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  1. EDIT: the fix in the first linked thread worked for me, was able to play OA. Had nothing to do with switching between retail and steam. Thank you! --------------------------- Sorry to add to this thread, but I'm a little cautious when it comes to messing with registry entry and my problem is a little different to what I've read so far. After getting my PC into shape for Arma 2 and all the mods my new group required, my SSD crashed. Then I reinstalled ArmA 2 + OA + RFT from disc onto my laptop. Then, not really understanding the file-setup (after using Steam for so long) I uninstalled all of them and then installed through Steam instead. Now I get the Bad Serial error and, before I follow the solution in the first linked thread, I'd like to know if my laptop could still be trying to reference my retail disc keys instead of my steam key?
  2. Hiya, I love BI and ArmA 2 so much that i have it on retail disc and on Steam, however there are two small issues (that popped up as I tried to get DayZ to recognise PMC so I could have the normal textures on my clothing). I bought ACR from Sprocket, and have lost the PMC disc. What I want to do is install ArmA 2 on Steam (as I can get PMC for sure that way), but can I then install ACR on top of that? Thanks in advance :)
  3. DarkMellie

    Eagle Wing (Spoiler alert!)

    Oh dear god. I was reading all the Spoilers expecting them to be about EW and instead you blow open the ending to Harvest Red for me (which I never reached due to bugs). Still, that sounds amazing, might even leave my (bugged) Czech playthrough and revisit Harvest.
  4. DarkMellie

    ACR War Criminal

    I cannot find Kasun at all! No red car, no dude on foot, no nothing. As per the picture below, the red crosses and jeep location show where I've waited for him... I wasn't far away when the call came through to intercept him either (I was in the NE about 1.2km away). Any help?
  5. DarkMellie

    Time Warp

    I came here to find out if there was a way around this, sad to see there isn't! Also, I thought there was a point when you left an island and would warp to the next one? I've just started an SP game and it's a long slow haul all the way across. Kinda kills off the action and momentum that the fun FPS-opening created.
  6. Retried this mission (rather than revert I went from the start where you fly towards the airshow). Same thing again... although this time, the autosave kicks in so I can't reload as it instant fails. Will be skipping this mission which makes me sad :(
  7. Just a lazy Sunday flight. I make one of my passengers wee herself at around the 3 minute mark. E9DEVRl_3RQ This is the flashback mission involving the run to the extraction point, as well as the pinnacle landing when taking Mr Heyward to the airport. M2BUwlmp6eI
  8. This thread needs 'spoiler' in its title :( I knew something was up with Vrana Corp, ever since that Ms Carmichael stopped us from reading the contracts.. but now I know that you get to do something about it.
  9. EDIT: nm, I hadn't patched, will report back if it starts working properly!
  10. I had a similar issue where they took ages.. after landing I broke right and avoided pretty much everybody and just bolted... Battlemage didn't hop on the radio until well into my run and then gave me the extraction point... whereas on other runthroughs I would engage the first group of hostiles then hike up that hill and Battlemage would almost always start talking as I crested it.
  11. DarkMellie

    is TOH any good ???

    I'm a hardcore flight sim guy and I say hell yes! The story, the contracts, the choppers... this really is a special game, fwiw I highly recommend it. If MD500 above me reckons the flight physics aren't right, I'd believe him, but for groundlubbers like the rest of us, the Experienced model is hellishly tricky.
  12. DarkMellie


    I love how it intertwines elements of ArmA 2. The dialogue and story are both extremely well-written, although the voice acting is quite poor. There really isn't any other title like ToH and as an avid-simmer, I highly recommend it :)