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    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 76067

    I've been haveing trouble getting ANY beta to work since about 3 or 4 betas back. Before that I had NO problems running ANY beta. I get this first message ..... Uploaded with ImageShack.us then inside the menus of the game I get blank menus. no text what so ever. In the multiplayer menu IT is also blank. Noting shows. Anyone got any ideas? Incidently, the beta seems to install with no errors and to the proper folder ...... ArmA 2/Expansion/beta. And I am set up as the Administrator and I've tried running under XP emmulation. All with the same results. My Normal (no beta patch) ArmA 2/OA/Full BAF is running fine and I have NO problems logging in an playing.
  2. chiefredcloud

    Server list now showing up...

    Thanks for this importent information ....... this atleast makes since.
  3. chiefredcloud

    Server list doesn't populate

    Not to be contradictory, since the latest patch seems to have many flaws, but our server WAS up and running just fine till today. I have serious doubts that a patch took out ALL the servers. But then, I'm NOT all knowing, am I.
  4. chiefredcloud

    Gamespy / server list working?

    Well I coild come up with a couple of inuindoes, but perhaps I should just varify that the server (ALL) are down for me as well. You reckon Gamespy took off for the holidays and put everything on auto and, well, WOOPS! no server listing?
  5. chiefredcloud

    Server list now showing up...

    By now you relise that this is quite wide spread. NO servers are showing up. And I see little or NO xomments on this. Perhaps this is just because of Turkey Day.
  6. chiefredcloud

    OA+BAF CTD Crash

    Haven't read all the replys here so there may be someone with a much better suggestion than I. But this is what worked for me. First let me say that I have a DVD for ArmA 2 and a DVD for AO and the Sprocket for BAF. I installed the 1.55 patch + the hot fix for BAF and that is all. I seem to be able to play any where that is patched (servers).
  7. I'm curious as to what you mean by this? Our clan (AGE) uses Revive with one purpose, "Noone is left behind" in a "Team" effort. We use Teleport but I've had mixed feeling here myself. I mean the game has to flow and IF all the choppers are parked in the field, this leaves it kind of aquared to get out there. We do not use Parchuting except from air assets. Pubs CAN a problem but there are plenty of GOOD players also. So I guess it comes down to whether you want a Private/Closed server or public server. AGE has both. We cut down to one lifter also and locked ALL combat air assetes. However, ALL members have access to ALL vehicles and we allow access to pubs based upon review of their participitation and input from members that have played with them. As stated above, we allow HALO from air assets not from flag poles. We do allow Teleporting but many of us have mixed feelings on this. Revive is as I stated above. We feel it is essentual for Team Play. Respawn stays by the venue that sometime you are playing by yourself or, as you stated above, with pubs that do not share your sense of reviving or team work. We agree on both of these. I can remember my start at this. My clan members had to put up with a LOT on my behalf. Constant Revives were at the top of the list. Their patients and help got me here today. So ArmA 2 did not become just another game catching dust on the shelf. As for those who would willing ruin any gaming experiance for the honest players. Well I can't say here WHAT I think should be done to them here. I strongly disagree with only in that if you have 20 players online, you have a chance on having 20 different views of how it should be. Our clan sicusses these items between the ArmA 2 Clan players and if neccissary the upper ranks. We set our servers up as WE see fit. Your welcome to play or go some where else. We try to be fair by NOT banning players without trying to talk to them first (in most cases, not all). But we do not take manure from anyone with regards to OUR servers. Players can and ahve asked for reviews of their bans in our forums. Some lifts have been granted, some have not. Each is reviewed on an idvidual bases.
  8. chiefredcloud

    M1 Abrams Tanks Slated for Deployment in Afghanistan

    Thanks Daniel ..... But I seem to remember that the Russians didn't achieve much with their tanks either. Tanks rounds may be cheaper but loosing tanks a groups of fast paced RPG hunters is also costly. Am I wrong here? And as far as the war in Afan-Land, well it all depends on the right weapon and HOW far you want to take it. Any war is winable. It's just HOW bad you want to win.
  9. I can't disagree with you ....... something should (and Ihope will) be done about it.
  10. chiefredcloud

