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    Arma 3 Sound Missing in Multiplayer

    Fact, this has not yet (or ever) been fixed -- it very well seems players can only hear each other fire in the extremely unlikely case of them having the exact same mod set running -- this is a very annoying issue, and potentially dangerous too - since it's difficult to tell if a friendly is shooting at all, leading to impaired decision-making on line-of-fire crossing situations another fact, AI guns (on Co-Op servers) can always be heard, as well as any vehicle based weapons - whatever that means internally, it may help isolate the cause... I suppose this could be patched up (crudely) by a mod-based solution, perhaps... it's a most ungainly, unnecessary kludge of a workaround, but one might be able to somehow "listen" for other players shot events (CBA, maybe?) and force some generic "bang" audio to play on each shot, so at the very least you'd hear something, where now there is only misleading silence this could then be refined as to add distance and environment fx, but nevertheless - it's a hack to try and fix an internal bug with the most awkward lump of scriptly duct-tape.... this has been a bug for what now, a year? more perhaps.... I remember this same problem last year, and it's still there, after all that many updates - it seems this one continues to evade any means of resolution
  2. I guess for helicopters sideslip isn't as critical as it is for airplanes. Mostly due to the fact that you're not gonna "stall" anyways, so if you're "crabbing" one way or another it's no biggie, since it's not gonna end up with you doing a surprise snap roll as one wing stalls before the other... choppers are usually pretty happy while flying sideways, or in pretty much any other given direction - except "forward"... but it does bug me a little that the slip ball doesn't really move... I like my turns coordinated, and without my good old inner ear for reference, the lil' ball is pretty much all we got... I might be able to script something that banks the camera in order to address that - there's a new idea :rolleyes: it also bothers me that the "Whiskey compass" turns the other way around... IRL, those turn opposite of the direction you're going, i.e. they're wanna stay fixed to the world outside - the way it is now has it turning twice as fast as the helicopter to keep up. :p makes no sense...
  3. There isn't yet any way to adjust passengers tolerance to poor airsmanship - but good thinking, there oughta be. noted! also, the medium chopper (here known as the "Boss 422") isn't fully rigged out yet. last developments on this area did include the possibility for future addon choppers to be incorporated using mission-external cfg entries tho. so this would not only allow adding in the "Boss" - but really, every future addon helicopter that gets released, without need for script changes in the mission itself :) but so far, with my big move and all - I've just finally finished putting my PC back together: have a look cheers!
  4. alright, if updates are needed, here's what's been going on... since a number of months ago, nothing major has happened to this project, the sole reason for this - I'm moving to Canada! And moving is a quite a handful, specially when it takes you over 11000+ km to get there from half way around the globe... There are a number of reasons why me and my lovely french bulldog would go through the near-infinite troubles of hauling all our stuff across the equator - long story short, let's just say a game programmer in Brazil is to his career choices as would be a marine biologist on the Moon And the big move is due by next week! - This PC I'm writing from is only a few days from getting into the large box I have sitting next to it... A massive array of assorted nightmares related to the hows and whens of the million different concerns such a move requires are also looming over here, there's a lot that needs doing - and it only gets worse as the move approaches... on the lighter side of the news, last last week (2 weeks ago) I got a free ride on a REAL helicopter - my first ever rotor flight! you can read about it here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/43377-Life-goal-Achieved%21-%28To-fly-in-a-helicopter%21%29 there's a picture and a nice little video I took afterwards too! plus, when I'm done moving, I'll be within driving distance of the very Seattle area I've become so familiar with after thoroughly rummaging over it countless times in order to insert the 1000+ landing locations available in our little project here... (I'll be in Vancouver, in case you're wondering) and that's the story so far... ask me again next week and there should be a world of news on it... but none that directly affect the progress of this endeavor - not just yet... (unpacking is also quite a toil)
  5. that whole real-life thing came about again... you know how it is... annoying lil'bugger then progress slows down considerably until the next 'window of opportunity' comes along... hopefully that won't be too long - but kinda hard to tell at the moment... loads of work to do - and a big move on the horizon (may be moving to another hemisphere before the year is out) i'll keep you posted - the project is still very much alive... it's just that little piece between the seat and the keyboard that has become a little bit unavailable for the time being :rolleyes: cheers!
