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  1. Hello, I am new to SQF and still learning. I have a question - I would like to use http Request extension. Is there a way of securing those http requests? I don't mean authentication or authorisation, but making sure to not expose the request shape within the code. I would need somehow hide the structure of http requests from users / potential abusers. Thanks for any answer :)
  2. steel_martin

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Thats exactly, what i've been searching for. Latest Benny's warfare with ACE. Thank you for uploading this. If you would someday add more maps, I would be most grateful! Thanks again!
  3. steel_martin

    CRcti Proman

    Thanks for this mod! Now this is the only warfare mod with ACE, where AI is functional. I have a question: You placed here an ACE version, where ACE wound system should be functional. But I cant load interaction menu through the Windows key, so there is no way to bandage myself or my teammates. I also found a bug - when AI commander places barracks, some soldiers are stuck inside or "levitating" up and down. Thanks for all, and looking forward for an update! :)