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  1. Well, on almost full whack in Arma 2, and other games over longer periods of time, my GPU temps doesnt get closer to 60 degrees than 55-56ish. I have a very well cooled cabinett, and a condition controlled computerroom where its located. I tried jibbing them up to 80 with 1.02, didnt do jack for me sadly. Thanks for the tip tho. Seems to be related to gtx 295/gtx 260s the most. Heading towards just giving up, and coming back in a year. Maybe the game works for me then.
  2. Anyone with one or two GTX 295s gotten around to testing the game with 1.03 in Windows Vista/7. Problem used to be CTDs very often in multiplayer.
  3. My god, i hate nvidia right now... Installed XP 64 bit, newest nvidia driver.. My dual-screen setup works fine... until i activate quad sli. Then boom, no more dualscreen. Not sure if I am gonna laugh or cry... Right, so after a bit more investigating...It seems DX9 is the culprit that doesnt support it. Guess I am stuck with waiting for a patch again. Wish I had done some searches before installing XP as a dualboot >.<
  4. thescorp

    How Satisfied with Arma2 Are you??

    What he said. For now, I have given up on it.
  5. Does it solve some of these damn CTD errors tho? Or are we still having to wait for a patch from Bohemia?
  6. Just tried the very, very beta driver from 3dguru. No joy here either sadly.
  7. Installing nhancer actually seems to have increased the time I can play at a time before getting kicked to desktop. So now its more a 5-40 minute bracket. But think I am doing the same as poster over me, shelfing this game till we get some proper patching. To bad there arent alot of new good games around :(
  8. No, but if you took two seconds to check the forums you would see that this is a general problem that hits alot of people with i7 processors and the gtx 295, which you have neither off. So instead of answering like this, just let those that actually have these and solutions to fix this answer, thanks.
  9. Same problem in Vista. So its most likely not down to the OS.
  10. How I miss the days where you grabbed a game, threw it in your floppy/cdrom and started it and there was no need to tweak, config and rearrange the code...it just worked. Singleplayer runs fine for me on generally very high settings, but when it comes to the multiplayer (which by the way is the reason I bought this game) its a sader story. I am running an intel i7-950, 6 gigs of ram, and two normal gtx 295s. Using the latest stable nvidia driver with the added sli profile, on windows 7 ultimate RC 1. All the patches applied and such, no antivirus or firewall. While the single player seems to be able to run for aslong as it takes, when I join a multiplayer game I last from 5-20 minutes as so many other gtx 295 owners I have noticed. There seems to be no red line as to when it happens, as I have seen people mentioning it only happening when they have a lot of traffick on their screen. For me it happens randomly. I can be out in the forest, looking at a tree or in some village with fifteen humwees around me. Or I can be on top of some cliff, with my scope open. While I appriciate how hard it must be for developers to maintain a game that works with all the hardware out today, I am getting frustrated :( Tried all the usual stuff that people post on these forums, with the different tags and such added to commandline, changes of configuration files, running the game as crysis.exe etc etc. But nothing has helped. So now I am just sitting here, waiting for a patch that hopefully solves this. WIll be trying with the former posters taglines and see what gives. -- If that did anything, it was causing the crash quicker >:<