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  1. _guy = _this select 0; _delay = _this select 1; If you call that above script like this : _nul = [p3, 60] execVM "script.sqf" Then, _guy = p3 _delay = 60 _this = [p3, 60] _nul means nothing returned by the script will be stored. If you put , variable1 = [] execVM "script.sqf" and script.sqf returns something. That value will be stored in variable1, if script.sqf returns nothing, variable1 will stored the path of the script (if i remember correctly) The underscore infrontof _guy means it can only be used in that script. You cannot do : _guy setdammage 1 in the editor or anywhere else. But scripts called by the script.sqf can access _guy. I mean if you have : script.sqf where _guy = "This is a guy" [] exec "script2.sqf" script2.sqf _guy = "This is not a guy" Then the value of _guy in script1.sqf will be immediately changed to "This is not a guy", because it can be accessed by the child script (script2.sqf) To prevent this, you use private private ["_guy"] at the start of script1.sqf (This way, the _guy variable in script1.sqf and that _guy in script2.sqf will be different.) And _guy works as a reference for the soldier you've put. So if you execute the same script on p1,p2,p3. Three instances of the script will be running, first one's _guy is p1, second one's p2 and so on. (The _guy's will no conflict either) So if you want 10 soldiers to salute you. You just write this : salute.sqf private ["_guy"] _guy = _this select 0 _guy action ["Salute",player] And execute it on all the 10 soldiers with this line of code in their init box : _nul = [this] execVM "salute.sqf" (the "this" here refers to the object of the init box.) (Note : there might be some facts missing, but I am just explaining you as clear as possible.) Regards, Haroon1992
  2. haroon

    [SP/COOP] Operation Spark

    Hi people, new version uploaded. Version 1.35 It includes major changes that'll alter gamplay. From now on, I'll take a rest from editing this mission, except for bugs and probably showstoppers. Meanwhile, I'll work on a sequel. And I 've planned to name it "Operation Fire" since "Operation Spark" ignited the fire, so it makes sense. Let me know if there is a mission with this name already or if you want to suggest a better name. It's gonna like a clean-sweep mission in day time. Regards, Haroon1992
  3. haroon

    [SP/COOP] Operation Spark

    @STGN Have you played in Veteran? If so, you must be a very good ofp player. Thanks for playing. Also, is this the new version (v1.31) ? But there is minimal difference between v1.3 and v1.31. (Read ChangeLog for info) Thanks for playing. @33BO11OF00 You need EditorUPdate103 to view the intro. Sorry it's my fault, but now I've posted the link in the required addons section on the first page. (NOTE : You must removed ALL other editorupdates from the addons folder!) About the waypoint I never liked the idea to frame the players with waypoints. The waypoint is just used for the extraction. The waypoint will point you to the LZ, once you've completed the objectives. I mean you just go there and blow the enemy's asses up, instead of waiting at the "Wait For Others" waypoint. Thanks for all for playing my mission. ( Please also checkout the OFPEC forum thread for other peoples feedbacks too.:)) Any ideas/suggestion about the next version is warmly welcome. I am think about adding some one or two secondary objectives, like rescue the prisoners or blow up the fuel station or retrieve the secret documents. What do you think about that ? Regards, Haroon1992
  4. haroon

    [SP/COOP] Operation Spark

    Hi guys , new version uploaded. Please see changelog for info. Regards, Haroon1992
  5. haroon

    [SP/COOP] Operation Spark

    Thanks I've once used gog docs, but I thought it can only be used to upload document type files. It's great, thanks again for the info. I'm now uploading the file. I'll update this thread once the files are uploaded. My files are only 12mb of space so it's not quite a problem with the 1gb limit. :bounce3: And yes, I already know gmail very well, and I use g-talk daily so this is no advertisement for me. EDIT : Okay the downloads are now available from GoogleDocs, for safety of you downloaders, I've provided the link to first preview the actual link before proceeding to the site. (Let me know if this is frustrating.) Regards, Haroon1992
  6. haroon

    [SP/COOP] Operation Spark

    wait, there's new version on OFPEC. Oh yes, the link will take you to OFPEC anyway. I'm just waiting for a better file hosting site before I update this thread. And you might be required to wait for about a minute before you download, it's the rule of that file hosting site. Please advice me if you have found better sites. The new version, v1.3 is quite different from v1.25, especially some possible showstoppers were fixed in v1.3. Regards, Haroon1992
  7. haroon

