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    How does trim work?

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll un-map the trims from the sliders and try again!
  2. Hello, I can't figure out how trims work. I mapped pedals trim and forward/backward trim to my sliders, but nothing seems to happen when I apply trim. Also, how does the manual trim/ release trim buttons work? They don't seem to do anything either... I'm playing in expert mode, with "full realism" settings... Also, if you have any other hint on how to use trim in genera, I appreciate it! Thanks for the help
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! I won't use autohover and I'll try to improve on my piloting the hard way. I have more questions now, but I'm going to open new threads as theyr'e kind of OT here...
  4. Hello, I've read in other posts that the auto hover function actually exists in some RL helicopters. I'm trying to get the most realistic experience possible from TOH (I like the challenge). So, my question is: should I use auto hover at all? Are there choppers in-game that have auto hover in real life? I know nothing about helicopters, so any help is very much appreciated!
  5. For some reason, the prompt for the UAV seems to appear when you are near to the guy standing next to the UAV, not when you are near the UAV itself... By the way, what's the UAV for?