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  1. I honestly wouldn't even know where to start, lol.. My knowledge of the Domination script is pretty basic: - edit intro - edit side / main mission rewards - edit ammo crates - change vehicles - change units - change flags - ... So I know how to change the look of it, but not the functionality.. I'll probably will have to go with 2.11 then, seeing as that is the last chernarus version that I know of.
  2. Hi, Are there any 2.29 / 2.54 versions of Domination that support Chernarus? I've tried using the dom maker included in the last versions (links posted by Tankbuster) but there seems to be an issue with the Chernarus versions it created.. To be more precise: The Halojump does not work and neither does the "time parameter". So I'm basically looking for a working 2.29 / 2.54 version on Chernarus that I can modify into BAF versions..? Prefferably AI..
  3. Hi, Some of my clanmates have found some Domination maps (editted by other people) that look interesting to try but have an issue with it.. They're all revive. So my question is, is there any easy / simple way to take these revive missions and change them into an AI / normal version? ---------- Post added at 09:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:36 AM ---------- Also, where can I change the AI emplacements at the base? As in, the emplacements on the sides of the base with avengers, AA pods etc.. I ask this because I'm currently working on a BAF version and would like to alter those troops (which are US) to BAF ones :)
  4. Did you set the parameters up so you were allowed to use enemy vehicles? ---------- Post added at 10:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:41 PM ---------- No, they don't, it's for OA / CO only :)
  5. Flightster

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    For those interested / looking for a BAF version of Domination, feel free to look here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=107301 And I do hope you'll make a return one day, Xeno.. This community is forever in your debt and a lot of stuff would have never seen the light of day if it wasn't for you inovative ideas. You sir, are an ArmA Legend!
  6. I made a 2.29 and 2.54 version because some people don't like the fact that a normal soldier no longer has the ability to repair vehicles in 2.54.
  7. Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that I've editted Xeno's AI Domination (2.29 and 2.54 version) to have full BAF support.. This started out as a clan project, but after testing it on our servers (www.thegruntsclan.com !) I feel confident enough about it working propperly for me to put it out there for the public. Things added / changed: - Changed intro song to God save the Queen, we're playing with British Armed Forces afterall; - Changed recruitable AI units to BAF units; - Changed both base and camp flags to Union Jack; - Added BAF choppers to base: 2 Chinooks as lift choppers, 2 Merlins as transport; - Added 2 ATV's, 1 Offroad and 1 Jackal HMG as "standard in-base vehicles" - Added BAF weapons to ammo crates; - Added some BAF vehicles to both side and main target completion rewards. Links: 2.29 version: - FileFront 2.54 version: - Filefront I hope you guys like it, and have fun playing around with the British side of things :) - Credit goes to Xeno for all his years of effort in making Domination the best coop experience one can find on Arma 2 / OA / ACE.
  8. Flightster

