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  1. Haystack15

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Yes, because the #1 thing I need in my Arma DLC's is a HDMI Cable
  2. Honestly, I bought it because it was on sale. But the only reason why I play it is because of the mods, otherwise, the amount of content it has wouldn't cut it for me.
  3. Haystack15

    It doesn't feel the same

    It seems when people talk about what map is better, theres always a bias in their reasons. Like: How does that differ from Altis? Is every building in Altis unique? No Copy and Paste? Because I could find the same chapel in 5 different towns on the map. Same goes for Arma 2. I can also do the same with houses and stores in both games. How is that so too? What you see the same tree pattern in every forest? How can one forest be different from another? I don't see how that works too... Some "rock" or "Ridge" changing the way encounters are happening. If that's true, then it seems placing "rocks" in the middle of your encounters will remedy everything. Atlis and Chernaurs are both great maps. But no matter what it comes down to, both maps have copied and pasted buildings & objects, and a few really "unique" ones.
  4. Haystack15

    It doesn't feel the same

    I thought I was the only one who felt the AAF was a somewhat solid force.
  5. Haystack15

    was buying arma 3 worth it ?

    I was able to get it during a sale. So yes, it was worth it.
  6. Haystack15

    make Arma2 content available for free or as DLC.

    I would like to see BIS recycle ArmA 2 Content since it has a great amount of stuff to enjoy. For DLC or free doesn't matter to me. I'll be happy to pay for the stuff again to see them upgraded and polished for the RV4 engine.
  7. Haystack15

    Battlefield 4

    Not really a remake with the frostbite engine. It just needed a new chapter. What it had technically was great. Difficulty level set to "Showcase" mode
  8. Haystack15

    North Korea General

    Nope, I agree. What they're planning to do is nothing more but adding more fuel to the fire. Grant it my only hope is the N. Koreans don't understand what is going on and just ignores it. Isn't there some kind of charge you can bring up for this? Conspiracy to start a war, or something like that? Considering the thought that we caught those that is doing this. Either way will death be sentenced?
  9. Haystack15

    North Korea General

    Anonymous takes on North Korea They're doing more harm then good...
  10. Haystack15

    Battlefield 4

    Okay... but it still doesn't tell me if all the features we're not liking about in the new titles in the series was a decision of the DICE team or all part of EA.
  11. Haystack15

    Battlefield 4

    But how exactly do we know exactly if what the direction battlefield 4 is going to isn't the original DICE team? Is there an interview of one of their original team members about it? All I know they could be just doing the orders making another battlefield, with no specifics on what to do or add.
  12. Haystack15

    Battlefield 4

    In which, I told you the reason why it was hard to understand. Which is why I suggested you stay out of it. It would make sense to most people for someone to not respond to what they don't understand. If you're not like one of those people to do such, (Which there is no doubt in my mind you aren't) You would ask what it meant instead of trying to belittle the person by telling everyone to not take him seriously. You came into it from a bad angle to began with. Then furthered yourself by saying you can't understand it when it wasn't directed to you from the start. If you wanted to keep it on topic, then you should of said something different from the start.
  13. Haystack15

    Battlefield 4

    And now you resort to insulting grammar, which goes to show, you don't know what the heck is going on, and should of stayed out it from the start. froggyluv understands it, so in terms It's not my grammar, it's because you can't read things that go beyond 5 sentences, let alone your own post... Wrong, but you also stated And If i read that sentence correctly, you basically said: "froggyluv was not trying to belittle anyone" Unless the "FL" means something else, then please... elaborate on what it means. Or is it a habit of yours to randomly stick capital characters in your sentence? Because that doesn't say proper grammar aswell... -------------------------- No problem. I think anyone would hate to be shunned in today's modern world. Like I said, it's completely fine for you to say you don't like this game for such and such reasons. By all means call the game trash if it best fits your thoughts about it. I even said myself battlefield 3 wasn't a great game for me when talking to others about it. But putting all game developers in a ditch and burying them just because they chosen scripted bots over AI is something that shouldn't happen. The programming world is a free world and developers shouldn't have to be told to use this and this because its what some people would like. Which there is nothing wrong with them doing that. There are plenty more working fields that are developing AI. The gaming industry isn't the only one lending a hand. It wasn't the one that created the topic too. So why should the be forced to keep pursuing it or be punished if they don't?
  14. Haystack15

    Battlefield 4

    Obviously it didn't to you, that will explain what you said next. FPDR I never stated he was trying to belittle someone. It was you I stated it to. This is the second time you've misread my post.
  15. Haystack15

    Battlefield 4

    That developers choosing to use scripted bots over AI isn't something they shouldn't be punished for.