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    First Contact

    I am 9 months in to making my first full length CGI film. It should be finished in March, has over 18 professional voice actors & some of the most epic space battle scenes since battlestar galactica. With that in mind I have now uploaded my official release trailer. Please have a look and tell me what you think Dave Homepage: http://www.dj-comics.com/first-contact/ Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/FirstContactTheMovie
  2. Archamedes

    Josppeh Kony's crimes against humanity

    are you sure? if he isn't then thats one hell of an all year tan he's got going on there.
  3. Archamedes

    Josppeh Kony's crimes against humanity

    I saw the video a few days ago and to be honest I couldn't care less about some videographer that made a 30 minute video completely filled with video edits made in after effects... However what he has done was genius, because regardless of how misguided he is, or how dodgy you all think his charity is... The man made an awareness video that got over 25 million views inside a week. I stress the point that I can see a lot of people online (not just on this forum) but everywhere else that are trying to bitch and moan about this organization and where your money goes when you set up a donation. As said his special little proporganda video has sparked worldwide awareness of his cause.... But 1. Josepth Kony is real 2. The 30,000 children that have been abducted, raped and killed in nearly 3 decades are real 3. The relentless torment, destruction and upset due to the LRA is real So can anyone truly say that before they saw this youtube clip, or watched "machine gun preacher" (that touched upon this situation using Gerard Butler) acually knew this all went on or even knew who Jospeh Kony was? We all knew that there was trouble in africa and at some point we all heard stories of children being given guns and forced to fight, but until now, we and the news media chose to ignore it. So in a week a guy puts a video online and suddenly the whole world is in shock, then naturally people come out to try and attack his motives. But answer me this, if some african guy riding his bike recognises, Kony from that youtube clip, while he is hiding in some tent in the bush and is then arrested and prosecuted, then isn't it all worth it?
  4. Got it, played the SP campaign loved it, played it again and enjoyed it more than battlefield 3... Sorry was that not what i was supposed to say on this forum? Problem? Too bad
  5. I thought Modern Warfare 1 to be good, a nice breath of fresh air from the overdone tired and tested ww2 CODs before it. Modern Warfare 2 was much better in every way, the storyline was very deep and thrilling and It was like a proper full on michael bay John woo action film. Yes the levels were scripted, the enemy was dumb and you always had the same outcome, blah de blah, but It was very entertaining. I cant wait to get my hands on modern warfare 3 because im only in it for the sp campaign and i knew it would be carried on as the last one ended so abruptly and left open
  6. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has just been released in Afghanistan and Iraq as "The Sims."
  7. so do all the star wars and pirates of the caribbean films... Still doesn't make them less awesome. Played battlefield 3, wasn't as impressed as i thought i would be, gonna be doing MW3 next because I like the series and don't go all fanboy in mothers basement bitching on forums about it, because my pc wasn't made just for arma I do play other stuff without worrying what people think.
  8. At the end of the day if you want to play a game thats pretty much an interactive epic movie then COD and BF3 are your games. they are amazing, the grapics are great and it really is like being immersed into a michael bay/john woo film. However if you want a military simulator that isn't restricted and scripted to end the same way every time you play it and have a huge open terrain with the ability to use any vehicle and make you own missions to suit your own, then arma is the way forward. There is nothing wrong with liking both I enjoy both and i dont go all fanboy trying to compare them because you cannot compare them, they are both completely different styles of game. i know everything i have just said is completely offtopic but hey, just saying what i think.
  9. Archamedes

    Marco Simoncelli killed in Sepang

    you sir, are an asshat, and whatever you do in life, nobody is ever going to take that away from you.
  10. Archamedes

    War with Facebook

    The tin foil hat thing was just a joke, not hinting at any consiracys or anything like that but more to the point where people are so paranoid that they are going to be a victim of identity theft or those that worry about making a status update about downloading a music track and expecting the fbi to kick down their door. I was making a point that if you are so security conscious and so scared of the internet then dont use it.
  11. Archamedes

    War with Facebook

    At the end of the day, people complaining that their personal info is compromised online and they are worried about the security of the website in protecting your data etc... The only information people are going to get is the info that YOU as a person put online. If you don't want people knowing all your personal info and everything you are doing, then don't post it on the open internet. as stated there are over 500 million users on facebook worldwide, the chances of anyone going out of their way to target you for whatever reason is slim, those who worry about it too much should either delete their account or sit in the cellar with a tin foil hat
  12. Archamedes

    Frontier Elite 2 Comic

    here is part 2 of the comic again in both pdf and cbr format. I have one more comic to make and it should wrap the story up to a nice conclusion. I hope you enjoy it, part 3 may take a little while before its released because I am working on another comic project called 'psychos.' So be patient and the final chapter will be out in a few months if not sooner. Comic in CBR Format http://www.mediafire.com/?bdyr7m3lahagn7l Comic in PDF Format http://www.mediafire.com/?tfmq3zzjnd6utny
  13. those were the ones i was talking about, believe it or not, not everyone in the world plays multi player, some of us do stick to single player missions. Manhatten worked when it felt like and was impossible to get passed when the game first came out. I think it was dogs of war had a terrible bug where the mission would load, and you would be stuck in a cutscene were the characters were talking in a group and as soon as you got the controls you got shot down from all angles and had no way to get round it. After they fixed this bug the mission loaded up completely different. no im not talking abouit flashpoint, i joined this forum just before arma 2 was released and i distinctivly remember one member on here saying he should seek legal action, not sure if it was jsut a threat or a mindless comment that didnt go anywhere but i promise you it did happen, and im not prepared to go through 2 years of forum threads to find it, but if someone can dig out the original arma 2 bug threads, there were about 3-5 threads in total in different forum sections with complaints about the game when it was first released you will see that i DO have my facts straight
  14. its not all that different. I mean okay Yes bohemia may be bigger and have more money and listen to the community as you say, but it still doesn't excuse putting an unfinished game on the shelves that had terrible game bugs in it. I mean come on some of you seem to have a short memory, I can remember when many of the regular popular members on here were going crazy about the bugs arma 2 had, any new arma 2 thread was instantly backed up with complaint after complaint, one member even considered legal action. some of the non bis forums blacklisted the game and gave it a very bad reputation i rememer one forum saying "if the developers cant be bothered to test for bugs properly and get them fixed before release date then why should we be bothered to pay money out for a broken game?" I can remember how the community felt, and the anger posted when a company as big as bis could release such a broken buggy game the way it did. and yes bis did listen to our requests as you truly say, however it still took over 6-9 months after release for any decent fixes to take effect. Manhatten was still twitchy, bitter chill & dogs of war was... well lets not go into that one
  15. in all fairness so was the aliens films. if you are talking about the speed of the aliens in the game im glad they slowed them down a bit. both avp pc games and the recent avp 360 game the aliens were way too fast and playing as the marines wasnt enjoyable