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  1. Fishercat

    I44 Mod trouble

    Isn't that mod for Arma 2?? May want to check those forums.
  2. Fishercat

    Xbox 360 Controller for GOTY edition?

    Only use controller for flying. You will need keyboard to properly play this game. Lots of helpful videos on YouTube. You must attempt to break the controller addiction. I died alot when changing over and now I just die often.:)
  3. Fishercat

    Arma 2 Free technical problem

    The "Search" function was such an addition to internet websites. What is it for again???:confused:
  4. Fishercat

    ArmA 2 for the PS3 & 360?

    For this amazing game to be on a console it would have to play like a certain game made by a certain company, that will remain nameless. Oh yeah it would have to, most likely, suck too.:D
  5. Fishercat

    arma 2 manual

    I used this when I first started.http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=81123 You can see what default settings are by going to controls, in game menu, and adjust as you see fit. Do you access combined ops when you load Arma 2 after Operation Arrowhead? They did change some things in the 2 games.
  6. Fishercat

    Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3

    Last year I saw an article stating that they were going to push out a new COD every year to totally milk the worn out franchise, even if quality is affected. Thus the two seperate development teams. Thankfully I won't be around to see it.
  7. Fishercat

    Zipper5's Missions

    Can't wait for new campaign. Cobalt kicked ass.
  8. Fishercat

    Help! My game will not launch

    My game doesn't give me any problems after I start it from minimized position.
  9. Fishercat

    Help! My game will not launch

    For some reason my game, disc version, always minimizes after it starts. I have to click on bottom of screen to start game. I'm not a steam user but could this be what is happening? Hopefully that's all it is.
  10. Fishercat

    Any more patches for Vanilla Arma 2?

    So you are saying that Arma 2 guits to your desktop everytime you play it? Because that sounds like it's a problem on your end if it is true. It's kicked out, maybe 3 or 4 times for me and my pc sucks. That was 2 or 3 patches ago as well. I'm sure you have cleaned up you're hard drive and checked all you're mods to make sure they aren't causing problem.:803::pistols:FPDR
  11. Fishercat

    ArmA2 ver 1.06.70710

    Install OA and then patch to 1.52, this should update A2 to 1.7. It should work fine for you. FPDR(just wanted to use the Captain) It works with xp.
  12. Fishercat

    Buying a new PC for ArmA II

    Some people use controller for flying and driving. I suggest to try using keyboard and mouse, it takes some getting used to but this game uses far too many keys for the 12 buttons plus sticks on controller. I'm a converted console player too. You won't regret getting a rig to play this game.
  13. Fishercat

    frame rate issues

    Did you uninstall the original copy of Arma 2 from your pc, If not you should have been able to just install OA and you would have combined ops. I had original Arma 2 and bought CO and just used Arrowhead from it. Mine were both disk versions though.
  14. Fishercat

    Problems with Mission 4

    There is a useful tab on the top of the page you are looking at called search.:D This question has been answered several times.:eek:
  15. Fishercat

    Will I miss anything by only have OA

    Like someone else said it's 10 dollars more, is there really a question as to what you should get. Of course we are all pretty biased around here.:)