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    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Question: How do I prevent the VCOM AI from using vehicles I don't intend them to use? My simulations now look like a Mad Max movie.
  2. If its nowhere... how to I put it down? Cuz, I want to base missions off of it.
  3. I've got my ninja AIs doing their thing. I wish I knew a command so that they would use their IR Lasers while in Stealth mode. (furthermore, if anyone knows how to make them whisper ALL the time that would be great.) In the campaign I notice that the flashlights are always on with some patrolling units. Maybe there is a way to replicate this for my own uses? Thanks amigos.
  4. I read the post and another one connected to it. I know how to force flashlights on. However, no solution for IRLasers. Having people whisper and use them with suppressed weapons would be an awesome combination. Anyone got ideas?
  5. I tried in int field: this setface "Camo_White_01" I wanted to make various soldiers on Tanoa have appropriate camo. Someone help me out? I have all released official Arma 3 expansions and addons. (even that kart shit)
  6. Thanks a bunch. I wish I knew how to index the class names. I'll figure it out. Do you know of a way to do it?
  7. vostov

    Arma 3d editor

    Discontinuing the 2d editor is a bad idea. Having the 2d editor for laying out the greatest part of general mission composition. (I build rather large missions) Is essential for what I do. The 3d editor would be good for finishing work. I've encountered a tremendous amount of errors and problems using the new editor. So much so that I have ceased using a game that I have over 5000 hours logged into. (I suppose I needed a bit of a break) Anyway, please reconsider doing this. I urge this strongly: Keep the 2d editor. Let it work in concert with the 3d editor. Furthermore, I also ask for the following in your next game: Please don't try to imagine 3 decades from now. Make it more contemporary. The Tavor assault rifle does not have a reciprocating charging handle. The LMG for the OPFOR in the current game looks suspiciously familiar. The Anti-material rifle looks hungarian. I just get annoyed when you pass this stuff off as futuristic. Really, by the 2040s we're looking at tons of drones and very few operators. Probably the scenario I just played through is imaginable if a ton of electronic warfare had been used. It destroys any immersion for me. Make it more authentic. It's a shame such a great ballistic simulator suite wasted an evolution on some half baked future imagining. Where you guys just trying to avoid license problems by using real weapon platforms? Also props to the guys who spent some time in jail for documenting a great battlespace. Ciao.
  8. How do I use ''setFace'' on specific AI characters? Um, sorry for the nooblet editing question.. but I've google'd the crap outta this and haven't found what I was lookin' for.
  9. I wanted to make a night mission. I wanted to add Flares to AIs that do not have NVGs. So in addition to flashlights they would periodically launch flares to keep the sky lit as long as they can. Back in Operation Flashpoint there was a pretty easy way to do this with a detection trigger. Is there a better way? I don't even remember how to make the command. Is there a way to do this now?
  10. I'm making a mission. It's a stealth mission. Basically humping through the Hindu Kush taking down bad guys all stealthy like. Since the enemy doesn't have NVGs... I want my units to use stealth voices and move like they're in the COMBAT and AWARE stances but have IR Lasers active.... Anyone know a line to command my units to use a STEALTH voice while in other phases of movement?? Thanks for having a look.
  11. What is something I can put into on activation field of a trigger that will make all of the designated units attempt to report themselves injured? Reason: If these units report themselves injured the truly injured units will be ordered to treat themselves or have the medic assigned to them. As time passes and the trigger activates again other units that might have been missed will eventually be seen to by the medic. (It might be a bit annoying to hear them report this but it's better than them hobbling around bleeding like a stuck pig with perfectly good medical supplies around) Units named are s1, s2, s3... and so on. I think - that if I make a trigger that goes off every 3-5minutes and makes units report injuries the lead AI unit will assign the medic to treat them. Therefore the unit stays healthy longer and is able to do more on my long patrol simulations. This is a possible quick fix to the AI not reporting serious injury? They love to hobble around for hours bleeding when they have a FirstAidKit or even actually are the Medic unit itself. I find this quite infuriating. I would ask for the command line to make each unit heal itself - but I figure the commanding unit will figure out if that command needs to be issued. I just want them to send out the report. I'd normally press 5, 4 as a subordinate member of an AI lead squad. (I like leaving them to go on a long walk encountering various enemies and see how long my squad assemblies last) Any ideas? Once I have something to play with I'll test it and report results here at this thread. Thanks.