  6. you oughta install the PBO inside the "Addon" folder included in the mission as a mod, create a @moach folder inside your ToH root and inside it make another one called "addons" copy moach_hw_basics.pbo to this new @moach\addons location and start the game then go in the "expansions" menu and have it enabled - it'll ask you to restart the game, after which it should all start working... or, you may also just put the moach_hw_basics.pbo file in your addons folder - it's less flexible, since you can't turn it on/off from the expansions menu -- but it works nonetheless... cheers!
  7. well, you did just find a good bug there! it's a fault in the safe-boarding script - as it may be, this just may happen in every rooftop helipad there is... fixing it now! btw - this prompted the creation of a handy little debug tool that allows one to specify the exact helipad where a mission will begin - which makes the process of debugging a location-related problem much easier :rolleyes:
  8. any medevac may still turn out in ways that gets you in the position of one flying a "hearse" - that's a fact :rolleyes: but yes, the plan is that indeed - if you manage to injure someone by your rotor-winged antics, this will generate a medevac - much as it did in Simcopter of course, there could be money in doing that, for a rescue is still a rescue - but then again, it just might be that once you return to base there will be a couple of guys in black suits waiting to have a little "friendly talk" with ya ;) but none of that is working so far, it'll be some work yet before anything else cheers!
  9. save progress is quite a mind-boggling barrage of twisted logic, you see... the script goes: savegame; complex stuff, right? ;) anyhow, that does little to nothing at the moment, mostly because plainly put - there's really nothing to save.... as soon as missions start paying off hard cash, and buying parts and choppers and whatnot plus the cost of fuel and maintenance becomes a thing - then it'll be worthwhile to pursue.... so far, between saving and not, there's really no difference that's the "glory" of WIP... :rolleyes: i'll get back to it now... still working on some new stuff to make the dispatch system more flexible (you may now report done and sign out after ending an assignment, that was surprisingly tricky to manage) cheers!
  10. ok, we got a new master up! still, no medevac or any emergency missions aboard - that's because there's a lot more to emergencies than the way the regular 'gigs' work... mostly because, emergencies are not gigs themselves, but gigs are spawned around them the reason for this apparent over-complication of things is because of the immense level of complexity that would rise from trying to handle emergencies through the same dispatch system that delivers simpler gigs... emergencies will be spawned by a separate mechanism, which will create only the emergency event itself, and will not actively track your efforts to address it (i.e, putting out fires, rescuing accident victims and whatnot) -- gigs spawned around these would deal with where you'd pickup a medic, or whatever you gotta do... this logical separation is a better analog of how a real event of such nature would take place in a real-life situation... and that is a somewhat off-the-beaten-path new approach to the programming of this sort of thing... I and HarvesteR called it "Organic Programming", and it basically proposes that any simulation should be programmed with logical patterns that best mimic the logic behind the real-life counterpart of the situation being represented... may sound obvious when phrased like this, but the current most largely accepted paradigm used on most games development goes quite contrary to this notion... specially so in the larger-budget titles (the so called triple-A's) - BIS may be the sole exception nowadays, afaik... anyhow - this generally standardized notion of 'tricking' a superficially developed span of logic to respond to situations by imposing a pre-determined set of rules around them may be tempting, specially when looking from a 'design' point of view... but once you get down to it, you'll find you have to build up a huge blob of messy code that does more to 'remove' unwanted effects than it does to create interesting possibilities... Organic logic posits that the better your program assumes the form of a digital analogue of the simulated matter, the easier it will be to produce straightforward, clean code that allows all possible situations to combine in perhaps unforeseen, highly interesting ways and delivers the best experience to the user... an example of this would be the way Simcopter handled a lot of what happened in your city - every accident victim was in itself a MEDEVAC waiting for your action, an arsonist started fires that were driven by the same logic behind firefighting jobs... an anti-example would be a game such as "call