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  1. Vet mode gives you an unsteerabel chute from what I percieved.
  2. "No mission editor for the console versions at release. PC Mission editor Confirmed and is the same one the developers are using. Split Screen Mode will not be available for local or online play. It is confirmed that there is no track IR or free look for infantry on ALL platforms however, free look and track IR is supported for vehicles It has been confirmed on the official site forum by an administrator that there will be no provisions for leaning action. " Taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Flashpoint_2
  3. Liability

    Windows 7 is the cure to all issues

    be interested in seeing if you saw the same results if you reversed the partition lcoations for your windows 7 and xp installs.
  4. Liability

    VopSound 2.1

    Then it's missing from the zip file because I've downloaded a few times and I've never had it. And i've always been under the impression that the signed update was the complete package but with a working signed key, and if it's not, it should have been. It's rough enough keeping up with addon versions.
  5. Liability

    White soldiers actually can jump.

    Heck strap on 30 pounds of gear and tell us you can jump much higher than you can take a big giant step. Arma 2 has already gone far and above most other games by not allowing you to be stopped by ankle high garbage on the roads the way a large number of others games tend too.
  6. Liability


    The readme leaves a lot to be desired for those of ust that havent' installed a BIS game addon for 7 years if ever. Suggested Readme additions: Place all files within ..\Arma 2\@gdtmod_hdr\Addons\ -- missing theAddons Folder as far as I can tell default key is 'Home'
  7. Liability

    Awkward Game

    Have to remember, Arma 1 and 2 render double square kilometre's at a general minimum and BF and COD might render up to 4 or 6 square kilometre's at their max. Every bullet, every tracer and every leaf has physics modeling and you can see how the processing load on these games is easly 5-10 times that over your run of the mill run and gunner.
  8. Liability

    Awkward Game

    Just like crysis, give the hardware 6-9 months to catch up.
  9. Thanks for the signage, felt kinda odd self-signign one for my server.
  10. The entire role of the A-10 is to fly at 200 knots and 200 feet, and provide anti-armour/defense support for a platoon.
  11. Liability

    3rd person versus Egoshootermode

    You only get to focus on anything in about a 120-90 degree field of view, the outside 40-80 degrees is motion and contrast detection. Even veteren mode offers the white bubbles on the screen edge to indicate a motion or contrast sensing, without highlighting it in the FOV. Seeing over walls and around corners is game breaking for the most part, and definately more so than an artificially limited FOV. If you want 3rd person in PVP might as well turn on all the newbie level settings and get a massive boost to situational awareness, god knwo sI coudl use it some days when my team is sneaking up on an enemy I saw disappear behind a fenceline and I get them confused.
  12. Liability

    ARMA 2 Fails As PvP Game...What Happened?

    It's pretty much as the others have suggested, mission makers have been thinkign large and utilizing the entirety of the map, whcih woudl be great 3 months from now with full PVP servers. We just need a few peopel to make soem quick and dirty maps that aren't any larger than town to town for now.
  13. Liability

    Dedicated Server Bandwidth

    I just know that in the past you used to have a recommended amount of bandwidth per player in the server. Looking to host my own, and was hoping to find out approximately how much bandwidth was needed to run say a 16 slot server.
  14. Liability

    Optics and Zoom

    Press and hold RMB for zoom function.
  15. Liability

    Annoying issue

    Check your key mappings, I have never personally experienced this.