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  1. I think that computer will be able to handle it pretty well. If you look up my current specs (above), I can run Arma 2 with Medium/High settings (no AA) at around 30 fps.
  2. I'm looking for a new graphics card for my somewhat outdated PC with AMD Phenom 9750 Quad at 2,4 GHz 8GB DDR2 at 800 MHz Windows Vista 64 bit ATI HD4850 1GB Can anyone recommend a video card in the 200-300e range? Oh, and it needs to fit into my 7" wide pc case. Also, what do I need to know when switching the graphics card? How do I make sure the GPU is compatible with my old setup? Thanks
  3. Kupla

    Bohemia Have some Nerve.

    I somewhat agree though the couple patch have improved it nicely. But don't expect many ppl to agree with you on these forums..
  4. Kupla

    Who here uses XFIRE?

    Though you must not forget that Xfire is free, fraps is not.
  5. Hello everyone I have a few questions mainly about sounds in custom missions. Firstly, have all the sound files been listed somewhere, similar to what has been done to weapons and objects in the "Arma 2 classnames" -thread? What I am looking for is a small beep or a radio-like sound to use between sidechat messages with playsoundfile "filename". Another thing, I have some custom sounds in .wav extension and I've heard that they need to be in .ogg for arma 2. Can I just blatantly change the extension from .wav to .ogg or do I need to use some program? When I have my .ogg file what do I have to do next? (A step-by-step guide would be nice) I'm trying to play the files with the sideradio command. And as for my last question, can I set a sidechat message to a leader of the group regardless if the leader has changed during the mission? Because currently if I set a message to "soldier1" and that soldier dies earlier in the mission, the chat will not trigger. I want the chat to be activated as long as there's still one person from the group alive. Thanks in advance, I'm still a bit new when it comes to all this.
  6. Kupla

    The ai is not stupid!

    IMO, the biggest problems with the AI are the "only shoot to kill" -logic and ordering the AI to target/engage an enemy, especially a vehicle. They never seem to make any good decisions when engaging a vehicle (Why won't they use their AT weapons properly?!). Then there's also problems with some waypoints like "HOLD" in the editor...
  7. Kupla

    Animals in vehicles.

    You could try using the attachto command. For example: dogname attachto [carname] Then place the dog to a good position on the map. EDIT: yeah, like DMarkwick said.
  8. It should work but it doesn't. Group respawn kills it. It works perfectly well alone, but as soon as someone joins the server, BAM no tasks on respawn. I've tried nearly everything between the heaven and earth but nothing seems to work, only found a solution which creates double tasks on respawn. I consider the editor and playing your own missions the most appealing part of the game and this is simply preventing me from doing that. I no longer want to create 'taskless' missions as I wish to progress in the editor and tasks are really a 'must have' for every mission. After a month's break from Arma 2, I've come back to look for a solution as I feel like creating missions again. Any ideas are welcome. And btw, don't tell me to try another respawn type, because I don't want people to miraculously respawn to another location, nor playing singleplayer, because there is no point in it. (Who would want to play this game alone?) So please, BIS, fix this in the next patch! Thankyou rant over
  9. My solution works perfectly well alone, but when there's another player on the server I get double tasks on respawn. Multiplayer screws a lot of scripts up really, which is weird because why would anyone want to play a mission alone with AI only? But it doesn't matter anymore, I no longer waste my time on creating missions and I just play on some random multiplayer servers every now and then. Too bad, because the editor had so much potential to make this game really awesome.
  10. I haven't but don't really like the other respawn types in my missions. Maybe I'll find a way some day.
  11. Maybe it's because I'm trying to find something that works with "respawn = 4".
  12. Sorry, but it didn't work... :/ atm got this in the briefing.sqf of my test mission: waitUntil { !isNull player }; waitUntil { player == player }; taskExample1 = player createSimpleTask ["taskname"]; taskExample1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["taskmessage", "taskname", "taskname"]; if (triggeractivated tasktrig) then {task1 = player createsimpletask ["tasklol"]}; if (WPcompleted) then {task1 settaskstate "SUCCEEDED"};
  13. Yeah on respawn... It worked fine alone, no double tasks or anything.
  14. I don't know what happened but I got it to work in a new testmission I made. I wrote this into briefing: taskExample1 = player createSimpleTask ["taskname"]; taskExample1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["taskmessage", "taskname", "taskname"]; player addEventHandler ["killed", { [] spawn { waitUntil { alive player }; [] execVM "briefing.sqf"; }; }]; if (triggeractivated tasktrig) then {task1 = player createsimpletask ["tasklol"]}; if (WPcompleted) then {task1 settaskstate "SUCCEEDED"}; As you can see I made a trigger which created a new task, so I had to add extra lines to check whether that trigger has been activated already. EDIT: I'm getting double tasks when there's another person on the server. Still got to fix that