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  1. I know you click preview. But now my preview button is gone. I went online and it said spawn a player ...I did that.. But still nothing. Also how do I ungroup people. This forum said to press F2 grab a unit then drag the line to an empty space then release.. I did that, again, it didnt work.
  2. Ok.. absolute noob here. Just played around with the editor for the first time. When spawning AI, I place them on the map, but... nothing spawns where I want it. For example I could place 10 troops withing 5 meters of each other.. But.. I will spawn in the same damn place I always do, and they will be thrown all over the place. How do I get the editor to spawn them where I want them to?
  3. Wow, this mod has the most fucking useless information in how to install... oh just make sure the perameters are blah blah... umm the what? and where? and how? Dickhead. Thanks for nothing.
  4. Or you could just pick the next mission. LOL.
  5. RoyBrown

    Video Memory Setting

    I cant have it lower then Normal, or the only thing I can see is BLACK
  6. WHAT THE FUCK BOHEMIA. I cant play this game at all it's totally broken. Honestly. it's 100% fucked. Every few minutes the loading screen comes up again and Im dead set fucked. The only way out is Alt-Cntr-Del Doesnt matter if I run the game on its lowest settings or absolute max.
  7. OK I just updated all my drivers. I have a Dual Core 3.00GHZ intel E8400 VGA is ASUS Ati 3870X2 3BG RAM (4 but xp only sees 3) I can run Crysis Warhead Max settings, albeit at standard resolution and with frame rate drops. My point is. Everytime I play this game. It has to load every 2-3 minutes. When online, the second it does this, it gets stuck in the load screen. I play every other game I have perfectly fine, with no issues. Shit even indy devs Tripwire have done better with Killing floor. Someone got a fix?