    [SP/COOP] Operation Spark

    Thanks for your plentiful reply with images (they do the job much easier) The shilkas were semi-randomized with Markers. And I'll find and fix that thumpy-thumpy thing. That was quite weired, I my-self have tested the mission several time. Since the test is mostly on the extraction, I blew all shilkas with setdammage at mission start, I didn't see the tick change to cross for the second obj. Anyway, I'll just check it back and try to fix it.(Maybe something got into it in my last moment of edit, :D ) To say the truth, I spent more than 2 hours just to figure how to land the chopper properly and make it wait without using waypoint syncronizing with the player. There were many ways but all of them failed at a certain "Preview" of the mission. (I tested at least 7 times for each method I found.) And that was the best method I found which never seem to broke.Unfortunately, I have to use waypoints for the player, but then fortunately I found a way of setting the "Completion Radius" just like in ArmA 2, using triggers. Oh and I did used the "land" command on the heli. (Without it, the heli would never land, even when synced with the getin WP of player.) I think I could make the helicopter running with the "EngineOn" action command. I'm already working on v1.3, which will have some new features and I've found some bugs in v1.25 (though not obvious ones) Thanks for your glitch report too, I never knew this would happen. :bounce3: Regards, Haroon1992
  8. haroon

    [SP/COOP] Operation Spark

    Operation Spark Stormy night in enemy territory, british S.A.S Operators are going to blow up AA assets in an enemy camp. ------------------------------------------------ NEW VERSION AVAILABLE! (8/4/2011 THU) ------------------------------------------------ Version :1.4 Uploaded Enjoy! Various MP issues fixed. Weired lighting effect is fixed. Players now carry normal weapons. (no HD weapons) Gameplay time is set to 3:15 instead of 4:45. Volumetric fog is further optimised. Background musics are added. I can say there is huge change (for me, improvement) in gameplay, the added background music is really fun to me. And with that weired light effect removed, things are now much more realistic. And good news to script diggers, I've added a "Re-usable Scripts" section in readme, which lists all re-usable scripts in the mission, and it also lists scripts that required some modification to use. Although I realise MP is not that active today, I would like to get feedback of this mission from an MP play. I want this mission to be flawless, perfect. ================== Operation Spark ================== Type : Single Player/ Coop (3 players) Game: OFP Resistance Game Version Required : 1.96 Addons Required : JAM3, EditorUpdate103 JAM3 Editor Update 103 ------------------------ Mission Description ------------------------ Soviets have invaded Kolgujev and are now slowly setting up defenses along the west coast. KDF(Kolgujev Defense Forces) have been no match for them. US is too busy in Afghanistan to respond KDF's call for help. This is where British came, S.A.S operators are sent to the island to disable Soviets' AA capabilities. Doing so will allow friendly forces to land forces to gain a foothold that'll stand against all forms of counter-attack. (Of course, not including nuclear strike :D) ------------------------ FEATURES ------------------------ Major : - JAM3 High-Dispersion Weapon System - Can be played in CO-OP (3-players) - Non-basic Intro. - Stealth-based mission. - Advanced Detection System. - AI Chase script. - Nearly all enemy patrol routes are randomized. - Main objectives' positions are randomized. - High Re-playability - Volumetric fog (Optimized since v1.35) - Random Weather - Background Music - Alternate extraction by boat. Minor : -Custom texts -Several radio menu options. (like Toggle Random Weather) ------------------------ Known Issues ------------------------ - The helicopter sometimes rotate on the ground, due to the EngineOn script, and this is obvious if you are playing in 4X mode. - Possible lag with volumetric fog on low-end machines. (There is an option in radio menu to turn VFog off ;) ) ------------------------ Change Log ------------------------ v1.4 (Current Version) DOWNLOAD LINK Operation Spark v1.4 PBO Version Operation Spark v1.4 FOLDER Version Regards, Haroon1992
  9. Can someone please tell me how to open the POLL again? The POLL seemed to be closed, denying further users to vote. :( Regards, Haroon1992
  10. Yeah, and I am really really willing to let any body with a good MP scripting skill (I am a nuts at MP scripting) to freely modify my script to make it MP compatible. This script is great in my opinion. (I've used it in many of my unreleased missions...) Let me know if there is someone willing to do the job...or maybe some group. Regards, haroon1992
  11. I'm not sure if this is compatible with MP. This script uses setParticleParams and some other commands. (I need feedback about MP compatibility, as I am lacking a second computer and I don't have internet connection at home.) Regards, Haroon1992
