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  1. Camera glitchyness on steerable parachute seems to be fixed on patch 1.03. Still slightly there but nowhere near as bad and very useable now.
  2. Yeah, it is the default parachute you get when you call "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_getout.sqs". Last time I used it though it was buggy (camera glitches and is very annoying), but it works.
  3. I was trying to point out that Blackhawk is better looking IMO :) But they are very similar :P
  4. Look up isKindOf (at work sorry) to determine how to make specific units/unit classes interact with it. :)
  5. I've spent about 12-15 hours on a multiplayer mission. But due to loss of internet for past few weeks I've been learning scripting and making some cool custom things for adding into my mission once I can get back online to test some more. On the other hand, I have spent past 15 months or so working on a COD4 multiplayer mod, Obscurity. Putting in a lot of time and effort definately pays off in the long run. So I say take your time, and always aim to make it the best you possibly can :)
  6. Try making your mouse sensitivity higher and turning using your mouse? I have my mouse at max sensitivity (G5) and it takes a bit to turn, but it does turn.
  7. Just a quick thought. Couldn't you just make it so say, the Group Teamleader gets the actions only by giving him a unique name. Then make the DS Staff people always join as that character? Looked over the script commands and perhaps getPlayerUID may be of use. Can't play around with it as currently not home. Let us know how you go :) In theory you should be able to get the unique ID's of the players you wish to have commands on, then if a player with a certain UID is present/triggers a script etc, give him set actions. I am no programmer though, so please correct me if I am leading people down the wrong path. I guess it depends on whether it is unique per serial or unique per session.
  8. I use notepad++ for script writing (love this program). There is a plugin somewhere for notepad++ for sqs and sqf format highlighting and stuff. It really is a great program when it comes to modding games.
  9. Ah ok, nice to know...thanks for that :) Either way, from what I am reading I think ZuppR has the information he is after. Let us know how it goes :)
  10. Yes, what Junker has posted should work. It should make the script only run on the server, and not run again everytime a client connects. (From what has been explained to me :P) ? (Not(Isserver)) : Exit (sqs, I think you can use ! instead of Not if you wanted) if (!isServer) exitWith {} (sqf)
  11. With what I am doing, yes sometimes. I thought it was because of the fact my guy launched up a bit when ejecting (so helicopter propellor got him) or perhaps the wings clip me when moving fast. But yes, deaths do occur, though rare.
  12. Nice, that could come in handy someday soon. Thanks Rocket :)
  13. Snakelet

    Troops movement

    Jakerod is correct (Macgyver FTW). Create a set of waypoints that meet back at the start, eg a loop or something, with the final waypoint being cycle. A cycle waypoint will make the troops continue on to the next closest waypoint, and if that is the start waypoint you will have a continuous patrol.
  14. Well I've narrowed the crazy chute problem to the sleep 0.001 in the parachute_init file. 0.001 is the smoothest it gets unfortunately. I cannot think of way to fix it's stuttering. I also noticed that during the parachute tutorial it slightly stutters :(