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  1. This is the code i was using, it was working but when when exported to multiplayer it crashes the game.
  2. Created a mission a couple of days ago with a custom bit of music in it, followed a guide which I saw on youtube. I exported this mission to multiplayer and then tried to create my own server when I got this message. Everytime I try to run a server on my machine the game crashes and I get this message. Any help with this at all?
  3. Stones

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    That snake looks more like a slow worm in my opinion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anguis_fragilis
  4. I'm really liking it so far, i just have one issue with it and thats with the wobbling of the pilots camera when he's viewing targets at a distance, on auto hover trying to do this is a nightmare as all the movements are amplified. This feature was better in the second release. Oh, also when you're in this view and you lock something that people with high DPI mouses such as myself it tends to lock target then unlock because of the high precision of the mouse, anyway that you can like make it so you hold down the mouse button for x seconds and it locks that target no matter how far you move the mouse?
  5. i've got a XFX 4870, and i de-dusted on sunday, it was doing it before aswell, and its only when arma 2 is playing the menu screen, when i click on one of the buttons it stops then starts happening again when i get to that menu.
  6. its definatly not coming from a hard drive. i just put my head in my pc and it sounded like it was from either my graphics card or sound card.
  7. downloaded HD Tune, now how exactly do i check both the HDD's health? i've clicked the health tab and to be honest i have no idea what its saying.
  8. yeah, its definatly insde the computer, its not to do with the GPU fan speed either.
  9. everytime i load up the game and play it something inside my computer keeps on making clicking noises but when I alt tab to desktop the noises cease. this happens sometimes when im playing the game aswell, but when i go onto the map screen theres no noise. its the only game i have that makes my hardware "click" and can be quite annoying. Also, whenever i load up arma 2 i get a message saying "no entry C:\Documents and Settings\My user\My documents\ArmA 2\ArmA2.cfg.3D_performance." any ideas on that one? btw, i had none of these problems with ArmA 1, it worked fine for the 2 or 3 years i had it.