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  1. Ok, First the Cudoes to ALL the ACE team. Our AGE Clan love ALL the toys and added touches of realisim. You gnetlemen (Ladies too if there are any) have put in some Very hard and long hours on this. But on the pint of Stamna verses play I have to ask myself where we drawe the line. Most of us play games, armA 2 in this instance, to escape reality for a few minutes. So I have to ask myself just how much REALITY can be put IN a game before it is no longer fun to play? Inherintly this is a subjective question, with more than a few answers. Many of the devout followers of ACE will tell me if I don't like it then go play Tidly Winks or such. And I guess that is fair in light of ALL ACE's hard work. Still I kind of feel that this,above everything else, should be able to be controlled/changed by server admins to suite their groups. Now if it is I can not find an entry towords it. I did find the following which isn't really that helpful ..... But, for now, enough on this. As a suggestion to ALL the face and ear gear available, i.e. gas mask, goggles, ear plugs. I would suggest perhaps the ability to apply camo paint also. I've found how to apply Cammo to face and hands via adding _camo 1-5 but when any goggles or gasmask is put on this wipes or resets this so that you now have a white face. Just some thoughts, no complaint for such great work.
  2. chiefredcloud

    ARMA 2 vs. Modern warfare 2.

    This pretty much says it all...........except that behind the game (ARMA 2) are a group of programers that understand what it's about to produce a Combat Simulator. IW has talent also...in creating a blockbuster movie that is good as long as it's on the screen......or untill the next movie anyway. Which will be at.......
  3. Thanks for your response. I see your point. Sort of like when I go to CanYouRunIt sight and am told I'm not able to run ArmA 2 when I ususally play it for hours.
  4. Ok I scanned quite a few pages but not all here (over 64 pages) but my question is this. As good as ACE appears how much of a strain will it put on our systems? I mean ArmA 2 as it is pulls on a LOT of our computers recources and such (over 8gigs of graphics and such, if I understand correctly). Out clan is interested in trying ACE and we will, but we are kind of concerned since most of us barely have computers strong enough to pull ArmA 2 vanilla.
  5. chiefredcloud

    Does Night-time Matter?

    I'm guessing in my ignorance and from posts I've read on AI seeing in grass, that it does not matter. It is a calculated event based on your actions. I.e. noise or sight prbability. A.I's do NOT see. But I do suspect that they cheat (with the help of calculations) every now and then...LOL.
  6. chiefredcloud

    What do you guys do?..

    Their are Clan serversout there that treat ArmA 2 seriously. I suggest looking for one. As a suggestion look towards SPARTA. Some take their armA seriously, some don't. But basically Arma/ArmA 2 is an open ended (allowing for community modding) Combat Simulator that is only capped by your ability to run it and and design for it. It is what you want it to be. If you you give it a chance, it's a wealth of things to occupy yourself with, if not it's nothing. It's certainly not an Arcade Game like MW2.
  7. chiefredcloud

    Will there ever be a manual?

    First off even though we refer to ArmA /ArmA 2 as a game....I believe it's billed as A Combat Simulator. And a rather good one at that as indicated in your interest in it. IT is very oipoen ended (by design I suspect) to allow SO many of the ArmA community to contribute towards it's success and longevity. And as stated above it would most likely take 300+ pages to explain everything and how it works. And then with the artistic contributions of som many individuals each mod you play would indeed be diffferent. I've searched and most likley used the wrong search peramiters for much info I've come by by tip or just dumb luck (i.e. trying everything). So continue to enjoy a great Simulator (game) and don't give up on it.
  8. chiefredcloud

    ARMA 2 Online Numbers?

    Filter for SPARTA and come join the fun........
  9. chiefredcloud

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    I haven't even used your Launcher yet. But I have downloaded it. Friend I have read ALL ten pages of this post and I an frankly amazed at your work. Words can not discribe how god you are. Thank You for all your labors and fine workmanship. This from an Old game that has fallen in love with ArmA 2.
  10. chiefredcloud

    How to select fire teams by color!

  11. Perhaps you could leade us to a link to download it too....thx
  12. chiefredcloud

    GLT Signs 2.0

    Thanks Myke.....I've made this my personal project to make some Clan signs for our server....AGE....thx....now all I got to do is figure out how to use what you've given us.....colour me.....N00B in this area...but I'll do my homework and get it done.
  13. Sine it appears you are fairly knowlegble of these things. How hard would it be to sript a general small citty or town populance? Would this be an even heaver resource hit than it is now? I suspect it will be as I imagine every thing that is added takes a hit in one way or another. Incidently, I didn't say so in the beginning but your work is very impressive. Thanks.
  14. Where in the USA can I go (other than Steam) to a store and buy Arma 2? Or can I?