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  1. Hello,everyone i learn make use of oxygen and buldozer.i make a soldier.but i don't know about how to create config file,which is last stage,i read and see many but it did't work.help me.
  2. Gwa

    CWC: battlefields

    I play this mission but never passed it i read walkthroug also but i did help me.in this sometime i was killed by bullet of my side or don't have idea from where it come there are many ruskies.i try to take cover but all is dead and ruskies come near to me and kill me
  3. Gwa

    Pow at taliban

    A american soldier is at taliban camp.what will happen to him.
  4. Gwa

    Pow at taliban

    Nato uses drona against them.it is very handy to kill enemy without a human loss.but as news reports that he is begging for life.what happens no idea.news also report that they want bargain in return.
  5. Gwa

    anyone still play ofp1?

    In my region goty come(to purchase) at 2008.cold war crisis at 2005.resistance and red hammer never come. At sunday we play a match of multiplayer in server its very intresting to play.here there are not ofp fans.so i make a 5 friend group who are my really friend.
  6. I trying to understand
  7. Gwa

    OFP Addon request thread

    Try bergoff addons at filefront.he have great addons
  8. Gwa

    WW4 Modpack 1

    I mean to say that when i give order to anyone i can see written only not sound.
  9. Gwa

    WW4 Modpack 1

    I try it but no voice from solder mouth.i mean to say that there is no sound.i can hear only bullets firing and radio voice only
  10. Gwa

    WW4 Modpack 1

    Sanctuary when i played your graa and ww4 mode there is no sound when i talk to other.radio message and firing have sound.can you suggest me what to do.
  11. Gwa

    Best campaign

    Physicologist !now ok.
  12. Gwa


    It is tough mission (there are 2 rpg guy with 1 infantry platoon,1 t80 and a bmp)when you complete your first objective(always make your 3 tanks to move advance,if you are not good at tank) after that(t72 attack you from hill take them as fast) immediately go to the near village which is your right side there are 4 t72 and 2 ruskies squad take them.than call for repair etc.after that make every one health well move to last objective there you find 2 T80 ,2 T72,5 rpg guy and 1 infantry.
  13. Gwa

    Recomend mode

    I want to download a mod i already have ww4.is there anyone recomand about which mod should be download.thanks for help.
  14. Gwa

    WW4 Modpack 1

    I also waited for that by sanctuary
  15. Gwa

    Best campaign

    Remember he is a sicologist.
  16. Gwa

    Mod help!!!

    I think for a mod working you have atleas version 1.75 of opf.just upgrade your game than you can make any mod work. ---------- Post added at 14:46 ---------- Previous post was at 14:42 ---------- As i already mention the folder which are inside mod.those can be found in any mod.so you have to purchase resistance or goty for make use of any mode.
  17. Gwa

    Recomend mode

    Graa mode pack is also good.which i found.
  18. Gwa

    Derert islands addons

    There is also a desert mode which i found.anyone have link to it
  19. I used to play ofp harder mission and campaign in user made addons desert islands such as desert everon , desert malden.i used to find ofp play hard in its jungles.but i did 't find desert kolugjev .if anyone have the info or link to desert kolugtev tell me ---------- Post added at 02:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:43 PM ---------- Its very funny to play in desert and easy to find target
  20. Gwa

    Campaign-last month in vietnam

    I recived it thanks ok.
  21. Gwa

    Best campaign

    tiket already stop this all.he assured me.ok guys
  22. I build a mission but not have idea about cutescene?anyone help
  23. Gwa

    Derert islands addons

    Download desert everon 2 in it there is no rock.but in it only house and there is no stone or jungle for hide. ---------- Post added at 20:56 ---------- Previous post was at 20:48 ---------- there
  24. Gwa

    Reporting your position

    I usually go near to lost teammates and find them with help of map.i think it take less time to get togather.
  25. Gwa

    Mission volcano

    It is very old mission i download it.in it i have 6 man squad(west) and there is a task to move to towns(kolugjev).but there is a thrill.there are civllians and soldiers(west) in all the towns where i go they come to near me and my squad kill us by punches .i try to kill them but there is no effect on them.i failed everytime in this mission.this is first devil/ghost mission which i played