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  1. Arma: Cold War Assault

    It's gonna be hard not to call this game OFP any more......so im just gonna stick with ofp
  2. Karbala 2004 Mod - WIP thread

    Good models! Love it!
  3. Legen Of Madness Open Beta Release

    Can't wait to start making videos with this mod :D
  4. sexy ass pack....nice job
  5. OFP-RP - Role-play in Nogova.

    Ill help! This is something needed!
  6. FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    There isn't. Stick to the older versions which in my honest opinion are better.
  7. Metal Gear Faces/Units

    lol!! yeah he had the camo since the first game and lol mgs 1 demo...classic.
  8. WW4 Modpack 2.1

    I'm making a series which will be showcasing this mod. Here it is, the West Recon Units appear at around 2:29 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KY_UNLjQEds
  9. WW4 Modpack 2.1

    Wow, Sanc these are some good idle animations! Must of taken you forever!
  10. WW4 Modpack 2.1

    Omfg sanctuary you are a god! Now to finally make youtube videos!!!!
  11. new mod Iraq/Karbala looking for people?

    Damn, that sucks bro. But we will make it through.
  12. WW4 Modpack 1

    That's some smart thinking
  13. new mod Iraq/Karbala looking for people?

    This mod will be enjoyable in everyone's perspective :D go Karbala 2004!
  14. Metal Gear Faces/Units

    Go to photobucket or imageshack, and upload it there.
  15. Legend Of Madness - WIP

    thats some goddamn epic stuff cant wait