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  1. bar10dr

    SLI Optimization on A3 Alpha

    Isn't SLI usage also a driver issue, I know nvidia releases driver updates now and again to make SLI better in specific titles
  2. For me the single most important thing from here to launch is that they dedicate people to minimize hacking, I can live with a wonky game but I can't play a game filled with hackers.
  3. bar10dr

    Where is the recoil/laser trails?

    First world problems
  4. bar10dr

    ATOC and PIP Bug

    I get the same thing on my 690
  5. bar10dr

    Ambient Occlusion

    Found this one: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?134655-Ambient-Occlusion
  6. Actually with Arma 3 I don't think it would be that hard. Mount a spotlight under the heli, make it movable with scripting and hook it up to a PIP display. Would look cool as well. I'm sure someone will make a mod featuring it, kind of like the police helis have :)
  7. bar10dr

    7.4 mb update?

    Its important that Behemia keeps us updated with the change list they push out to the dev branch so that we can properly test it and don't have to guess what they updated.
  8. bar10dr

    Choppers - Too floaty/easy

    Remember the more logic you add around handling like that the more cpu cycles it will eat up on your pc. Not saying that it can't get better, it can get a lot better, but don't expect flight simulator level dynamics.
  9. bar10dr

    Hyper threading

    Hyper threading can sometimes create more lag than not due to the overhead of data being pushed/managed to two threads running on the same core, register switching and such, doesn't seem to be a problem with Arma 3 though.
  10. i7 3930, gtx 690, 16GBx2 DDR3 CL9-9-9-27 Kingston RAM here - I run everything on max without a single hiccup.
  11. bar10dr

    Need Stance Indicator

    I agree, a small stance indicator that shows one of the 18 different stances (The current one you are in) would be awesome, with an option to turn it off for those who don't want it of course. Perhaps only show it if you are outside the default horizontal stance, that way you'd only need to show 12 different stances. Hmmm actually you wouldn't need to show the main vertical stances at all since you'd probably know that.. Wait, there's not just horizontal stances is there... damn, so I guess each main stance (3) then has 4 horizontal and 3 vertical 3*4*3.. that's 36 different stance variations.
  12. bar10dr

    Feedback from a good pc

    I'd just wait for some network optimization's then Zyromkiru
  13. bar10dr

    Feedback from a good pc

    Hi kazenokizu. What FPS do you get in singleplayer?
  14. I run a closed server for a closed forum. 20 slots open but I guess we average about only 4-8 players daily who plays anything from 3-8 hours a day. Statistically it averages 1.8GB of inbound data and 770MB out each week
  15. bar10dr

    3Dsmax ArmA2 modding toolset

    This looks very very good, any estimate on release?