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    rivers in the mountains? (not pound)

    I personally think rivers, bridges and such is the single best improvement BIS can make to the ARMA franchise. Not only is it more realistic, but gives many many more opportunities for different mission scenarios.
  2. Durka-Durka

    Customizable Soldier Load ( seriously?? )

    I'm all for Uniform customization. Some like to customize their weapon, some like to customize their uniform. You never see the exact same two uniforms in theater.
  3. Durka-Durka

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    Can anyone help me with setting up the curves and getting at least to a starting point? When playing Arma2, I'm having a constant "wobbling" when I turn my head slightly to the left/right. Below are my current settings.
  4. Has anyone ever tried to take away the red circles for the main targets and just post up a coordinate/name in the message box? That sounds like an interesting take, considering no one knows how big the AO is, and would be forced to send in recon units.
  5. Our Chernarus version has one man on Opfor commanding the entire AI army while the Blufor (real people) try to take it. It's really fun to set up when it's played the right way.
  6. It's a hard sell, but hopefully folks will get used to it.
  7. I thought I did, lol. When you go into the mission.sqm, and you want to rearrange the way the units appear on the multiplayer setup screen, just cut/paste all those units you want to change, then order the classitem number accordingly.
  8. I believe what is being used is a composition. So, if you want to change the flag, you may have to somehow change the composition. I could be wrong, but that's what it looks like. I believe you can find it in i_common.sqf around line 177.
  9. Has anyone ever put in an IED script in Domination? My idea is to have IEDs set in random positions around the map. Drivers or ground troops would pass by it and there's a 50/50 chance it would go off. The other 50% would give you a message on the screen with a timer that says "Your Engineer has 90sec to find and defuse an IED in your general area." It would have to be a big explosion, akin to one round of arty, so people don't just run away and watch it 'splode. The IED that just goes off immediately can be small. I'm looking at this script below which works pretty well, but I'm confused on how to implement it into Domination. It's easy enough to just place an object/trigger in the mission editor, but what I'm looking for is something a little more robust. ied.sqf
  10. Could this be used in something like the Domination mission? Is there an easy way to do it? (meaning, can non code-junkies do it? lol)
  11. BTW, I fixed the issue. It's not enough to edit the class numbers of just the ones you want in order, but you have to make sure all the classes are in order.
  12. Not sure Pillpopper/Flying-on-fumes. I haven't tried it yet, but there are a few resources here talking about reserved admin slots. Might do ya good to take a look at that script/code and see if you can change it around to something more to your liking. Question: I'm just about finished on my edit of Domination, but I have one constant problem that I can't get rid of. I've got all my units/troops grouped in-game according to their respective squads (Alpha/Bravo, ect) I'm wanting to order them in mission.sqm so that the Rescue guys are at the top of the multiplayer setup screen, then alpha, then bravo, ect. I go into the mission file, number the class groups, save and start the preview. Once I save in game, the mission.sqm file reverts back to the same, which is Delta at the top. Any idea how this might be changed?
  13. I know that an indicator of that might be the setup of the missions in i_common where the number of missions and their locations could be changed.
  14. Scar, is it also starting at midnight?
  15. Thanks. It didn't even dawn on me that was the problem. Fixed.
  16. Thanks for the update Xeno! Is anyone else having problems with adding the new BAF weapons/magazines? I can get the weapons to work, but I can't get a single magazine or NLAW round to come up. For example, when I try to put the hand grenades in, I get this error popping up on my screen at startup.... Any ideas? And my previous multiple ammo boxes aren't showing up on the 2.54. Still trying to figure that one out. Coordinates are all right and everything.
  17. Working on 2.54 at the moment and can't seem to get my extra ammo boxes to show. Does it have anything to do with the GVAR signs that they changed to instead of d_*? Or is it something to do with the x_playerammobox.sqf and the added lines for "//box coordinates offset update"??? Thanks!
  18. Hmm.....can't seem to find any active refrences on there. Do you know of any other place that might have it? *shrugs*
  19. I can't make any sense out of that, but I was able to get some of the weapons. The ammo I haven't had any luck with so far at all. Here are the weapons that I got to work.... The commented out ones don't work, or don't have an image associated with them.
  20. Man I'm dying without these weapon classnames! I can't dePBO the weapons pbo in the BAF file either :( ---------- Post added at 10:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:39 PM ---------- When I have it defaulted to "0" with both side missions and main missions together, the side missions never come up. Could it have something to do with this? You said there might be a conflict. How would I go about fixing it?
  21. I've gotten at least two classnames to work so far. Nothing much for the other weapons, but this may help somebody out....
  22. Working to put the new BAF troops in, just trying to figure out where they are defined so the BAF doesn't bring up Eastern weapons when looking at the ammobox. In i_server, is this where they are defined? And, if so, how should I change those lines?
  23. Durka-Durka

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Sorry if this is considered off-topic, but can anyone point me to where there's information on extracting the classnames, particularly the weapons? Thanks.
  24. With the new DLC and patch, do we need to change anything important in domination, like the arty module?
  25. Durka-Durka

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    I must have gotten a bad download, if that makes any sense, because I don't see anything except for a logo. Well, that's BS. Im gonna re-download and see if that works. I knew it was too good to be true with the fastest download i've ever had.