of duty" where all events are hard-wired to happen in a certain way, independently of the REAL cause and effect which would prompt a similar event in an more consequence-driven simulation... i.e. while in the ArmA series a tank will blow up from receiving damage from various sources, in most other games such a scene would be prompted by the player entering a trigger zone, starting a scripted sequence of forced events.... i'm not criticizing any particular way of doing things, but of course, while it may seem easier at first to force 'canned' events to proceed in predictable ways - it does too happen that a much more complex set of rules will be required to give such a system even the least bit of flexibility... and since flexibility is a key feature for our purposes here, it pays to bite the bullet and work up a more initially demanding but vastly better resulting system to deliver emergencies in such a more fluid way ok then.... what's next? well, in the meantime i did manage to code up a few new little things - things like an improved weather randomizer engine, that produces less predictable conditions different every time you play! most existing missions have had their working parameters revised - cargo runs and survey flights (now called "scout flights" for more open interpretation of the purposes bringing those people aboard your helicopter) will have a lower average count of cargo items / scout locations to fly in a single run, making them less demanding on time and the general gameplay better paced... also, the default helicopter now begins pre-equipped with doors, back seats and a boarding step - the minimum requirements for taking on passenger assignments... those may still be removed in the hangar screen, though... so again, a new master release is up, grab it while it's hot! cheers!
  11. ok, internet is back up for me... a not trivial lighting storm recently made my puny wireless router into an honorary toaster for a moment there... so that cost me a few days of disconnection from the external world (how on earth did we live like that for all those years back then?!) anyhow... i think we're coming around the return of the medevac mission and the new emergencies... much work to do ahead - but all systems are go (for now) and the sky is blue for the first time in weeks, albeit the new router does have a "surge protection" logo printed on the box... anyways i'm not taking chances - this is why i don't have a cable hooking it directly to my PC, lest it becomes part of an unexpected new lightning rod let me get back to it... cheers
  12. you shouldn't need ArmA2... very odd, indeed the thresholds for a normal landing like this is something around 250 meters anyways - if your passengers can walk up to you, there should be no problem at all... or, wait what? -- you said a blue marker - that's not your mission, that's another one ;) your current mission marker should appear in black, and there would be no distance and time next to it, it would simply read "departure" do you see one of those around? if not, make sure you have "called in available" by radio 0-0-1 once you're ready to start - and remember, all radio calls can only be done when you're inside the helicopter and the power and radio are turned on there may be a bug there where trying to communicate with the radio turned off fails silently rather than hinting about what's (not) happening hope this helps! cheers!
  13. there may be another possibility i hadn't considered before... the ToH engine is in fact capable of communicating with a DLL or any other program through scripting this is done with the 'callExtension' command: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/callExtension maybe this could be the gateway for porting HTR... if you need a hand with the custom scripting, i could maybe help you out - i reckon a script that could gather the needed flight information for HTR to respond in accordance would not be anything far fetched at all... then it could apply the needed corrections to achieve the proper handling characteristics - there are functions that allow injecting forces to the model, so it may very well work if done properly... cheers!
  14. awesome! - Fred, you're the man! can't say i had any major problems with the old model, as one does grow used to it to a point where it's like riding a bike after a while... but this is MUCH better, and i highly appreciate how the helicopter isn't quite as intent in trying to kill me anymore! ;) truly awesome! indeed - just awesome! i had always suspected that a more realistic representation of an MD500 would in fact not bank like an f-16, the way it did before... so this feels a lot more coherent, and easier to fly too! - the pitch control is a lot more responsive, whereas the banking is much more behaved now! this is quite an excellent mod - a real must-have in the making! - thank you very much indeed, sir! cheers!