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    Arma 2 1.06 Patch Suggestions

    Some more suggestions: -After installing the 1.05 patch, units seem to be in a danger-like mode a lot, even if there are no enemies. -Reduce or eliminate combat radio communication like: "Go, I'm covering!" AI seem to do it in excess, one guy said it literally 5 times in a row, and everyone else says it every 2 seconds. -If you're moving, and you access the map, you stop. It'd be nice if you just kept moving.
  2. webman1200

    Arma 2 1.06 Patch Suggestions

    Fix the healing system! With the current system, you can't order injured guys to heal at medics from other squads. What I'm saying is make it more like it was in Flashpoint. Also, I'm given the option to heal enemies, patch that up. :)
  3. Take the Cobra for example. I've got it on manual fire, on rockets. I'm doing a strafing run, then in the middle he changes it to missiles! I never instructed him to do so, nor did I give him permission to take over the controls. Sometimes he gets stubborn, because he won't let me change the weapon back to rockets. How do I make him stop changing the weapon, before I eject him over enemy territory?
  4. I did just that, and the warning's gone away. Phew, that was getting annoying!
  5. No way is it a fake copy! Unless PC stores have become corrupt. Besides, if it were fake, it wouldn't be working very well by now. :)
  6. I just installed Kaspersky Security 2010. Every time I run ArmA 2, it detects the ArmA 2 installer as having similar activity to a keylogger. Now I'm pretty sure that Bohemia wouldn't install spyware on their customers' PCs. I don't know if this is just a false positive or what. I do have some add-ons installed from Armaholic.com, could that be it? ArmA 2 Version: 1.04 OS: Vista x64
  7. webman1200

    Female Fighters?

    Don't forget to let them fly planes and choppers as well! :)
  8. webman1200

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    -Make the folding of the Osprey, Cobra, and other aircraft a built-in feature. -Make it so that when placing objects on the aircraft carrier, it'll by default be placed on deck. Note: From now on I'll just edit my first post, so check there for more suggestions.
  9. Can you use a face from Razor team on your profile? Do you need an add-on?
  10. So there's absolutely no way at all to reinforce other squads??? :confused:
  11. Can I send units to other squads? I've hit the radio button, but then nothing comes up. Just to let you know, I'm on V. 1.04, just in case this is a bug.
  12. webman1200

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    Here are some suggestions for the next patch/patches: Make soldiers less fragile, so they don't get injured at the slightest things. Instead of having to order medics to heal wounded soldiers, make it so you have to order the wounded soldier to go to the medic. (Otherwise, your wounded men can't heal at medics from other squads!) Make the vehicle controls less sensitive, so cars don't swerve off the road at the slightest turn. Make it so the camera follows the vehicles you're driving/flying. Make the folding of the Osprey, Cobra, and other aircraft a built-in feature. Make it so that when placing objects on the aircraft carrier, it'll by default be placed on deck. Correct the bug where AI-controlled C-130s crash into trees right after takeoff. Correct the bug where AI-controlled units "get stuck" running into choppers. A couple of more vehicles would be nice. Such as civilian planes, a gunship variant of the C-130, a couple of more weapons on the UH-60, etc.
  13. This might sound stupid, but before I download the latest patch, do I need to have all previous patches installed? Like, if you have v. 1.0, can you just install the v. 1.04 patch? Or do you also need to install 1.01, 1.02, and 1.03?
  14. It seems that I'm always making the groaning noise, even if I'm not shot, it even happens to AI. Also: Sometimes when my guys are unloading from a chopper, they start running into it, as a result, they die! Game bug? Or are guys really sensitive to being wounded?
  15. I think they should give the Blackhawk more of a spine in the game, where's the rockets?!