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  1. strike0277

    Trigger and Syncing

    Yeah, that is what I'm doing but, He's still moving. I made a mistake earlier, he's a civi, not an independent. Thought I cannot see that making a difference.
  2. strike0277

    Trigger and Syncing

    Same result. The scenario is this. An independent with bodyguards inside a building. Once Bluefor is detected I want he and his bodyguards to run, get into the chopper and the pilot flies them off. I did what you stated, but as soon as I load in they start moving to the chopper. I've grouped them to the copper and tried grouping them to the independent. Now if just set the copper up with the way points and Sync it works.
  3. Okay by all accounts this should be working, but it isn't, and I cannot find a reason why. Trigger activates and Passenger AI get into chopper and fly away. 1.I've put down a manned chopper 2. Ai are in place out side of it. 3. Grouped all AI to the chopper 4. Two way points. one load and one move. 5. synced the trigger to the first way point. 6. Set trigger to activate by radio. I load in preview and the AI immediately board the chopper without the trigger being activated. I need them to wait till it is. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks for the help guys. I've searched and brushed up on Trigger and way point use, but nothing I do seems to work.
  4. Are you still working on this?
  5. Ahh GOT IT ! Works like a charm ! Thanks sooo much !
  6. Nope, But I checked several times lol. Either trigger will function only if it's triggered first. I have the following 1st trigger Named: z1 blurfor Once Present Condition field: this Activation field: fun = ["z1",[1,0,0],[3,3,20,6],[],[],[],[0,0,0,0,1]] spawn DAC_Zone 2nd Trigger Named z2 blurfor Once Present Condition field: this Activation field: fun = ["z2",[1,0,0],[3,3,20,6],[],[],[],[0,0,0,0,1]] spawn DAC_Zone
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I tried that. It works for the first zone, but the next one won't initialize when entered under the same conditions.
  8. Sorry to raise an old thread, but I'm trying to figure out how to put a zone on "Stand by" as it says in the read me, And activate it by a condition, like Bluefor present. It's only mentioned that it can be done, but not how. Help?
  9. strike0277

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    nr 2? I'm not sure I understand. Sorry.
  10. strike0277

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    Isn't that in the Server.Cfg already? Arma2.Cfg // Example ArmA2 configuration file // by [KH]Jman, 1st July 2009. http://www.kellys-heroes.eu //These example numbers are for a 2.5Ghz Quad Core Xeon on a 100mBit connection. // Bandwidth the server is guaranteed to have (in bps). // This value helps server to estimate bandwidth available. // Increasing it to too optimistic values can increase lag and CPU load // as too many messages will be sent but discarded. Default: 131072 MinBandwidth=15000000; // Bandwidth the server is guaranteed to never have. // This value helps the server to estimate bandwidth available. MaxBandwidth=100000000; // Maximum number of messages that can be sent in one simulation cycle. Increasing this value can decrease lag on high upload bandwidth servers. Default: 128 MaxMsgSend = 1024; // Maximum size of guaranteed packet in bytes (without headers). // Small messages are packed to larger frames. // Guaranteed messages are used for non-repetitive events like shooting. Default: 512 MaxSizeGuaranteed = 1024; // Maximum size of non-guaranteed packet in bytes (without headers). // Non-guaranteed messages are used for repetitive updates like soldier or vehicle position. // Increasing this value may improve bandwidth requirement, but it may increase lag. Default: 256 MaxSizeNonguaranteed = 64; // Minimal error to send updates across network. // Using a smaller value can make units observed by binoculars or sniper rifle to move smoother. // Default: 0.01 MinErrorToSend = 0.0025; // Users with custom faces or custom sounds larger than this size are kicked when trying to connect. // Use this wisely as it can be the cause of alot of Join in Progress lag. 1600000 = 160k MaxCustomFileSize=0; // EOF Server.Cfg password = ""; // password to protect server access passwordAdmin = ""; // password to protect admin access hostname="TFKW with Ace and Arce Radio Mod"; // This is the server name that will appear in gamespy motd[]= { "Welcome TFKWOA Unit Server. We're Recruiting. www.knightwingunit.com", "In Game Voice is Disabled. This Unit Uses The ACRE RADIO MOD For Voice Comms", }; // Welcome message motdInterval=50; // period between motd rotation voteThreshold=1.5; maxPlayers=32; reportingIP="arma2.master.gamespy.com"; voteMissionPlayers=1; // start voting when 1 players connect logfile = "MyServer.log"; class Missions { }; kickduplicate=1; // do not allow duplicate id equalModRequired=0; // require equal mod disableVoN=0; vonCodecQuality=7; VonID=1; timeStampFormat=full; NetStats=1; DeathMessages=1; persistent=1; BattlEye=0; regularcheck="{}"; verifySignatures=0;
  11. strike0277

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    I have another question. I'm trying to use the arma2.cfg file from kelly's heroes so I can tweak the bandwidth settings for my Art of war server. I put the file in to the root of my art of war dedicated server and check the cfg box and enter arma2.cfg. It shows correctly in the param line, but the server will not show in the browser when this file is in the launch line. No Idea what's going on here. Can any one help?
  12. strike0277

    Ace Wounding Plus?

    thank you. I'll have a look.
  13. Using the Ace Wounding module by it's self works great. What I would like to do is the following. Make it so that when a player dies (Or too injured to be treated) They have to be transported to a mash tent, be revived/treated there before they can return back to the battle. So I would need. A: ace Wounding module (got it) B: Load and unload from vehicle (I think ace would allow this as well, but I'm not sure)-- Just checked, yes it does. C: A treat/revive that will only work in specific areas or in a specific Vehicle/Tent. Would norrin's work for this? any help would be welcome Thanks.
  14. strike0277

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    I'm having an Issue with using the domination ace fallujah map on my dedicated server. On my test server I'm able to run it (It's dedicated as well, just in the same room as I am), but on my rented dedicated server on Art of war it kicks me back to the create game screen and will not let me start it. I have the mod properly installed on both servers. Any have any Ideas?