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  1. Same issue with .tga unfortunately, although it changes the file extension to .paa in the error message... Thanks
  2. Hey guys, Having a bit of an issue here, have been for a few days now, and although I've found a few threads from other people with the same issue, I haven't managed to find a solution. What I have done: I have created a model in Sketchup, assigned a few textures to it, exported from Sketchup in .fbx format, and imported to Oxygen2. My issue: When I import and go to Buldozer, I receive the message: "Cannot load texture vbs2\customer\vehicles\uav_test\uav\metal_rusted.jpg." (No prizes here for spotting the "vbs2" part to it, but I find these forums a bit quicker for troubleshooting :) ) I've been to P:\vbs2\customer\vehicles\uav_test\uav and metal_rusted.jpg is definitely there; I've tried putting it in a different folder, have assigned it manually through O2, but for the life of me I can't work out why this isn't working. Any help would be thoroughly appreciated :) Thanks, Myn
  3. This was also suggested a few posts up. I appreciate that this is a good solution for ARMA II, and is of course relevant for these forums, however I should add for anyone in the same position as me that this function is not supported by VBS2. It will come in very handy when I'm playing around on ARMA II, but for VBS2 I'll just have to stick to the old fashioned way. :) Thank you anyway. :)
  4. Just to update this, I've ended up having to use createVehicle and create an independent driver to attach afterwards. Thanks for your help everyone. :) M
  5. @Kylania: Mm that's what I was thinking, and it's what I usually do when I'm playing ARMA II, but with the VBS2 project I'm working on it becomes an issue; I'm basically generating scripts from a remote server and uploading them into the engine to be executed line-by-line, so every extra chunk of code puts a bit of a performance overhead in. @AZCoder I'm actually not sure; I had assumed, as GossamerS did, that createUnit would work with every entity in CfgVehicles. Looking at the script from the mission editor I noticed that there was the code: _vehicle_0 = ["_vehicle_0", true, "vbs2_GB_ARMY_Watchkeeper", etc....] call _func_COC_Vehicle_Create; Which may be the equivalent to BIS_fnc_spawnCrew, but the script does go on to individually create a driver, gunner, and commander for the vehicle.
  6. Good evening all. I have a bit of a pathetic bug which has now been driving me slowly insane for several hours. I'm attempting to spawn an aircraft with createUnit, which I've got to work with createVehicle, but I'd prefer a manned vehicle. Code is as follows: grp = createGroup west; wktest = "vbs2_GB_ARMY_Watchkeeper" createUnit [position player, grp]; [player] join grp; wp = grp addWaypoint [[getPos player select 0, (getPos player select 1)+50, 1000], 0]; [grp, 0] setWaypointType "MOVE"; As the more observant may have noticed, I'm using VBS2, but I've found the community here to be a bit faster to ask. ;) You'll have to trust me that "vbs2_GB_ARMY_Watchkeeper" is real, and this does work with: wktest = "vbs2_GB_ARMY_Watchkeeper" createVehicle (position player); I should know this but my mind's given up on me today. Any and all responses greatly appreciated, I'll post some cake to you. :) Cheers, M (I should add that despite the phrase "I'd prefer a manned vehicle", obviously the WK450 is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, but it does need to be a "manned" vehicle for the purposes of it working with the engine. :) )
  7. Nuxil: Sorry, you're right of course; I re-wrote the code here from an un-networked machine I'm running ARMA II on in a rush and must have left that out, but that was correct in the working copy. Sorry about that. Gossamer: Thanks, I'll give that a go in a minute, but are you sure they're spawning on top of each other? When I was testing that code it was spawning just one, who did follow the waypoint, but none after it. (I've just copied your code directly into a script, called it in-game, and had the same issue; only the first car spawns) Edit: Just to add further detail, I copied the code directly into an empty script called spawn_east.sqs and called it by a Radio trigger with [ ] exec "spawn_east.sqs" Both my code and Gossamer's only create one vehicle, which follows the waypoint, but does not seem to loop round. Edit(2): I've just done further testing by adding a rifleman _sol and adding _sol fire "m16a4" to the loop. The rifleman fires once only, so I would maintain that either there is a problem with the loop in the script or a problem with how I am calling the script; I honestly cannot think of what either problem might be though. Edit(3): Right, further progress: I printed _x within the loop and found out that _x is "any". I also tried: _x = 42; hint format ["External var: %1",_x]; for [{_x=1},{_x<=10},{_x=_x+1}] do { sleep 5; hint format ["Internal var: %1",_x]; }; Which outputted External var:42 and Internal var:42 rather than Internal var:1. Also the "sleep 5" didn't work. As far as I know the code is correct, is this a problem with how I'm calling it?
  8. Hey guys, Quick question for the more experienced scripters out there, who will undoubtedly tell me that this is a bad idea in the first place, but I'm having an issue with an iterative spawn. for [{_x=1},{_x<=10},{_x=_x+1}] do { _car1 = objNull; _man1 = objNull; _grp1 = createGroup civilian; _car1 = createVehicle ["car_hatchback", getMarkerPos "Spawn1E", [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _car1 setPos getMarkerPos "Spawn1E"; _man1 = _grp1 createUnit ["RU_Worker1", getMarkerPos "Spawn1E", [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _man1 moveInDriver _car1; _wp = _grp addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "WPEast", 0]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _wp setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; sleep 5; }; What it is meant to do: create ten cars with drivers at one single position at 5 second intervals, assigning them a predefined waypoint to follow. What is actually does: creates one car with a driver, assigns it the waypoint, which it follows, then stops. Interestingly, if I take the loop out of the script and loop the script call instead, this works fine (except without intervals). If anyone would be able to enlighten me on why this might not be working, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance, M
  9. Hi guys, I'm afraid I have a massive favour to ask; I'm trying to put a module into a custom mission. Usually, of course, I would use F7 in the editor, but this is a fresh install of ArmA II and I can't download the patches that enable this today. Would anyone mind pasting me the short bit of code that inserts a module into a mission (I assume for the mission.sqm file)? Many thanks in advance, M ---------- Post added at 12:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:44 AM ---------- Sorry, ignore me, forgot it was just hidden away :)
  10. Thanks for your help guys. :)
  11. Thanks IceBreakr, in terms of the time, machine and the size of the team that wouldn't have been a problem; this was actually for a possible large-scale VBS2 project but I've always found the ARMA 2 community very knowledgable in these matters!
  12. Hi guys, I have a quick query regarding the maximum possible size for a map; basically I had a project in mind that would work with a map roughly the size of the South of the UK. I'm going to work on the general assumption that this isn't going to be possible, but how far off am I looking at? Thanks, Myn
  13. Was worried I might have to :) Thanks :)
  14. Hey guys, I'm trying to set up a vehicle respawn in the editor using the description.ext commands, a marker, and the respawnVehicle command (note that I'm not using any additional scripts), but the vehicles are respawning in random directions; is there any way I can have them respawn in a fixed direction? Thanks Myn