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Couldn't agree more.
  9. Is there any way to change the intro track? I would like to add my own custom intro track, just can't find the current one anywhere..
  10. Ok, thanks guys.. I've found it :) One last question though, which should I edit? And how? Simply change the classnames, or is it a bit more complicated? if (d_with_ai) then { [] spawn { waitUntil {!isNil {__XJIPGetVar(D_AI_HUT)}}; _D_AI_HUT = __XJIPGetVar(D_AI_HUT); _D_AI_HUT allowDamage false; player reveal _D_AI_HUT; _script = "x_client\x_addsoldier.sqf"; #define __aiadda _D_AI_HUT addAction #ifdef __OA__ __aiadda ["Recruit Soldier" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_EP1"]; __aiadda ["Recruit AT Soldier" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_AT_EP1"]; __aiadda ["Recruit Medic" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_Medic_EP1"]; __aiadda ["Recruit MG Gunner" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_MG_EP1"]; __aiadda ["Recruit Grenadier" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_GL_EP1"]; __aiadda ["Recruit Sniper" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_Sniper_EP1"]; __aiadda ["Recruit AA Soldier" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_AA_EP1"]; __aiadda ["Recruit Specop" call XBlueText,_script,"Specop"]; #else __aiadda ["Recruit Soldier" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier"]; __aiadda ["Recruit AT Soldier" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_AT"]; __aiadda ["Recruit Medic" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_Medic"]; __aiadda ["Recruit MG Gunner" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_MG"]; if (d_own_side in ["WEST","GUER"]) then { __aiadda ["Recruit Sniper" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_SoldierS_Sniper"]; } else { __aiadda ["Recruit Sniper" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_Sniper"]; }; __aiadda ["Recruit AA Soldier" call XBlueText,_script,"%1_Soldier_AA"]; __aiadda ["Recruit Specop" call XBlueText,_script,"Specop"]; #endif __aiadda ["Dismiss AI" call XRedText,"x_client\x_dismissai.sqf"]; _marker_name = "Recruit_x"; [_marker_name, position _D_AI_HUT,"ICON","ColorYellow",[0.5,0.5],"Recruit Barracks",0,"mil_dot"] call XfCreateMarkerLocal; };
  11. I'm unbable to search for a unit name, seeing as it's all folders and files.. So I would need to open each file seperately for that to work.. Here's the addsoldier.sqf, which I think should be it: // by Xeno #include "x_setup.sqf" private ["_exitj", "_rank", "_unit", "_type_soldier"]; _type_soldier = _this select 3; d_grp_caller = group player; if (player != leader d_group_caller) exitWith { "You are currently not a group leader, no AI available. Create a new group" call XfHQChat; }; _exitj = false; if (d_with_ranked) then { _rank = rank player; if (_rank == "PRIVATE") exitWith { "You current rank is private. You can't recruit soldiers!" call XfHQChat; _exitj = true; }; if (score player < ((d_points_needed select 0) + (d_ranked_a select 3))) exitWith { (format ["You can't recruit an AI soldier, costs %2 points, your current score (%1) will drop below 10!", score player,d_ranked_a select 3]) call XfHQChat; _exitj = true; }; _max_rank_ai = switch (_rank) do { case "CORPORAL": {3}; case "SERGEANT": {4}; case "LIEUTENANT": {5}; case "CAPTAIN": {6}; case "MAJOR": {7}; case "COLONEL": {8}; }; if (d_current_ai_num >= _max_rank_ai) exitWith { (format ["You allready have %1 AI soldiers under your control, it is not possible to recruit more with your current rank...", _max_rank_ai]) call XfHQChat; _exitj = true; }; // each AI soldier costs score points ["d_pas", [player, (d_ranked_a select 3) * -1]] call XNetCallEvent; } else { if (d_current_ai_num >= d_max_ai) exitWith { (format ["You allready have %1 AI soldiers under your control...", d_max_ai]) call XfHQChat; _exitj = true; }; }; if (_exitj) exitWith {}; #ifdef __OA__ _ai_side_char = switch (d_own_side) do { case "GUER": {"GUE"}; case "WEST": {"US"}; case "EAST": {"TK"}; }; #else _ai_side_char = switch (d_own_side) do { case "GUER": {"GUE"}; case "WEST": {"USMC"}; case "EAST": {"RU"}; }; #endif _ai_side_unit = if (_type_soldier == "Specop") then { #ifndef __OA__ switch (d_own_side) do { case "GUER": {"GUE_Soldier_Sab"}; case "WEST": {"FR_Sapper"}; case "EAST": {"RUS_Soldier_Sab"}; } #else switch (d_own_side) do { case "GUER": {"GUE_Soldier_Sab"}; case "WEST": {"US_Delta_Force_Night_EP1"}; case "EAST": {"TK_Special_Forces_EP1"}; } #endif } else { format [_type_soldier, _ai_side_char] }; _unit = d_grp_caller createUnit [_ai_side_unit, position AISPAWN, [], 0, "FORM"]; _unit setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true]; [_unit] join d_grp_caller; _unit setSkill 1; _unit setRank "PRIVATE"; ["d_ad", _unit] call XNetCallEvent; if (d_with_ranked) then { _unit addEventHandler ["handleHeal", {_this call XHandleHeal}]; }; _d_ai_punits = d_ai_punits; _d_ai_punits set [count _d_ai_punits, _unit]; d_ai_punits = _d_ai_punits; __INC(d_current_ai_num);
  12. I know this question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find an answer in this thread.. So here goes: Is there a way to change the recruitable AI units, in the AI version of Domination, to BAF units? I've looked in the x_client folder and looked at the x_addsoldier.sqf but I can't seem to make much sense of it.. I'm a semi noob, lol. Anyone able to help? It would defenitely be appreciated :-)
  13. Flightster

    CO16 Insurgency

    So, what is this mission about? What I mean is, what is the objective / plot / etc? I don't mean to be a prick, but I just like to know what I'm downloading before I do (I'm on a limited download / month, lol..)
  14. Flightster

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Thank you very much for all your efforts on making Arma (II, OA) a fun experience for anyone and everyone Xeno, you will be missed.. Part of me hopes that we will see a return someday, whenever that may be. You will always be recognised as one of the elite in the ArmA community!:)
  15. Flightster

    Flightster's OA AAS Map Pack

    Good to hear at least a few people are interested, so just for you I've uploaded a complete bugfixed version: http://www.filefront.com/17179721/Flightsters-AAS-Map-Pack---27.07.2010.rar/ I've found no other bugs aside from the ones I fixed in this version, which has been on my clan's server for a while now and runs without any problems. Hope you enjoy.