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  1. subliminalss

    C2 -Command And Control

    Hi Mad_Cheese, Love this mod its really great work but I was wandering. I have a group manager script I use and when recruiting new members they are added to the units list but the old members I move to high Command or dismisss dont disappear. is there anyway to re-trigger the init of this addon or clear out the current units and re-add the ones in the current group, even if its a dirty way? Hope you can point me in the right direction, Thanks again for all your work.
  2. subliminalss

    Feat of Arms

    Awesome Thanks so much for all your work, Using FOA SAMO and also C2 Formely known as ASM (Advanced Squad Movement) and the infantry combat has been turned on its head.
  3. subliminalss

    C2 -Command And Control

    Just done my first little compound raid. :D That was so class, I am so grateful for this.
  4. Bump, Added download links for 1.05. V1.05 Edited the Interface Common Settings to point to the correct loaction for assets post marksmen update. Added Norrn's Revive Script so you can be revived and revive group members. Seperate PBO for now. ONLY USE 1
  5. subliminalss

    Feat of Arms

    Sweet, looks awesome. Quick Question is the steam location the best place to get the updates of the stable versions or are we better off manually downloading? Thanks Again
  6. Havent tested yet but going to now ive seen it. This looks damn great. Keep up the good work:D
  7. subliminalss

    Feat of Arms

    Hay Man, this is all great stuff really appreciate the work. Just browsing through some mods and this is definately going on my hitlist. Can I just ask with regards to the Sequence. AISS, 2 and now 3. Is FOA got all the features of AISS2? or would it be wise to download them both. One of the main features that attracted me to this was the suppression fire (How dare they even mention it on the marksmen features list when the button still doesnt work:mad:) But your version looks epic my friend. If I download FOA will it be in it or should I stick to AISS2 for now.
  8. subliminalss

    C2 -Command And Control

    Hey, This is an awesome mod. I have seen it a couple of times and always skip over command mods but in work pressed play on the youtube and wow. Cant wait to give this a go. looks really good. If only the AI took advantage of weapon resting now it could make for some epic battles. Thanks for this mod :D
  9. Yes I got the same issues last night when I loaded her up for the first time in about a year and a half. Had to get rid of the Paper Doll Gear Menu, Virtual Arsenal is in instead and the Interface HPP updated. It is fixed will upload later on today >5pm UK time. Norrin's Revive is also in from a long time ago. Ill probably have to take that out and have 2 versions as I'm guessing some people wont like that? Its actions are: recruit a unit: (they have to have a name for the next part so if its a Zeus created person then you have to name them) then 0-0-0 to reload the scripts and it resets allowing you to revive everyone in your group. And be revived in SP etc.
  10. subliminalss

    The Username Change/Merge Thread

    Please Change my Username to Sublminal-SS or SubliminalSS if "-" character is not Valid
  11. You could use a recruit script but afaik they are mission based. It's the mission design for whatever reason I'm guessing its because you are not in a position to command men while in camp maxwel.
  12. Yea the campaign isn't quite as open as it was in previous games I'ts much more on rails. You don't just get left yo your devices as something like the Manhattan mission was in arma 2. Then again that mission was considered a disaster by many because it was full of bugs!
  13. Will still work fine, there is a popup when the interface for the wardrobe is opened but other than that ok. Shout if you have any issues I'll release a hotfix if needed while I finish testing Revive and Virtual Arsenal
  14. Id call it a personal feeling, I wont say it runs 40 permanently you and I know it doesn't work like that however when playing arma 2 I could always notice the slowdown in very obvious and annoying situations. Arma 3 is much better optimized in fact i believe it is well optimized. With the relevant hardware its a pretty damn consistent framerate really. I'm sure I could obsess and pick out a moment where its dropped but what im getting at is that I have no need to, because its been smooth when played. Again Arma 2 on the other-hand was terrible very poorly optimized.
  15. Hi guys, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I have searched endlessly and pondered about this for about a month. I want to create a replacement config for the guerrilla faction but would like to have a random load out. Is it possible to execute an SQF on a unit once it is created from an add on. I.e. creation of the unit then editing its load out based on scripts in the addon directory? I think I'm theorizing this because I once saw an SQF being called for a vehicle like one of the Helo addons with fast roping from the units config. Any help would be appreciated, did I dream this? or is it possible or easy and I'm just missing the point? Thanks in advance. ---------- Post added at 02:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:39 PM ---------- Who know there are tools to unpack pbos and bins when you don't have admin privileges so got this if this works on a unit over just a vehicle I think its a good lead: class EventHandlers { init = "[_this select 0] execVM "\pathto\file.sqf""; };