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    I'm a half Japanese half Australian lad, studying Engineering concurrently with an MBA.

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  1. Kenjineering

    What Is Wrong With This Game !!??

    :yay:This problem happens to me when I do steam overlay chat. I just have to restart ARMA2 for things to work normally again.
  2. Well that is just awesome. hahah thanks for the reply. Kenji
  3. G'day guys, Ever since I installed v1.05 I get the problem described in the title. Has anyone else encountered this problem? And if so, did you fix it? Kenji
  4. G'day, I'm using Nvidia drivers 191.07. I had my SLI indicators active during a multiplayer game in which I was trying to record using fraps and I noticed that whenever I hit F9 to record, SLI was disabled. Does anyone know why? And does anyone know how this can be resolved? :confused:
  5. Kenjineering

    >>> Textures not working? - Fix here <<<

    This is already in many of the stickies. Edit: But it's not presented neatly like this.
  6. I've noticed it heaps especially when they are shot.. "oh my arm".. "Fck that hurts"... BOOMing with an American accent...
  7. Did you patch the game between the time you originally saved and the time when you tried to open it up. What are your specs btw
  8. Kenjineering

    Dragon Rising has been released

    lol yeah that is what I do at the moment ---------- Post added at 03:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:51 AM ---------- the mission editor is easy for the lay person to use (ME)
  9. Kenjineering

    Dragon Rising has been released

    I am only going to say the positives about OFP2. (ARMA2>OPF2 without a doubt) What I think the devs should try out with ARMA2: 1) OFP2 has amazing distant smoke trails, ARMA2 could do with the same effect. 2) The squad commands in the MAP of OFP2, although not as detailed, are really easy to issue the most common of all orders. Arma2 might be able to incorporate this say for the "most frequently" issued orders (in the map). 3) "Fire on my command" - Does ARMA2 have this? If so they should because it is pretty handy. Bohemia Interactive really have done a good job though haven't they? I think all those disgruntled users who commented in the troubleshooting forums along the lines of, "When OFP2 will be released it shall be.. Bye bye ARMA2 , Hello OFP2" must now feel pretty silly.
  10. Kenjineering

    sli not working? tips.

    That is just how the SLI is in this game unfortunately. For some reason SLI goes 100% whenever objects are right in front of your face, but only 50% in other situations.
  11. Kenjineering

    Keyboard not working in game.

    It seems to happen to me when I am using the steam chat. btw.. I am using the logitech g15
  12. Kenjineering

    Keyboard not working in game.

    I am also having the same issue. And I have the up to date steam version
  13. Kenjineering

    New patch 1.04

    It is just typical that a patch comes out just when I have a shite load of assignments and tests. but I made time to play... I just didn't sleep!
  14. Kenjineering

    Thanks to BIS

    When I first came to these forums my ARMA2MARKS were... 2000-2800 back in v1.02 I got 4900 just then.. amazing performance jump 1920x1200 All V.High NO AA Normal Terrain
  15. Kenjineering

    New patch 1.04

    "* New: Command line argument -cpuCount=NNN to override cpu count detection." Is this new?