  12. Actually, I played around with it some. I made an Alpha Repeating trigger. I played around with this trigger a bunch. It did not cause the unit in question to report an injury. No effect. Also, your version of this made the player say ''I'm bleeding!!" as if I typed it or the designated unit typed it. This also caused whatever unit I designated in the player's place to do the same. This did not actually cause an AI to report it had sustained damaged and wanted healing. Something else is needed. This doesn't work.
  13. vostov

    The New Sounds are Pretty Good.

    The new sounds are.... fantastic. I can hear an echo? I was like... ''que!?" "que1!?" I turned off all my mods. Then started again. Then I was like.... muthafuckin' très bon! Immersion just got higher. With the default vanilla good quality stuff. Excellent job metaphorical high five being sent. Keep it up.
  14. THAT is embarrassing! Opps my bad. Feels longer. Kinda guessed at the dates. (don't need to do that) Didn't check wikipedia to confirm. (thanks for catching that Jackal326) I was playing it back in 2001. /facepalm :o Point 3 is present? Aggressive setting? You can up their willingness to fire? How is that? I do not notice aggressive use of grenades. I do notice use of grenades in certain situations. Point 7 might make a nice addendum to the base AI behavior somehow. How this might cascade over the full range of AI choices might be a choice for the devs to decide if it's worth it. Trust me - if you got nades and there might be a baddie around the corner... your little tennis ball sized friend who brings trips to virgins in the sky and/or highly mexicanized field hospitals is going over the stone/mud/hedgerow/into the room first... followed by several of his friends. Then maybe you start going peek-a-boo... (if you ever find someone you want to grenade you might use many of them just to make damn sure the job got done) Point 4? Voice and volume does change. I noticed that. You are correct. However..... (did you stop reading fully when you saw 16 years? (I might too if I noticed a gross error like that (My bad - it was late at night))) ....I just want one added touch. Whispering when no contact is made or when you are using suppressed weapons. THEN if a nade goes off and things get buck wild then you start the yelling and screaming. It goes from aware to combat speech. The intermediate one I want is... when you are slinking around at night. Sound carries. Especially, when you are bounding around in an open field. You might - until you start blasting... be whispering a lot through your expensive comms. Casual precautionary bounding movement would be whispered or sometimes not even acknowledge verbally. Point 5. So, the complaints people make about the super AI being able to see through walls and hear shit is legit? Fair enough. I just maybe need to get in line when people chant for better functionality up close and switching targets. Like for instance I had a remaining surviving bot. (I do sadistic things like send 8 of them to fight 150+ normal bots - though the normals are spread out doing things but react via guard units to the 8 super bot mischief) So, this bot has 3 targets in front of him. He detects them. He is aware other stuff is around via reports from his recently killed fellow squad mates. He is stationary and engages the first moving target. (target at time of engagement is apparently unaware of him standing near a wall and a bush) He misses and continues to fire at the target after it breaks line of sight. (that could be fixed a bit... but I know if the line of sight break were a bush and the target didn't alter travel rate he might've scored a kill) The other enemy units appear. He doesn't switch to engage the two new threats. He seems transfixed by this unseeable target. He gets shot. Turns fires and kills one of the two targets. The other having time to finish him. Scripted AI behavior seems great. I like some of the random behavior I see over a period of hours when I come back to things. Accidentally? The bots seem to be on the 2nd story of a building hanging out Addendums.. The lead unit.. he really doesn't stray from his course. Life is about the journey not the destination. You put a waypoint down but maybe there needs to be a setting to allow the AI to make choices on how to get generally to that point. (like him taking cover or stay with his group) The lead unit doesn't need to merrily prance forward and get all isolated and alone and get pwn'd while his 7 pals are off doing a Don Quixote over the hill chasing ghosts. Also, lead unit might have the boys hold fire. Especially, if the enemy hasn't noticed them. Then everyone lines quietly up. Figures things out. Combs their hair. Makes sure all the optics are zero'd. Calls dibs on who is sending what to the afterlife then.... the maestro tells the kinetic concert to begin and biological material begins to get shredded... hate gets sent all that... but with more precision. I am actually thinking of setting up a big if BLUFOR detects OPFOR then... 15second count to _x being set to open fire changing from the previous holdfire setting. Then once that is done... another trigger is in place to put them back to hold fire within 45sec to a minute... might work for now? I'll test that. There needs to be some setting where the whole formation doesn't break formation that much. You don't go further than 25m from the main group. The whole group needs to stay together. Too often these small groups get spread out and can't compress their fire superiority together and make it count in situations where they are outnumbered. I kinda have a simple fix for this. (provided none of the units die because I am not a script master and can't adjust for contingencies.) I take X unit. Then take Y unit and give him a completion radius on his MOVE waypoint of 10m with a 5/5/5 time delay. Then I attach completion of that waypoint to a trigger I generally don't activate. This results in the unit following the target. I can simulate an entire chain of guys. They stay together. the following units do stuff like take cover and move at a superior rate of speed while in stealth mode. They never go far away from each other and as long as someone doesn't get capped it's all good. Good for night missions where the enemy doesn't have NVGs and my guys do. I'll goto sleep to the merry sounds of ppl getting shredded instead of some lecturer rambling on about some gangsta shit that went back down in the bad old good days. Everything is improved really nicely. Seems to be arcing towards even greater improvement. I hope this commentary proves useful. Thanks Bohemia for making a great game. Thanks for your time.
