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  1. I have created an empty onject, that is the mh60. Then I created a pilot and put "pilot assignasdriver mh60" and "pilot moveindriver mh60". It takes off and flys the route, but when it comes to the waypoint TRANSPORT UNLOAD, it stays about 100m back and hovers. It will not move forward and drop off the passangers, or complete its route. If I use a generic helicopter, with the pilot already in the helicopter, i.e. Objects, bluefor, air, mh60...it works fine.. Am I missing something? Please help, this is limiting my ability to spawn random aircraft, or use the 3d mission editor. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I just wanted to show you guys a little something that I have been working on for ToH. Hopefully I will have it done by summer time! Let me know what you think, or what you might want!
  3. crawl55

    Thanks for the Patch guys

    Is there any hope that VTOL will work properly in any future patch, or am I doing something wrong?
  4. I am trying to create a script that will allow the AV8 to deploy the LGB to an area you click on in the map. After that has been compelted and all units are dead, I want the LaserTargetStaticW vehicle that I created to be deleted. The problem is that I cannot come up with a script to check if all units are dead with in 20m of the LaserTargetStaticW vehicle that I created. Can anyone help. This is what i have so far. _nObject = nearestObject [player,]; lasertarget = "LaserTargetWSTatic" createVehicle [0,0,0]; clicked = 0; hint "Mark the Target"; openmap true; onMapSingleClick "lasertarget setpos [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, 3]; clicked = 1; openmap false;onMapSingleClick ''; true;"; waitUntil {!visibleMap}; hint "Inbound, Take Cover!"; waituntil { !(alive _nObject)}; hint "ALL DEAD"; I have searched everywhere for the past few days with no luck, so any help would be appreciated!
  5. When I run the bat file as you have it set up, I get an error message... No Entry '.profilePathDefault'. I have to re configure the whole game every time I play. What am i doing wrong?
  6. Can someone explain how to create the batch file?
  7. I will do a high skid version. I want to include as many options as possible, so each person can customize it to their liking, kind of like the light chopper, and how you can add the sight, and benches, so on and so forth...
  8. Ok, so I have looked at the sample ARMA models that BIS put out forever ago, and I have also looked at the models from ToH, but I still have no clue how to incorporate the avionics into the model, and have them render in the game. I was hoping that someone here with more skills than I, could post some form of tutorial. I think that I am well along the way to having an add-on that I can upload,but without avionics...its useless! I would like to know how to animate and render the background image for the old "steam" gauges, and I would also like to know how to get the default glass cockpit into my add-on. Thanks for the help!
  9. Can anyone please point me in the right direction for a tutorial on creating the flight instruments or adding default ones into a custom helicopter. I am nearing the end of a helicopter mod, but I do not know how to add instruments. Thanks for the help!
  10. well, right now I am working on a R-22, but I am completely new to the ARMA modeling, as I have dabbled in modding for FSX. I still cant find a good resource for the avionics...it is all very confusing to me.
  11. Can anyone here tell me where the center of gravity is defined in the .xml file or elsewhere? I am using the default heli_heavy profile, but when I move say for instance the contact points in the .xml file to the location of the landing gear that is referenced in O2, well they dont go where they should? So my questions is where is the CoG referenced so I can adjust from that? It does state in the wiki that all reference points are based on CoG in meters...
  12. crawl55


    Ok, well I tried renaming the rtd_center = "something_else" with no noticed effect. It wasn't something_else but an actual point name within the model, but I'm away form my computer and can't remember what the actual point was. Is there a particular place where j should put the rtd_center? I put it on several of places in the .bin for the model I am using...
  13. crawl55


    So my question now is, can you use rtd_center = "{ 0, 0, 0 }" to set the center point ?
  14. crawl55


    I came across a program called convert P3d. It is really handy, but I dont know what scale it converts the models! http://dev-heaven.net/projects/mikero-pbodll/wiki/ConvertP3d
  15. crawl55


    OK, I have seen everything that you guys have pointed out... my question now is, how do i determine where the contact point for the landing gear are going to be. For example, I compare the Merlin to its flight dynamics.xml and this is what i get. in the .xml <MountStation x="1.754" y="-1.584" z="-2.2"/> referencing the model in O2 x=.620 y=.465 z=-.632 How can i found the exact location, with out typing a number and testing a million times? Is there a way to change the displayed units within O2?
  16. crawl55


    Where are you finding that? I have looked in all my .bin's and I cant find that statement anywhere?
  17. Has anyone figured out how to use ARMA2 OA Mods, or dePbo the PBO files???
  18. crawl55

    TOH Mods and dePbo

    How do you access the config viewer or the function viewer?
  19. crawl55

    Arms dealer template

    sorry, if is FFARLauncher_H for the rocket launcher!!!
  20. crawl55

    Arms dealer template

    How did you determine the weapons name and ammo class? Are there any others, like FFAR, or 30MM for that matter? good work though! ---------- Post added at 04:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:47 PM ---------- Disregard...I found the answer! FFAR_H = weapon class!; 14Rnd_FFAR_H = ammo, or magazine!!
  21. I know there are other threads out there for this, but for whatever reason, the explanation looks like Greek to me. If someone could break this procedure down real simple like...you know, for the less computer savvy it would be great! Thanks!!!
  22. So...I could install A2OA inside the arma 2 folder ...and this would take care of all my problems? Also, how would I use the COmbined Ops with the beta version of Operation Arrowhead? Thanks again everyone!
  23. Ok, so the problem was in the registry. There was no location for ARMA 2... so I fixed that...and they both load togther. The issue now is I have duplicate items in the editor from ARMA 2 and OA. Is this a problem with everyone else? Thanks for the help though!
  24. Ok, so I did what you said...and I saw no results... is the .cmd thing supposed to start ARMA? because if so, it does not! What could I be doing wrong?
  25. well, the problem is that the helicopter dosent even move to the waypoint to unload the troops, it just sits at a high hover...its weird!