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  1. hello creators of patch 1.03 ! its more weeks left ago from date of exit patch 1.03. where is the patch? why u left many days from related data? why u dont answer of your words about of exit of patch 1.03 ?
  2. Russtik

    Zombie Mission

    is some body watch film, names "28 Weels ago" its about zombies in london. so u can do something like this but i dont mean london. u can set a lot of civians zombe. they will be moving very fast. u cant to shoot them all with your full equipment like m16 with 7 mags and m1911 full of mags. just set them a lot of! very many people zombies! its will be very cool! so, if u watch that film u will understood my idea.
  3. Russtik

    Any good Sniper Missions?

    or maybe somebody will do "Sneaking mission" like in metal gear solid 3? u can make your brifing for example like sneak with out alert in centre of town and set a bomb in enemy offices building, or set a bomb in power plant. u can make a lot of interesting briefings just it depend of your rich imagination =)
  4. Russtik

    Search At War [SP]

    can u do this mission on russian language? of course if u can do that.. =)
  5. Russtik

    the mission after manhatton

    it impossible to go in USA position! bkoz invisible snipe will shot u! u can only avoid the chopper crash by chosing "going by myself" in the base. and then u must to wait till 17:15 on game time. my advise is : try to avoid the chopper crash, go to the Zelenogorsk, try to go in woods and far from roads and villages, in every village there soliders and APC. and i forgot to say one useful advise: when u go out from base, better search the dead bodies to some interesting weapon. personally i find there BETTEST sniper rifle in game(rifle just like syks have), or u can find assault rifle AK-107(to my mind this AK-107 is better of all russian AK'as) . and else : if u stay in base in 16:30 there landed russian chopper MI-8 whith 12 good weaponed guys. u can try to hijack this chopper if u have luck =) .
  6. in fuel station? is that real? i try to fill my car fuel but it dosnt fill
  7. i had this problem too. only endmission can solve this problem
  8. Russtik

    To little Campaign

    its will be very interesting to see campaign on another country, like russia, or chernarus army,or napa. i think too that campaign is too short. and i see some fucking bugs. in game not termal gogles,u cant shut from back of track in move. i didnt ever fly on chopper or plan like as a pilot in campaign, but in training there are u can ride on this. and askeds- why in trainig choppers and planes when in company u never be the pilot?!
  9. Russtik

    About static defense

    its impossible. only if u buy solider in HQ. i try all options in game, but..... this impossible.
  10. haah.. people, REMEMBER : befor bying weapon go somewhere and press "G" ,then lay down all necessary things like nite vision GOGLE, after going bying weapon and then going to there place where u leave your equipment =) it simple
  11. it located in random position. it can be everywhere))
  12. Russtik

    Elektrozavodsk till 5PM

    yeah.. maybe. i try to waiting for 5.00 pm, and nothing happened. in first message in this topic is all write what i want to say =)
  13. so. i ended with manhatan. i chose to set up a god father with ammo in Горка , in mission after manhatan i meet the napa guys and told with them, they said about anti air rocket, so i had to chose to call chopper or move there by myself. i choose by myself to be in USA position in ЭлектрозаводÑк not past them 17.00 . so i just getting there. 1500 m to point. i in the wood. the unknow sniper is killing me when i move close than 1500 metres. so WHO IN THIS MISSION GETTING THERE? i interested bkoz maybe there are will be another mission in company. for another side like ЧСО or USA =)
  14. Russtik

    Campaign Weapons

    guys, personally i like to use sniper rifle. the better sniper rifles in game is KVSK(russian)rifle and that rifle what use syks. the last rifle(like syks has) u can find in mission after manhatan by searching from dead body USA soliders. About assault rifles i like to use ak-74 with scope and ak-107. Hand guns is good in USA. like M9 or 1119. Makarov(russian) is really shit.
  15. heh. i talked to napa guys but they dont have a car. when we going down from hill(from USA base) , there are many ЧДКЗ, and they killed all those napa :D .
  16. Russtik

    Elektrozavodsk till 5PM

    avtor, i got this problem too! i was even shoted by script. i was so close! just 1500 metres to USA point! but after many shots, i forgot about this and restarted, then i chose to fly by starforse-21 and than crashed. then i went to chernarus army(not to partisan). firstly all of this i want to save live those starfors-21 to see another continue of campaign. =)
  17. Russtik

    Arma way over scripted!

    so, what about that shots and script kills? i want to go in USA position. it only 1500 to USA point, but if i step close i hear the shots and cooper is dead. so, have u any ideas how to fool this script and get to USA position in ЭлектрозаводÑк?
  18. Russtik

    Operation Ezekiel 25:17 Co-16

    what is that 7z? who can make it in zip or rar?
  19. with what programm i can open that *.sqf file ?
  20. it simple. when choper landed, hop in and going to map. there pres space=>support=>transport and clik on map place where u want to be))
  21. Russtik

    Find and capture Lopotev mission help

    so. today i try to play this mission again, so i speak with man in ЭлектрозаводÑк, speak with peoples in Солнечный, kill some ЧДКЗ soliders there nearby. so after i fly in Вышное, there i talk with one woman, she dont say anithing useful. fuck! i replay this mission many times, but not ever capture one of them!
  22. not. u cant. just in begin of manhatan u can to speak with them in КраÑноÑтав. they will be killed anyway.
  23. Russtik

    Find and capture Lopotev mission help

    is somebody talk with guard of power plant in ЭлектрозаводÑк? there are u can talk to him and search in power plant.