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  1. Fusion_Marduc

    Single mission restart

    Hi, the issue is solved. It seemed that not everthing initializes quickly enough after pressing restart. The dialog return value was true but it didn't show. I placed a 'sleep 1;' before the creation of the dialog and now it works.\ Case closed.
  2. Fusion_Marduc

    Single mission restart

    Hi, I created a mission in which the init.sqs calls init_gametype.sqf. In this script a dialog is shown in which a gametype can be selected. From there on all other stuff runs. Everything works fine except for one thing I have no clue about. When the player dies the standard dialog with RESTART/SUSPEND pops up. My issue is about the restart. Is the init.sqs executed again after restart? It seems not because the dialog from init_gametype.sqf is not shown. Any ideas how to handle RESTART correctly. Thanks, Marduc
  3. Fusion_Marduc

    Dialog (Moving)

    Got it working so I wanted to share that in this thread. Some code snippets. In the dialog definition: class HUD { idd = 700; movingEnable = false; movingEnabled = false; duration = 10000; onLoad = "uiNamespace setVariable ['dlgHud',_this select 0]"; controlsBackground[] = {}; controls[] = { "ScoreField", "Indicator01", "Indicator02", etc.... Initiating the dialog and interacting with it: disableSerialization; cutRsc ["HUD","plain"]; ((uiNamespace getVariable 'dlgHud') displayCtrl 711) ctrlSetBackgroundColor noDammageColor; ((uiNamespace getVariable 'dlgHud') displayCtrl 701) ctrlSetText format["%1",pointsScored];
  4. Fusion_Marduc

    Closing a cutRsc overlay

    Solved this issue. It can be done using "layer cutFadeOut delay". Grtz. Marduc
  5. Hi, I made an overlay in a map using cutRsc. This works good but at some point I want to get rid of it so the question is. How to close an overlay initiated by cutRsc. Grtz, Marduc
  6. Hi there, I have a singleplayer mission that ends (automatically by Arma) when the player dies. When the player dies I still want to be in control of the game, scriptwise i mean. When the player dies i want to display a result dialog. I tried adding a Killed EH for the player but that doesn't seem to work. Also tried a dirty solution by starting a synch script using execVM in which i put "waitUntil {!alive player};" and after that some code. The standard Arma dialog with retry etc pops up and I don't want that. Also respawn = instant doesn't seem to work for single missions. Anyone? :)
  7. Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to call a webService from a script, function or dialog. Grtz Marduc.
  8. Fusion_Marduc

    PAA Transparency

    Thanks all. Special thanks to Bushlurker, that did the trick m8. Case closed.
  9. Fusion_Marduc

    PAA Transparency

    Okay. I never used TextView2 before. How do I make the white background transparent in TextView2. Just saving the image with TextView2 doesn't do it.
  10. Fusion_Marduc

    PAA Transparency

    In textview2 my image also has a white background. I tried to save the psd as tga/gif and tried to open these in textview2. tga -> error loading file gif -> error loading file What am I doing wrong?
  11. Fusion_Marduc

    PAA Transparency

    Hi, I made an PAA image file using the Photoshop plugin. The photoshop image has a transparent background but the image (after saving as PAA) is displayed with a white background on my dialog in ARMA2. Any suggestions? Grtz Marduc.
  12. Ok, I tried the advise. Script part that creates the armor with crew _spawnLocation = [armorCreationDistance, getpos player] call fcSetSpawnLocation; _armorArray = [_spawnLocation,1,"BMP3",east] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; (_armorArray select 0) execVM "init_armor.sqf"; _crew = _armorArray select 1; { _x execVM "init_unit.sqf"; } forEach _crew; sleep armorCreationDelay; The init_armor.sqf holds: private ["_EhIdx"]; _EhIdx = _this addEventHandler ["Dammaged",{_this execVM "armor_dammaged.sqf"}]; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E O D -- hint format["Init %1 (Eh %2)",_this,_EhIdx]; The hint command shows : Init 0 1-1-A:3 (Eh 0) The armor_dammaged.sqf hint "Armor Dammaged"; This hint doesn't show up. Any more ideas. Eh index 0 should be correct because its the first Eh for the object. Grtz Marduc.
  13. I don't need _armorArray when the Eh runs. I just want to link the Dammaged-Eh to the created BMP3. It works for the BMP3 crew. In script "init_unit.sqf" I link a Killed-Eh to a crew member.
  14. Hi, I'm spawning a BMP3 with crew using BIS function 'bis_fnc_spawnvehicle'. The code looks like this. _spawnLocation = [armorCreationDistance] call fcSetSpawnLocation; _armorArray = [_spawnLocation,1,"BMP3",east] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; (_armorArray select 0) addEventHandler ["Dammaged",{(_armorArray select 0) execVM "armor_dammaged.sqf"}]; _crew = _armorArray select 1; { _x execVM "init_unit.sqf"; } forEach _crew; Everything works except for the EventHandler I want to add to the created vehicle (which according to biki is the first value in the return array). The "init_unit.sqf" adds eventhandlers for the crew and that works. Any ideas. Greetz Marduc.
  15. Fusion_Marduc

    Dialog (Moving)

    Thx Deadfast, Big step forward. But keep getting the 'does not support serialization' error. I use a separate sqf for instantiating the dialog with cutRsc. Tried to set disableSerialization at the beginning but no succes. I can use the global var set in the dialog def - onLoad = "dlgVar = (_this select 0);"; (dlgVar displayCtrl 701) ctrlSetText "test"; is working too. How to get rid of the error message?