    M1 Abrams Tanks Slated for Deployment in Afghanistan

    @ Big Mac: ....... Ghanny???????
  11. Only the GREAt Computer GURU in the sky knows how many different computers and configureations of these computers are out there running or trying torun ArmA 2. The 1.55 patch + the BAF Hot fix and as far as I know (yea my disclaimer for tomorrow) it works great for me. But in all fairness I have friends who have NOT been so luck. It would seem that the patching what ever combo you use can screw with things. In example my friend has a DVD of ArmA 2 and a Steam of Operation Arrowhead. He's tried numerous combinations, uninstalled the game several times and reinstalled it. Heck he has even formated his drive and reinstalled windows to get it to work. But OA still does not work for him. So far he can play ArmA 2 (Chenarus) jsut fine. But NOT Operation Arrowhead. Go figure.
  12. I7 CPU 920 Quad Core @ 2.67GHz 6 Gigs of Ram Nvidia 450 video card 1 T drive
  13. XENO ...... LOL ....... that was one of the indearing things about that ..... LOL ---------- Post added at 08:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:32 AM ---------- I can well appreciate a work in progress, so you wont find me bad mouthing your works. However, if I get it to work, if you'd like feedback I'll be happy to provide any I come apon.
  14. I feel for you and I've been where you are now. And I dare say that I will be where you are now when ArmA moves forward again. But I personally see no way that Sims such as ArmA can progress unless they use as much of or all the power avaiable to them. I suuspect that companies like BIS DO look at what is available for the average player play with (computer) other wise they would run themselves out of business. If you look at ArmA 2 you'll realise that it doesn't use ALL of what it could. I.e. Direct X-11 and other things. But yea, I DO feel for all that cannot play such a great sim.
  15. I assum (and you know what that makes me) that we just drop the PBO in the MP Mission folder. I did that and Notta .... it didn't show up. What am I doing wrong?
  16. I sorry for being so cautious but I find no record of Domination 2.54 Fallujah, except for your reference here, anywhere on Armaholic or BIS forums. Is there a link?
  17. chiefredcloud

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Thx .... I will ..... got the files .....again thanks
  18. chiefredcloud

    Arma2 OA Patch 1.55 problems

    A little more background might help here. Our Clan server always runs Battle Eye (BE right) and this is what my firend wants to access but ....... See the above. Now what someone has recommended to me is this: 1. Install game (again if you have to) ArmA 2 (from DVD) 2. Install OS (from STEAM) 3. Use the STEAM version of Combined Arms to patch it up. Does this sound good?:cool:
  19. chiefredcloud

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Thanks Tankbuster, but are those OS files or do they work with Chanerus also?
  20. chiefredcloud

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Can anyone point me to the LAST domination files for Chenarus?
  21. chiefredcloud

    Arma2 OA Patch 1.55 problems

    Ok guys & girls and, of course BIS. I have a friend, which like most of us here is an Armaholic. But with this last patch 1.55 he like some of you has problems. He has the DVD of ArmA 2 & the Steam version of OA. Now his game has been working just fine till he tried to install patch 1.55. We all tried to help him but most of us do not have Steam versions. He has uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice now that I know of and he/we can't get it set up right. Any thoughts or, heaven help, solutions? p.s. He does NOT have the full BAF only the light that comes with OA.
  22. chiefredcloud

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 74630

    As an update the newist patch ( 74858) will not work (for me) either. It has to be localized if noone else is having this problem. But I've done nothing to change anything from before (when the beta patches worked). I got a sneeky feeling I've got a squearl loose in my machine.
  23. chiefredcloud

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 74630

    Tried both ways. Normally I download the NEW Beta and then uninstall the OLD one first. This time the only differance was I uninstalled the OLD first. ALL the betas I've tested tillnow worked fine as far as I know. This one ws the bunker buster. I've downloaded the newist one, 74858 and am about to give it a try. But with Xeno's warning it may be a short one, as I play exlusively online. I tried playing from the exe in the beta folder and the short cut I created on my desktop. Both gave me the smae indicated results. Like I mentioned. it played once then not. p.s., thanks for your reply.
  24. chiefredcloud

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 74858

    As far as I know, any BETA patch is established in a seperate folder from your actual OA exe. So you meerliy click on the REGULAR exe for normal play. and the BETA (in the Expansion folder) exe to test out the BETA. But in addition, since most of us DO play multiplayer on a regular basis (Xeno being one of our online heros) this is a BIG deal. Was this in the change log Xeno or did I just miss it?