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  1. Jezza5555

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    How about the great wall of china :)
  2. Jezza5555

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    That animation could mean something other than physics, the ball smashing a wall could be a statement of intent.
  3. Yea the ditches really make it! Its looking awesome mate, keep up the great work!
  4. British Army MAN SV - Various Variants and very WIP. This is my first arma2 Mod (I mostly make FS stuff), not even started to think about how i'm going to shoe horn it into game yet but I'll figure it out and what I dont know i'll ask. Aside from a few photos and some specs/sizes I had little reference for this apart from the JCove VBS2 Lite version which I spent many nights studying via a slide rule and climbing all over it in game. Infact I have a rather amusing set of screen shots of me crawling underneath and getting airlifted onto the roof but that's for another day.... This probably wont have the detail of even the Jcove version or the poly count at first but what it will have eventually is quite a few versions, up armor, top cover, recovery etc. This is the base model flatbed which everything else will be built on and what I'll try to get right before I go further. ..and that's all i have to say about that :)
  5. Jezza5555

    Fallujah 1.0

    Gutm@sher I used a game logic to destroy various sections of the fence which makes it a little easier for the AI to move through. Stick something like "(getPos this nearestObject 192744) setdamage 1"; in the init section.
  6. Ah, this has answered a question which has been bugging me for a week since I made a co-op respawn mission with Battlefield sim/clearance etc vs independents. It went totally fubar half way in, my friends scores were going negative and eventually us and the enemy all became friends lol. Now I know what caused it! Thanks for coming up with a reason why ker8er0s, it all makes sense now.
  7. Jezza5555

    Fallujah 1.0

    I loved the last one, played on it lots, this one is even better!! wow! just wow! Thanks for all the work on this guys, truly amazing!
  8. Cool, really looking forward to this. I released an FSX and FS2004 version of the BD5 a few years ago, had the blueprints from a real one and a former pilot as a tester thats how deep i got lol. Looking forward to how it turns outs, its a great little plane!
  9. Jezza5555

    AI units stop moving in danger mode.

    I was running a MP server last night and had a lot of trouble with the AI players. The were taking ages getting in and out of vehicles and also suddenly refusing to do anything. Using the 'done' command in the comms sometimes fixes this but I do remember it happening with vanilla Arma2 back in the day. It seems to have come back.
  10. Jezza5555

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Pathy has it spot on, if you want to play it buy it. If not then you can play other units or put up with what you get for free. I've played them and some are ok, some are a little ugly. I'd still be happy with that tbh.
  11. Jezza5555

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Ive been playing with them while waiting for the DLC to start and they seem fine to me.
  12. Jezza5555

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Well i think its a great idea, nobody loses really. Anyone who wants to moan about 8 euro clearly doesnt want the Arma series to continue.
  13. Jezza5555

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    If BIS told me they was in financial difficulty and needed £8 donation from people to keep them afloat in the hope they'd make A3 i'd donate. £8 for a set of brit stuff is nothing when you consider how un-vogue pc gaming is nowdays. I'm very glad we have them developing :) As for free vs dlc I'll mix and match, I love Stalkers, UKF and RKSL's work so I doubt i'll be leaving it anytime soon even if I have the DLC.
  14. Jezza5555

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    Really looking forward to the crewmen! are you planning on doing any RAF pilots or aircrew in the future?