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  1. simjedi

    memory management?

    I don't use a RAM-Disk anymore as A3 uses up to 6gb of RAM....:)
  2. simjedi

    low FPS on high end PC

    One thing I think is happening, is that ArmA3's SSAO is doubling up on the graphic drivers SSAO. You can disable it in the control panel then change it within the game menus and you can still see changes happening. For NVIDIA users you must have NVIDIA Inspector because there is 2 options to disable SSAO vs. just using the NV Control Panel with it's single option. Load up the A3 profile in NI then disable both "Ambient Occlusion Setting" and "Ambient Occlusion Usage". I at least gained some FPS from doing so. If other people try this and see some gains I'll open up a ticket on the bug tracker. Picture of highlighted settings below: http://i.imgur.com/TWDlo7b.png
  3. simjedi

    [Help!]Arma 3 Alpha Music Copyright Politic

    The best place I have found for music to be used in videos is OverClocked ReMix. Just follow their Content Policies and give proper credit at the end of the video and in the video description section on the page and you should be fine. It should be fine for all music if you give credit. And make sure you have ads disabled for your videos. Also be sure to put in the description telling about Fair Usage and it being a fan made video for non profit.
  4. Um, yeah, because you are looking at your map at the base.....lol
  5. simjedi

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Then don't expect anything other than disappointment. With my settings I get a solid 45-60fps anywhere I go as long as the mission scripts are clean and there isn't an obnoxious amount of A.I. around. Seems you do not know how to properly setup your game for your system if your not getting that. And if you are basing your experiences on Wasteland, a mod that was rushed into A3 and runs on servers that are game clients, well.
  6. simjedi

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Well that's the thing about ArmA, scalability. When I first started out at the launch of A2 I had at the moment a pretty top of the line computer and was no way able to max everything out. Later through the years as I upgraded I was able to raise those settings up even more with each upgrade. Now with A3 coming out I expect nothing different. So yesterdays 3600vd settings are completely different than today's 3600vd settings since there is more going on. If I remember correctly A2's view distances wasn't actually what they were and it was changed for A3 to accurately reflect their true distances. I may be remembering it wrong though but I'm pretty sure it changed.
  7. simjedi

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Yes I know it has it's flaws and isn't perfect. But it seems the majority of the complainers in here expect it to be so optimized that they should be able to run at 12k view distance with 1000 AI and everything on ultra while having 120+fps. Anybody who thinks that is off their f'n rocker and are setting themselves up for disappointment.
  8. simjedi

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    And here lies the main meat of the problem. People need to stop comparing ArmA to "Other Games". ArmA is not and has never been "Other Games" It's it's own unique thing and the thinking that somehow settings can be cranked up because "Other Games" run with max settings is a huge mistake. And if people do not get past this notion they will never be satisfied.
  9. Yes I noticed the effects on fonts in the menu's, but I can live with that as it's not too bad. The FXAA presets in game leave ghosting artifacts on all the rendered edges though. I also noticed while playing around with the injector that the textures seemed to be adjusted to FXAA's sharpening filter because without using Luma Sharpen they are quiet soft. And for some reason the SMAA in game blurs them even more, that's the opposite of what SMAA is known to do. Maybe it just needs a little bit more of tweaking to make them better.
  10. IMO FXAA is a bad form of AA as it induces ghosting from it's sharpening filter. Since I switched over to using SMAA through SweetFX, the AA is improved over ArmA's presets. What's especially noticeable is I have no more mosaic patterns on flat surfaces at an angle from my POV. Get it HERE.
  11. If you guys want to know how to adjust the picture see THIS thread.
  12. Those trees exist for me....:rolleyes:
  13. simjedi

    ARMA 3 Alpha Resolution Troubles

    Go into the NVIDA Control Panel and try these 3 settings and make sure scaling on the GPU and override is selected to see if it helps.
  14. simjedi

    SweetFX in Arma 3

    For me it's really not that much of a performance hit. I redone my settings only this time I zoomed in to a lot of textures to watch what was going on. Making sure no pixels were bleeding into each other or getting washed out. So that method relied less on my eyes and more to what the pixels were doing. HERE is the photo's including my in-game settings and HERE is my SweetFX settings if someone wants to try them. Just be sure to match at least the in-game brightness, gamma and hdr settings to match up. ETA: Updated settings with just a bit of vibrancy added.