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  1. I'm having an issue generating helicopters that actually fly... I'm familiar with the process of creating groups and read the readme pretty extensively, and it seems fairly simple for making helicopters. I created 2 zones and linked them by id and generate 2 heli's in the master zone. The crews just dismount... What am I doing wrong?!
  2. Digll

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Hey all, First man huge thanks to Benny. This mod is hands down exactly what Arma needed. I'm hoping someone can help me out here... I'm having some AI difficulties with my buddy and according to how people are playing it online it sounds like our AI is not performing correctly so was hoping someone could help out. Here's what we did for the install: We have Steam version of OA and Arma 2. 1. Installed Six updater. 2. Added modules ACE, ACEX, ACEX_RU, ACEX_SM, ACEX_USNavy, CBA, ZEUS_AI_ACE, BWMOD, GL4, BWMOD_ACE, 3. Installed ArmA II launcher. 4. Added ACE, ACEX, ACEX_RU, ACEX_SM, ACEX_USNavy, CBA, ZEUS_AI_ACE, BWMOD, GL4, BWMOD_ACE to the Group 1 Addons / Mods. 5. The game launches and has all the appropriate listed mods running. Looks good so far, but when we initiate a BE_Warfare a few things start to go wrong. 1. After taking the first town, the AI commanders of 3 squads (usually Echo and November) just stand there and become invulnerable, and do nothing. 2. After about 30 mins of play the AI starts to spawn at base, ordering units but not using them. This causes them to start forming huge lines of soldiers standing still. If a Human player is voted as commander, the units do not respond to orders. 3. On Chenarus, some AI groups were spawning on the island out side the main land in the south east. I suspect this was occuring on some of the other maps, but didn't notice it until Chenarus. 4. Some AI groups were spawning in ground and swimming The opposing force is not able to take the first town. (This is set on medium resistance). These issues were with Zeus, UPSMON on. With Zeus and UPSMON off the AI has less inactive units (still many inactive tho) and is obliterated by trying to take the first town. I should also note that me and my buddy both have the exact same installs on client and server. Anyone have any input, sorry for the huge post, but I'm dying to get this working correctly, and the small conflicts that happen right in the beginning are amazing, but then the AI commander and everything starts to bug out. Thanks!
  3. Is there an easier way to start a coop game with friends as subordinates (permenantly) for coops that don't have starting slots as options? Without having to buy a unit and request transfer each time?
  4. Hey all, Is there anyway to access the single player scenarios that don't show up on the multiplayer hosting types? Or alternatively a place to get great multiplayer coop missions? Lastly a way to make the ai a little more active in the conquer town missions? Thanks!