  15. My time started primitively as a Freshman in Highschool playing Operation Flashpoint. Many hours crawling around with my M21 a few grenades and lot's of cassocks to send to visit Stalin. (I actually love the Russians I know) I've been happily spoiled by this sandbox for 16 yrs. Mostly building stages for my own and sometimes my immediate friend's amusement. I've recently availed myself of Steam's largely idiot proof system for putting out user content. I try to edit out all the caseless weapons and keep the ones I know exist in real life. Then dial back the date to something feasible and make a scenario. Suggestions: (mostly about bots) 1) Bots need to check themselves for wounds. If not in combat. Touch themselves up. 2) Bots don't need to get confused by the random gazebo. I love running long simulations while I am gone doing work. I come back and play detective and try to find out if my bots lived and how many they took down. Most of my survivors are trapped in the gazebo structures within cities on Altis and Stratis. It's bad enough to where I route units around and am trying to figure out how to script in the deletion of these structures. 3) Bots need to use grenades. Often the best choice for when you generally know the enemy lies behind the next hedgerow is to toss 5-10 grenades on the other side. THEN expose yourself. An aggressive setting might be included? Where the bots fire more suppressing fire and use all their offensive abilities more often. The drawback is they expose themselves to being spotted and engaged, waste ammo and will have to resupply off of enemy units defeated. For these aggressive units: Read about Vietnam era LRRPs. I know one old man who was former LRRP/Ranger. Them dudes were beastlike light infantry. They basically went out in 4 man kill Squads and just roved around pwning the hell out of Viet Cong. (they could smell them - kinda cool) 4) Talking Whisper when not detected but moving in ''Combat/Danger" mode. Talk plainly in "Aware" mode. Yell and maybe simulate hoarseness if too many commands issued? (someday - don't worry about this one) IF YOU ARE FIGHTING DUDES WITHOUT NVGs the IR Lasers stay on the whole time. Bounding advances with units who are very used to working with each other don't always need vocal commands. 5) Your ''special'' units might need to have more stamina than average soldiers. Less tunnel vision. I know this is already attempted by adjusting the relative ''skill'' of a given unit. That makes a beast - but he is a dumb beast. 6) Immediate improvement suggestion: Please teach units to engage spotted units within <50-100 m ON SIGHT. So often the engagement delay is still comical sometimes. (though it is so vastly improved... really Arma 3 is a joy to play) Teach the AI to know what a stone wall is and a chicken wire or wire fence is. Often on user made maps they eliminate certain kinds of walls because the AI just don't know how to use these elements. 7) AI assault on likely enemy location. % grenades on X over Y barrier. Then rapidly move in through the kill zone. (doorway/gate chokepoint) maybe after waiting?) maybe just spend all your grenades and send 2-3 guys to probe it rapidly?) maybe this behavior exists already but I haven't observed it?)))) 8) Tanks. I had a AI tank bring a building down on top of me once in Arma 2. It knew I was back there and did something very unexpected. It just started shooting it's main gun at my infantryman's building. Until it made a hole. I was honored to be coax'd by this bot. Wondering why I haven't seen this yet. Also, tanks need to have better situational awareness of other vehicles. Hopefully my suggestions are easy to read and underline some existing concerns and perhaps raise new details. Goodnight. PS: Moving and shooting a rifle isn't such an inaccurate thing. A skilled shooter can move and shoot simultaneously. I can, and I'm not going to say I'm skilled, advance on foot at a 2-3mph and headshot group with a rifle burst firing. I've seen guys that are seriously good and they do even better. Having another type of infantry bot that represents people with this ability might be cool.
