4. Killy_McMurder

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    I'm seriously hooked to this thread waiting for updates.... Can't wait for this to be released! "Getting ahead of myself" is probably an understatement here, but any ideas what you might turn your hand to next? I know a guy who'd love a couple Seahawks with all the trimmings ;)
  5. Killy_McMurder

    Blackhawks and seahawks

    Well thats annoying... This mod had incredible potential. Development of naval units is something thats missing at the moment, these birds would have been a great addition. Shame really
  6. Killy_McMurder

    RFA Sir Tristian

    Appreciate the reply, thanks man. Hope we get this eventually it'll make a great addon.
  7. Killy_McMurder

    RFA Sir Tristian

    Just out of interest.. Is this project still alive? Been excited to see it ever since i heard about it... which was quite a while ago now
  8. OK i think i've got the majority of it working... lcu.sqf: _tank = _this select 0; _boat = _this select 1; _tank setPos [getpos _boat select 0, getpos _boat select 1, 1.65]; _tank attachTo [_boat]; gunner _tank disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _action = _tank addAction ["Detach tank", "detach.sqf"]; waitUntil {(getMarkerPos "beach") distance _boat <6}; _a =[_tank, _boat] execVM "beach.sqf"; beach.sqf _tank = _this select 0; _boat = _this select 1; _boat animate ["lcuramp",1]; detach _tank; _tank move [(getpos _boat select 0) + sin(getdir _boat)*60, (getpos _boat select 1) + cos(getdir _boat)*60]; This all executes well... kind of. I've used a rectangular marker but the 'beach' script is only executing when the LCU is less then 6m from the centre of the marker, this is causing problems with consistency - trying to get the LCU to hit the same point on the beach everytime with a waypoint. Can anyone suggest a better way i could do this section? And - When the tank detaches it hits the LCU sending it backwards and knocking everything out of shape... Is there something i could do to 'anchor' as it were, the LCU in place just whilst the tank cleared? Cheers
  9. Yeah i tried "MOVE" aswel that didn't work, and reading the biki page the other options won't apply to what i'm trying to do. I thought about just adding the gunner once the tank was clear, i'll probably do that just for simplicity sake
  10. I've had a look around and i know that there's similar scripts that already exist that do pretty much what i'm attempting to do, but i'm trying to learn scripting for myself so i'd appreciate any help that i can get with this one. Basically i'm building a script that moves an LCU with a tank already aboard to a shoreline, lowers the LCU ramp, and pushes out the tank. This is all for AI units, and having the LCU return isn't that important right now. I've got a working script that has the tank attached to the LCU, at the moment the problem i'm having is with the "beaching" script... This is what i've got upto now: 'Attach script': _tank = _this select 0; _boat = _this select 1; _tank setPos [getpos _boat select 0, getpos _boat select 1, 1.65]; _tank attachTo [_boat]; gunner _tank disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; //This action was just for testing, and also if i feel like driving! _action = _tank addAction ["Detach tank", "detach.sqf"]; waitUntil [(getMarkerPos "beach") distance _boat <5] execVM "beach.sqf"; Problems with this one: Stopping the gunner from rotating the turret. Apart from looking stupid, If the turret isn't aligned with the front of the hull when the tank is detached, the barrel poking throught the side makes both tank an LCU fly pretty high up in the air... i thought the disableAI com would do it but it won't work... Any Ideas? The section that waits for the LCU to reach the "beach" marker. I put that together all by myself so i'm not surprised it won't work... there's a rectangular marker with the same name on the shore area i have the LCU's approaching, but again nothing happens when they reach it... Can anyone see what i've done wrong there? 'Beach script' _boat animate ["lcuramp",1]; detach _tank; _tank move [(getpos _boat select 0) + sin(getdir _boat)*60, (getpos _boat select 1) + cos(getdir _boat)*60]; Now i know that this one is incomplete, i know i haven't defined the _tank and _boat variable thingies, but i wasn't sure were to do this... and once i do, does there have to be something in the section of the 'attach' script that calls this script? (eg like i would in the init "nul=[tank, lcu] execVM "beach.sqf") I'll probably be asking alot of questions since its a pretty big learning curve to from noob to decent ArmA scripter! I'd be grateful of anyone willing to help me out here, -Killy
  11. Killy_McMurder

    SAM / Nordin addons

    Nordin, i've been playing with SAM supoprt for a while now and first i just wanna say that it is an amazing piece of work, well done! Something i've noticed that would come in useful is a Medevac feature. I've had a quick go myself, basically i added a MASH and some medical supplies to the FRAP option, i put a small support team into the chinook but i couldn't get them to get out! But i was thinking maybe a fully intergrated feature would be possible... Something like having a medevac team on standby at the main airfield that gets into the selected transport and moves to the desired target area just like the transport options when the Medevac sub-option is selected. Then are dropped off and establish a med station, or something similar i'm not quite certain about the actual workings of a medevac mission. One more, but probably less realistic feature is the ability to call for equipment to be dropped off (Static weapons, vehicles etc) Another variation on the transport option, you could select the equipment you needed, this is then loaded or slung under the selected helo, and finally delivered to the desired target area... again, i've had a go at this myself but my noob knowledge of scripting means i've failed. Lots. Everything else about your module is incredible, i think this would compliment it well
  12. Killy_McMurder

    Objects spawned from a crate

    Thanks guys, got it working! Now i just need to setDir the object i'm spawning and remove the action so it doesn't spawn more than 1... tried this but i know its got to be a bit more complicated: _crate = _this select 0; _pos_crate = getpos _crate; _camo1 = "LAND_CAMONET_NATO" createVehicle [(_pos_crate select 0),(_pos_crate select 1),(_pos_crate select 2)]; _camo1 setPosATL [((_pos_crate select 0) 0),((_pos_crate select 1) 0),(0)]; _camo1 setDir [getDir _crate select 0, getDir _crate select 1]; _crate removeAction "Unpack Camo Net"; Or i'm probably just missing something blindingly obvious and simple again! Learning's fun!
  13. I'm trying to put together a simple script that creates a given object from a crate placed in a mission. I've added an action to a crate that calls the specific script but after choosing the action nothing happens. The script i've put together looks like: _crate = this; _pos = position _crate; _camo1 = "LAND_CAMONET_NATO" createVehicle [(_pos select 0),(_pos select 1),(_pos select 2)]; _camo1 setPosATL [((_pos select 0) 1),((_pos select 1) 1),(0)]; hint "DEBUG - I'M WORKING"; I added the hint at the end just as confirmation but i don't even get that, and needless to say nothing spawns! I'm just learning scripting at the minute so i'm not even sure if i'm going in the right direction. Anyone have any ideas what i should be doing here? -Killy
  14. Killy_McMurder

    [FMP] ARMA2 Dance Addon Relase

    This looks amazing, great work! Can't wait to play with this
  15. Killy_McMurder

    Script to delete units

    Wow... never thought it would be that simple! Thanks very much!