  12. I think what you are asking is to make the script able to run for "infinite" times, right? I'll try to add it in the next version. (You can however, modify the script to add the function or just ask me if you are in a hurry.) But I think just repeating the script for 500 times would take hours to complete. (Especially when the buildings list is large.) Regards, Haroon1992
  13. Thank you very much for the positive feedback. I put a lot of efforts on AHP. (Actually, the debugging system is built in a way so that it provides useful information to the mission makers as well as to find out what is being wrong.) The debug system itself helped me alot in perfecting the script, yet the script still needs perfection. Yes, I've seen similar results in some of my previews(tests). And I see no way of fixing it. (I think it is caused by the "move" command. Which sometimes only commands a unit to go and stop within 4-5m from the actual position.) By the way, I've only used the "move" command. Because "doMove" tends to ignore unit's speedMode. And I can't remember why I avoided using "commandMove". If someone thinks there is a better solution that the "move" command, other that "waypoints", then please post your idea here. As the script is group-based, it only orders/command the leader of the group. Meaning all other units just follows the leader. I used this method because it is much more smoother than commanding individual units by using loops. The only downside of this is that the script can't control the maintained distanced between members of the group. So my advice is to use groups with no more than 4-5 members. (From my tests, I found that groups with only 3 units are best.) Also, I haven't tested this on MP. (if I remember correctly) So if possible, could someone please test it for me? (As I won't be able to use both my laptop and desktop for the coming few days.) Regards, haroon1992
  14. FEATURES -Create fire on any object specified. -The intensity,color,position and alpha channels of the fire can be defined in the game. -Fire reacts to the type of object,if the object is a Building, the fire will burn for the longest time. (Infantry units are the weakest and buildings are the strongest)[Damage can be Disabled] `-Smoke is also simulated,the amount and density of smoke relies on the Intensity defined. [smoke disperses as soon as the fire is deleted] -The burning fire can spread to nearby infantry units.[Can be Disabled] -The fire will eventually wear out,and this is also affected by rain.[Can be Disabled] -The time for how long the fire will be burning can be defined. [After that time has reached,the fire will die quickly,and no damage will be applied to anything] Change Log v0.9 - Initial Release DOWNLOAD PAGE http://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=35434.0 This was also in my harddisks for a few months. I hope you guys enjoy using it. (This script is especially meant for cutscenes and intros, and some other mid-game instances,etc) Contains an example mission showing five types of objects on fire, and a helpful hint. Any feedback is Welcome. Regards, Haroon1992
  15. F E A T U R E S - Either put the array with your desired buildings to patrol or let the script find enterable buildings within the radius you gave and make the group patrol them. - Either make them patrol buildings orderly or randomly or even in reverse order of the given array. - Building positions can also be altered in the same way above. - Put the BlackList (as an array), which contains TypeNames of buildings which you want to exclude from the buildings array to patrol. - Provide your desired percentage of chance for the group to patrol outside areas around the buildings. - Specify the Minimum and Maximum waiting time (in seconds) at each stop-point for the group. - Specify how many times should the script Repeat the whole patrol plan. - Script will stop for a pre-fixed amount of time, if group is NOT in SAFE mode or - if someone in the group died. - informative, clear and beautiful debug system at a single variable switch for each group. (Recommended : Debug one group at a time as debugging uses "hints") - stuck control, unit will be commanded to move to another position if he is standing still at the same place for "Max Waiting Time" + "10 seconds". THE ARGUMENTS ARRAY [<unit>,<buildings array>,[<min waitTime>,<max waitTime>],<Repeating>,[<building patrolmode>,<bpos patrolmode>],<chance to patrol outside>,<debug hint>,<black list>] spawn AHPS C H A N G E L O G Quote Version 0.9 - Initial release. This has been in my harddisk for a few months, as I lost in touch with ArmA 2 about 3 months. So before someone encourages Bohemia Interactive to produce ArmA 3, I should upload my hardwork here. (So far I've found that this script is compatible with UPS, and GroupLink3, but you need to change some settings on those mods,NOT in AHP, and you'll find what to do easily, as both of them have their respective readmes.) Any feedback is welcome. DOWNLOAD PAGE http://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=35433.0 Regards, Haroon1992