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  1. -RIP-Tyson

    Naming a spawned vehicle

    Brilliant thanks ---------- Post added at 06:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:39 PM ---------- Sorry to answer my own thread... The bit that says Random 360 I'm guessing is making the unit face a random direction.... what do I change to fix the direction to look say due East?
  2. -RIP-Tyson

    Naming a spawned vehicle

    All I want is for the server to spawn the scud launcher and give it a name as the next objective is to destroy that launcher... do i still need to make it a public variable? if So am i just adding that last bit onto the code at the end?
  3. -RIP-Tyson

    Naming a spawned vehicle

    works like a charm - thank you very much... :)
  4. -RIP-Tyson

    Naming a spawned vehicle

    That's what i was hoping but it doesn't seem to be the case....
  5. As always apologies if this has been asked before - I have searched and searched for over an hour and cannot find the answer.... I am spawning a mission critical scud launcher using the following code in a trigger - x = [markerPos "scud1", random 360, "MAZ_543_SCUD_TK_EP1", EAST] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; How do I name it scud1 so I can have another trigger !alive scud1 for an objective? Ideally I want to do this all in the trigger which spawns the object and I want it to work on a dedicated coop server.... Please can someone help?
  6. Excellent script Madbull - finding this has opened up the chance for me to make a mission I have been considering for months.. A couple of questions - Im trying to place a sat phone on the deck of a carrier but no matter what I do with setpos it falls through. Is there any way round this? With the logistics set up is there a way to make certain bunkers etc non movable so players cant start stealing scenery etc? Also is there a way for say only the Squad Leader to have the ability to move and pack stuff?
  7. I'm using the code above but its triggering when there are far more enemies in the area than I have stipulated. Last test I had about 12 left in the area when I had it set to 5. would enemy spawning in effect this at all? Do enemy flee then change their minds and then get all brave again? If not does anyone have any ideas what could be the cause?
  8. -RIP-Tyson

    IR Strobe height

    ok thanks... I will try and get this working
  9. -RIP-Tyson

    IR Strobe height

    well it spawns inside the building and from certain angles cant be seen hence I would prefer it on the roof if possible....
  10. I promise I have searched, found a lot of threads and tried everything I can without any luck... I want an AI civilian to walk up to the roof of a building drop an IR strobe and walk away afterwards. I have a waypoint with "irstrobe1="IR_Strobe_Marker" createVehicle getPos ir1" and a gamelogic called ir1. when the Ai hits teh wp the IR strobe appears and everything works fine except the strobe is downstairs and I want it on the roof. I've tried setpos and various other ideas but nothing raises the height of the strobe. I just know this is something simple.... but can someone help me? What do I need to code and where should it be coded? In nice simple terms too please ;)
  11. I think the line calling the script on the Zargabad version is slightly wrong? I renamed the script guardwatch.sqf and it worked fine.... Superb script though which will be in any mission I make from now on - thanks!!!
  12. Please ignore - stupid error
  13. Id like to create a series of simulated mortar strikes.. I can make a single explosion and I can make a number of them but I really want a delay of a few seconds between each... how is this done? Also I would like the scream of the incoming round to be heard too - is this possible and if so how?
  14. -RIP-Tyson

    A flaw in my mission

    Brilliant advice from both of you thanks very much... Flaw sorted & mission development back in progress again.
  15. -RIP-Tyson

    A flaw in my mission

    Thanks for answering although being honest your answer is beyond me as I'm still very new to this... The killing of the enemy leader isn't the last objective as the mission ends when the squad return to base so I'm not sure if your way will work....and in any case I'm not really sure how to do it. Is there a simple script which will spawn in my target with the name and if so could you show me? Also will the !alive trigger fire if the enemy is not present or just when he is and he has been killed? Sorry to be a pain but this is my first real attempt at doing anything more complicated than a simple mission...