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  1. Where is Shaftoe after the Marines land? I can't find him. I killed the Spetnaz guys and dealt with the Russians but then I am told to return to "base" to talk to Shaftoe. Where is "base?" The HQ? If so, where is Shaftoe?
  2. You can heal everyone completely at the medic tent at FOB Manhattan.
  3. Yeah, I had to replay four times and it finally worked. Thanks.
  4. I have a similar problem. The whole squad dies cuz the MV22 crashes into the mountain during the "One Week Later" mission just before Manhattan.
  5. So on the mission "One Week Later" my team and I ride our bikes up the hill to the VTOL, we talk to the Sabre guys, we board the VTOL, and then the VTOL crashes into the mountain in flight. WTF! I can't proceed with the campaign now. I have tried replaying the mission, no luck. Any advice out there? Anyone else have the same issue?
  6. I know there are other threads about this but I am still confused. How do you kill anything with a hellfire missile on a UAV? I can't seem to lock a target or anything.
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    Where is the armory in Manhattan?