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  1. PHYSICS I just want more realism especially when it comes to ballistics and materials In real life when you fire an rpg at a tank, as we all often do.. You want to go see what kind of damage you did, where it hit etc. You want to see debris scattered everywhere. The way it its, its always the same same canned scene (a burnt husk of a tank) I wish that could be simulated better. When an aircraft crashes i would like to see it carve a path into a forrest, craters and other destructable envoirnment. I think worrying about being able to drag bodies and other such things is spreading the game too thin. its awesome that this game is so big, but its spread extremely thin. More work on the engine basically ---------- Post added at 04:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:12 AM ---------- Thats sorta the idea, but buildings dont fall apart like theyre made of styrofoam lol yes that, but um, more realistic To simulate somthing even more realistic looking would take less calculation than that did
  2. alls i know is, that my server crashes terribly with most scripts and addons while the vanilla version can run for hours. so I wouldnt support something just because its the half ass'd quick way to make a script
  3. joey

    EAX feature support in OA?

    I noticed that too. rarely will you find openal stuff anymore or built in EAX support The problem was that most crashes in games were cause by sound problems. dont know who to blame but its probably creative themselves.. now most game developers seem to have resorted to the piece of crap cpu based sound engines
  4. pleeaaase work on the windows dedicated server and memory issues. please make it 64 bit too why this thing dies @ less than 1 gig with out of memory errors is beyond me but its no doubt in my mind what has held down multiplayer in this game. that alone, crashing servers !
  5. codemasters made the coolestvehicle damage physics ive seen and thats in a game called 1nsane. hopefully the do something cool like that in ofp2 except more detailed of course :}
  6. joey

    Speed of sound.

    yep you guys are definitley right. I put someone at the end of teh airfield, and myself 750m away with the sniper scope, and you can hear the sound of the gun as soon as you see the muzzle flash. so thats off. and thanks for the explaination pyrodox
  7. joey

    Speed of sound.

    The bullet cracks soon after it leaves the barrel. It cracks because its breaking the sound barrier, basically a sonic boom, and that only happens once when it leaves the barrel. so it would make sense that you heard the gun and then the crack... the gun fire happens before the crack so you receive the gun sound first. the crack isnt the sound of a bullet near you or no? i could be wrong
  8. joey

    Flying at Night !!! Can't see jack

    Post screenshot of what you see. Its not hard for me. Its pretty much the same thing as day, except GREEN. The horizon is easy to see because the sky is full of stars. so pretty much...the horizon is at the point where the stars begin. Also you have your hud and cockpit which gives you your orentation. I never even use that i can see just fine.
  9. ive had ai run in circles right infront of the enemy on a whole the ai is smart compared to most games. meaning its capable of A LOT more and 2 games are never alike. but it fails miserably at individual tasks. Like I notice when driving, ai doesnt see civilian cars on the road. Until it hits it and stops, then it will reverse, forget about the car and run right into it again. Im also impressed by pathfinding, sometimes it finds the quickest route and will cut corners across a field. others time it just runs in circles
  10. Thank you LJF and starlight Hope this thread helps people its kind of tricky
  11. How do you add a unit in the editor.....without a pilot or operator? I cant figure it out. It always adds it to a group