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  1. I am completely shocked by this, good ol Wikileaks.
  2. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2010/03/10/unlimited-detail-wants-to-kill-3d-cards/ Has anyone seen this? Amazing, and it doesn't need a GPU, it just runs on your CPU and it can even run on a mobile phone!
  3. Chunk3ym4n

    Taliban failing to detonate mine

    Interesting to see it from the Taliban's point of view. 1zL9AKXxDW0
  4. A Battlefield 2.5 mod for ArmA II. Features: Conquest on Utes(points such as Strelka, north side of airport, south side of airport) Permanent bases such as south side of Utes(occupied by russians)(Airport with U.S) Running while shooting(albeit more unaccurate) Vehicles more resilient to damage(One tank round isn't instant kaboom) Player's health vastly ramped taking 6 shots to fully kill someone in torso, damage scales down at farther ranges making 500 meter kills less annoying) I know most ArmA II players will revolt at my request but I've always wanted to see a Battlefield scenario in ArmA II where people would just run from village to field with no worries, where games would just be pick up and play and leave without anything else to worry about. You can't do this in ArmA II. It would be a casual game where the action will always be fast paced without no "downtime" of traveling from mile to mile.
  5. I think it would be a good idea to make movement speed adjustable with the mouse wheel. I don't know anything that's binded to the mouse wheel so it seems fine for normal use. There should be 6 stages of movement. 6. Sprint 5. Run 4. Jog 3. Walk 2. Slower walk(3/4 speed of walk) 1. Very slow walk(1/2 speed of walk) I think this sort of movement system would solve the trying to shoot out of cover leaning and then over stepping or understepping. I think your character should also have momentum and it should take a short while for your character to fully stop instead of being like sticks in the ground who instantly stop if you let go of the W key.
  6. I would like for this to be in too. It looks pretty cool.
  7. Chunk3ym4n

    Samsung SSD awesomeness

    96dWOEa4Djs Now imagine running ArmA II with that, 2 FREAKIN GB PER SECOND!
  8. Chunk3ym4n

    The (un)Official Freetrack Users Q&A Thread

    I got the ps3 eye! Works perfectly.
  9. Chunk3ym4n

    The (un)Official Freetrack Users Q&A Thread

    For most games it'll be fine but there's going to be a noticeable delay. Also if you have the cash, a PS3-eye with the CL-eye drivers works GREAT at 60fps at 320x240. There's an option for 640x480 at 30fps but sadly it is glitched with the cl-eye drivers. http://codelaboratories.com/home/
  10. Chunk3ym4n

    EW Campaign

    The helicopter guy's stick was picked shortest. He killed me :(, the others were too late to save me.
  11. Chunk3ym4n

    The (un)Official Freetrack Users Q&A Thread

    I got it working with the ps3 eye on Vista 32-bit but ARE THERE ANY DRIVERS FOR WINDOWS 7 64-BIT!?
  12. Chunk3ym4n

    The (un)Official Freetrack Users Q&A Thread

    Do you use infrared LEDs? Do you need to remove the IR filter? I'm thinking about buying a floppy disk too and putting the magnetic tape over the camera to block out the visible spectrum.
  13. Chunk3ym4n

    The (un)Official Freetrack Users Q&A Thread

    So wait mehman the PS3 Eye Camera worked with FT 2.2 with the 2.0b81019 drivers?
  14. Chunk3ym4n

    The (un)Official Freetrack Users Q&A Thread

    Does anyone know whats the best make shift object for a three point clip?