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    Path 1.03

    I don't understand the cartoon being related to my post. That being said. I also believe that most problems will be eventually cleared out (after a long series of patches and a lot of patience). My point was actually: BIS has had the opportunity to make 3 games, with all three being the same game basicly. If those were three different sorts of games, I could understand more that every game would have it's flaws. But Operation Flashpoint, Arma1 and Arma2 are the same in structure and gameplay. So they had 3 full blown tries to make THAT game work. But every time, they were flawed in a way that is unacceptable. To quote some people here on the forums: BIS has released 3 beta-games at full price. Only after a year and a half of patches, the games were what I would call: release-ready. That is the reason why I said: if Operation Flashpoint: dragon rising (awfull title) turns out to be the game that tops Arma2, I will buy it and never look back at BIS. BIS has received 4 times the money for a full priced game (I bought Arma2 2 times, on steam and on disc) from me, and I think I have done my part as a consumer. Now was the time they should have done their part as developpers, but they didn't succeed again. To say it harsh: 3 strikes and you're out.
  2. droezelke

    Path 1.03

    I agree with you and the posts above. I have not been a long time bisforums poster. But since I came here I have followed the various topics more than once every day. Say something negative about the game (about performance, bugs, etc), and you can be sure to be flamed at by fanboys who are just living in denial that Arma2 did not deliver quality. OPF and Arma 1 are games that I see as 'work in progress games' that should have lead to a great third game, but it's the same story as before. The game is unfinished in such a way that even after 3 patches you could already predict this game will never be the game it should have been. I, being a musician, compare it to a song I have written that doesn't seem to work, and I am trying to fix by adding layers and layers, changing arrangements and so on, only to realize it's not the arrangements, but the melody just isn't good enough. If OPF: dragon rising turns out the better of the two, I don't think I will ever return to BIS products.
  3. droezelke

    Any news of the upcoming patch?

    I thought that was said by you actually. Something in the likes of 'could be in a week, could be less'. The words 'in a couple of days' was definitely used by somebody from the development team here on the forum. Very soon it is. (that could mean anything, you tease :))
  4. Our dear moderator will probably close this topic again (every topic about news on patches are being closed for god knows what reason). Last week, there was said that the new patch would arrive in a couple of days. Up until today: no more news about a patch. How far are they in development and what time frame is there?
  5. droezelke

    295 Vram setting??

    Looked at your link. There are 48 pages of many people posting their config files. If you know the answer, can you please just write it here instead of posting a link where you have to go through 48 pages of different set-ups? Thank you. Videomemory=? nonlocalvideomemory=?
  6. droezelke

    Any news from b.i.???

    I agree with you. The game is too complex (I don't mean difficult) to make it work as well as we would like it to work. I would have settled with a game with less features, but polished in every aspect there is in the game.
  7. It is available already as RC. You probably knew this, but I don't see why you shouldn't try it as it works great, except for Arma 2
  8. droezelke

    Any news from b.i.???

    Oooooowww, you have found the magical solution!!! How is it possible that nobody tried that before??? Never thought about drivers. And because Bigbear has no problems (so he says), nobody has problems. Great thinking. Man, I love the people defending the broken game, saying there is nothing wrong with it and that we are exceptions and it is due to our hardware. But never did they post a possible solution for any issues. I love these guys. They are a real asset to this TROUBLESHOOTING forum.
  9. droezelke

    Any news from b.i.???

    I would out of respect for the people who payed for the game. There have been developpers in the past who have released official press statements to apologize for the product they have put on the market (see e.g. Area 51). There is no shame in that, and it would earn the respect of the community much more than not reacting at all. About the patch: some optimisations? What the hell? If the game has a big problem it's the performance. The troubleshooting forum is almost all about performance issues. It should be the number 1 priority. The state this game is in, it should never have been released. Everybody with a sane mind understands that. No excuses about the complexity of the game are valid. You either make a complex game and release it when it's ready (the catch phrase of our moderator about the patch 'when it's done' should have been the catch phrase for the final product) or you make a less complex game if you can't succeed to make it work.
  10. If I were you, I wouldn't invest in a GTX295 today. Wait until october (maybe november), and buy a high-end dx11 card for the same price as you would pay for the GTX295 today. You're going to be sorry when you buy a 295 at 500 dollars when later this year the new graphics cards will be released which will outperform the GTX295 by great lengths.
  11. Yep, CPU is overclocked to 3.4GHz.
  12. If you have read my previous posts, where my specs are written down, you can see that it is not a hardware problem. It's a software problem. I have run the dx10 benchmark demo of Resident Evil 5 with everything maxed out in 1080p, and I have an average framerate of 114 fps. If there was something wrong with my hardware, it would show in other games as well. Overheating is absolutely no issue. The highest temperature I had on my GTX295 while playing Arma2 is 65°C. My quad core q9550 is only used for 40% of my capacity. It is so clear that Arma 2 does not use the resources a high-end PC has. There is a bottleneck in the game itself preventing it to use the resources. It's like it was optimised to play on the Xbox360. In that way I believe that the game does not recognise other hardware as it should. About faulty file systems, viruses and so on: I have the game installed on a new hard drive with a freshly installed OS. The only thing that will help the performance issues are patches, more specifically resource patches.
  13. He is a poster like everyone else here. You are doubting his experience issues with blur? Why would he lie about that? I don't understand why a moderator has to make fun of people who experience troubles with a game they bought. Is that the new politics at BIS? Ban me if you want if you don't like my answer. That will tell a lot more about you than about me.
  14. First of all: I'm talking about the single player campaign. The online part runs smooth. About the hardware: Intel quad core q9550 @ 3.4GHz, 4 Gb DDR2, GTX295 graphics card. I can play every game (except Crysis) at + 60 fps, all maxed out at 1080p resolution. So I have enough hardware power. I tried to run the game on 3 OS: XP, Vista 32 bit, Win 7 64 bit. Only with XP and a lot of config tweaks and driver adjustment settings, I can play the game on normal settings with +30 fps. Tried many drivers. If anyone says it's my hardware that causes the troubles, it's just ignorance on his part. To make a comparison: when Vista was released, about everyone was having troubles with it. It had nothing to do with hardware, but software issues. Everyone knew this, and Vista was burnt to the ground by PC-gamers. Nobody said then: stop whining, this is normal. But for some strange reason, some people at the BIS forums are saying that this is normal for PC-games (and in this case for Arma 2). Vista needed about a year of updates to run pretty much stable. Now Win 7 is coming ((which is just an updated Vista), and the release candidate is running very well. Microsoft learned from their mistakes, but Vista is a blemish on their part. The first Arma was as bug ridden as Arma 2. As it's an update engine in Arma 2, so we as consumers should expect that the game runs stable if BIS learned from their mistakes. But again, they didn't. Arma 1 needed up until patch 1.14 to be stable (18 months). Will this be the same for Arma 2? Let's hope not. Call it rubbish what I'm saying, I don't care. But I believe I'm not blinded because of being a fan of Arma.
  15. What is wrong with your perception? Arma 2 is the least optimised game I have ever played on PC (10 years of PC-gaming, always up-to-date with the latest hardware and software). You mentioning this is with every other PC-game is just plain stupidity. Most PC-games have bugs, because complex software can't be bug-free, but no other game has as many bugs as Arma 2. The framerate issues people are having are not normal and not only for people posting their issues on this forum, but for about everyone who has played this game. BIS is lucky that in Europe there are no warranty laws for software (although, some European politicians want to create warranty laws for software, so maybe one day...). If there were warranty laws, BIS would have been bankrupt because of all the refunds people would ask for Arma 2.