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  1. All, Hello. I've been tossing around the idea of having a structured Multipurpose Range Complex (MPRC) set of missions developed for Arma 3. This would allow armored crews to conduct gunnery in accordance with (IAW) Army crew qualification standards. I'm a 21 year US Army veteran, and spend my career on M2 ODS and M2 ODS SA variants of the Bradley. I'm Master Gunner qualified so I know how to conduct gunnery in the real world, and would like to translate that to the virtual battlefields of Arma. Commanders use gunnery to rate their crews readiness and identify training strengths and weaknesses for their crews prior to combat operations or follow on section or platoon gunnery. Gunnery was a major training event, and was basically an armored units "report card" for the training year. What I need is someone who can create the targetry assets. I would be using the Army's TC 25-8 manual for the dimensions of the targets. Basically, the Army uses plywood cut targets to simulate armor and pc targets, and troop silhouettes for the troop target arrays. I have the dimensions and all the tools for asset creation. What I don't have is a modeler and texture guy to actually create the targets. There would be some scripting involved as well. Just something for to intiate the target being raised and remain exposed for 50 seconds or until a registered hit knocked it down, whichever happened first. We could work together to set the targets as per Army standards IAW the HBCT FM 3-20.21. There is a newer manual out, but I'm not sure its currently in the public domain. Let me know what you guys think. I think the MilSim groups out there that run armor would love to have a standard gunnery table to rate their crews and keep them battle ready for the units Operation nights. Plus, it would give that unit commander an overall assessment of his armor crews readiness. And its just damn fun to have that inter-rivalry between the crews. Let me know if anyone is interested!! I've linked a video showing some aspects of gunnery for Abrams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDIL88x3GJU
  2. MasterGunner309

    M242 Tracer

    .5 mil is in relation to the ISU gun reticle. The aiming circle in the gunners primary sight and the commanders sight extension is 1mil in diameter. At 1000 meters the dispersion of the round will fit inside the aiming circle. But I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing either. What i do know is that the M242 Bushmaster with a ribbed barrel is rated at .5 mil dispersion and if you shoot 100 rounds at a 1000 meter target, no two rounds will be more than a meter apart from one another.
  3. MasterGunner309

    M242 Tracer

    Roger. The M242 dispersion (.5 mil) equates to about 1 meter off the center of aim at 1000m and 2m at 2000m. Tracer burn out for M791 and M792 is around 2000m. The tracers just help the crew make direct fire adjustments. Now about the slow rate....200 rounds per minute +/- 25 rpm isn't too shabby, especially if you are talking about a M791 APDS-T with a muzzle velocity of 1,345 meters per second Can you tell i love the M242..... Again, I hope that its a quick fix and someone at BI will notice it and make the implementation
  4. MasterGunner309

    M242 Tracer

    Small point, but on the LAV-25, every round of the 25MM ammuntion is tracer. Not a 4-1 mix like most small arms. Just thought I would throw that out there hoping that it would get picked up in a patch somewhere. Thanks for a great sim