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  1. Downloading now. If there is no download button try a steam restart. If that fails, exit steam, go to steam folder, rename ClientRegistry.blob and start steam again.
  2. A.Fudge

    Release date today or tommorow?

    On my store page where the key will be I get "going to be delivered to you before the game is released." Is this still the case? I assume they mean the Early Access and not the actual release :eek: I'll see you all in pieces when the game is out!
  3. Winfernal has a point, there will be more mods / official content later on, and thus would be easier to convince your friend to give it a go. I very much dislike modern onward tech as well. I dislike how everything is made easier, i.e every man has a scope, lock on rockets and don't get me any where near lasers. However I've been loving Arma 3 Alpha, it's not Sci-Fi. It may be best to just nag your friend till there is more content, then start to push him more. The Arma 3 Lite has no multiplayer, so content is rather limited right now, and most the fun is in the multiplayer.
  4. EDIT** Only just noticed that this is in the Mission Editing section, in which case most of what I've written is useless. However the arma 3 editor is a lot like the previous ones. There is an arma mission bible somewhere which will definitely help with creating missions. It doesn't take very long to create a mission thanks to the editor. You don't need to know modeling / texturing (that is detailed below from before I red the forum section). Code is useful, and will make missions much better, but can be learned as you go along. **EDIT ____________________________________________ I not long ago started modding for the Arma engine (Iron Front) and a lot of the resources go all the way back to OFP and they were still relevant. It seems much of the old content can be converted into Arma 3 content with little problems (maybe not so much vehicles due to PhysX) so don't disregard any tutorials you find. From what I gather most people model outside of the BI tools, and then import them in. Same with texturing. Code is another beast, but depending on what you plan on doing depends on how vital it is to know. If you wanted to create whole new modules or somthing it would obviously take priority over if you wish to create say a helmet. Modeling I can vouch for Blender, it's free and I prefer it to other packages. If you;ve got the money or are a qualified student you can get 3DSMax for free. There are plenty of tutorials on the net. For blender I used CGCookie. They have just recorded a new 'begginers' course http://cgcookie.com/blender/cgc-series/blender-basics-introduction-beginners/ You can unwrap in these programs as well. Texturing there is Gimp (free) and Photoshop (not free). Again there are tutorials on the net for these. Though practice is the best tutorial for anything. When you have learned the basics there are some Arma sample models available that you can look at to see how things go together. Code can be done in Notepad (I use Notepad ++), however there are specialised programs for arma scripting. Yes it will take a while, but I believe it is worth it and very fun.
  5. A.Fudge

    Situation update?

    That's a shame, means all my progress reports and community research is gone forever. Seems also very unlikely that the R71 will get into Iron Front now. Wont stop me finishing it though (hopefully). I've enjoyed my time with Iron Front, and still will enjoy it some more while there are some people playing.
  6. A.Fudge

    ArmA 3 Alpha Units Extended

    Thanks, If I was any good at mission creating it would be great to have Quad bike races around the Island. If these are already in the game does only the mission creator require it installed to operate?
  7. As promised I've recorded a daytime video which should eventually be available in 1080 I think when I get the chance I'll work on getting in all the other Skinned versions, it shouldn't take me more than a day (I think). Hopefully the old forums will be back at that point, though I'll keep this page updated as well.
  8. A.Fudge

    Situation update?

    From what I understand it is much more complex than that. For instance BI will require royalties in some form for use of their engine, which I imagine DS put up. Somewhere in the license IF is not allowed to freely enable mods, but the devs are willing to patch them into the game or sign them so they can work. The Devs require money to pay bills, purchase food. DS are unlikely to have unlimited money to keep giving to the devs to keep up 24/7 work, they will get their money from sales and DLC. If sales were not good enough then DS would be unwilling to fund another DLC.
  9. I'll record a daylight version at some point tomorrow, about to play Iron front here. As for using it in your mod I've currently got no objections to you using it assuming I am credited somewhere and releasing it in one place (IF44 or your mod) doesn't prevent me from releasing it elsewhere.
  10. Yes all made by me. If the other forums go live again you can see the progress. I did a texture set before this one and got it in game on the models, and as you know the arma engine uses paa files that I needed to convert to. I had also redone all my LODS, and as such all the vertex groups needed to be named correctly. I've not thought too much about releasing it on arma 2. Being a modern game it won't really fit unless used with the i44 mod, but they already have a motorbike or two in there. It wouldn't take much more effort, though I would need to get the proxies sorted (since IF used its own models I figured it would be pointless getting them perfect here).
  11. I finally managed to get the headlight to work correctly, so here is a video in Arma 2. If there is any interest I could also do a day time one to show off the new textures. Pretty much everything is ready for iron front. They have different player models / animations so ignore the way people sit / ride. I also don't have access to the machine gun proxies This is the German Grey, they stopped painting it in this is 42 or 43, but I think it looks better than the yellow they used in 44. There is however the yellow skin, Russian and USA all ready, just need to get them in game.
  12. I think that I can post links now to the models: German Grey http://p3d.in/oe5TN USA Green http://p3d.in/KQ09f I've renamed all the LOD parts and got them into arma 2, will need to reconvert the textures over and begin the tweaking process.
  13. I hope they go back up soon, I want to post another update with images.
  14. Since the other forums have been down for a couple of days I'll post an update of the motorcycle I'm creating. Hmm... Need a higher post count to link to the models / pics. The textures are nearing a stage where I feel they are complete. Panzer Baron hasn't been around for a few days so I've not been able to check with him if they are up to scratch. A few weeks ago I recreated all the LOD models, and since I'm not in to work for another 2-3 hours I'll try and get them into the Arma engine today. No promises though.