  16. I put units with a % chance to spawn. I set them in aware, diamond formation and engage at will then plug the lead unit into a spot I think is good to be in. I put a 30sec this set is PRESENT trigger on top of the building. Then the main unit that is peaking out of the window gets a "doStop <unit name>" put in the aforementioned trigger. -That keeps the lead unit in place until he dies or has morale failure. -His pals get sic'd on whatever enemies are detected. -You get a unpredictable emergence of units in buildings. You can also setup a patrol to hit all the buildings in a given area spending 10minutes here or 5 minutes there. Sometimes switching positions within the buildings. I came back to a mission I setup months ago. I was roaming around. I give layered randomly placed waypoints so sometimes my units find their ways into buildings and setup camp. I had one hell of a nice CQB incident. I was like: "Oh shi- contact!" frag... frag... boom boom... then clear... frag.. clear... frag... clear.... then perimeter check. It was nice. I was happy. Then I got capped 10minutes later by a roving sniper with full skill settings. (glad this is a sim) When I'm having a nice hump in the woods... sometimes I think of Arma... then go... all of the treelines here are like <300m "I'm fucked.'' It's sometimes a pain scrambling the spawn chance values. You don't know when your hard work double checking pathing is going to pay off. Then there is that golden moment of ! This is priceless. Maybe this will help? Maybe it won't. Hopefully, it will.
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    Power outage

    I tried to put this in a trigger within the activation field and it said local variable global space? Sorry for the delayed response. I've been gone for a while. edit: (oh wow, uh just saw the rest of the posts) Anywho, I just kinda want to keep it simple. All lights OFF. In a warzone where shit had hit the fan for a while... guess what you don't see often at night? Lights. Q: Know what light attracts at night during a war? Bullets, rockets, people with knives, hate, attention..... I think I just want all the lights out. By default. I've noticed this threat evolved amazingly. The intelligent and gifted people here spotted a transformer. Made a script to run around it. I just want stuff to look dead. (really then you can put a few functional vehicles per city on Altis stock with some patrols... then you have the base area to make large missions. The lack of functioning vehicles/lights reflects the chaos beset upon the region) Blah, blah, blah.... Thanks guys. I'm always coming here for help. I always get some. This is a great community. (I wish I knew the ass end of a script line myself - but I don't) edit 2: This worked perfectly. I put in 50,000 to make sure to get all of Altis. (it lagged me out for 15 seconds but then it works just fine) VERY cool. Thanks guys. Will link a mission soon once I've taken advantage of this. I'm thinking like an irregular infantry unit 3-11 soldiers hitting a variety of targets across a large battlefield. (the biggest choices to make will be do you engage spotted enemies or bypass - I'm trying to setup good enemy QRFs with reliable intercept vectors to suppress the amateurish players desire to just mow down any target of opportunity) Thanks so much. This was a big missing element. It also helps with immersion. Sadly, for whatever reason, I can't handle all the lighting sources all at once. So, the lighting changes as I close in on certain things. Being able to keep most of the lights off is a big deal. Campfires in cities now make much more sense. This was worth the wait. Thanks!
  18. Is there a script/init line that will turn off all artificial lighting? I want to simulate a power-outage after a satchel charge blows up a power plant..
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    Power outage

    I must be missing something here. poweroutmrk is a sqf? What am I doing here? Please do treat me like a noob. Because I am. All I do is make pretty lines with waypoints and insert delicious things into init lines like: removeHeadgear this; removeGoggles this; removeallweapons this; removeallassigneditems this; removeallcontainers this; this addUniform "U_B_CTRG_1"; this addheadgear "H_HelmetB_light"; this addvest "V_PlateCarrierH_CTRG"; this addmagazines ["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag", 11]; this addweapon "arifle_MX_black_F"; this addMagazines ["HandGrenade", 5]; this addmagazines ["11Rnd_45ACP_Mag", 2]; this addweapon "hgun_Pistol_heavy_01_F"; this addweapon "ItemCompass"; this addweapon "ItemMap"; this addweapon "ItemRadio"; this addweapon "ItemWatch"; this addItem "FirstAidKit"; this addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_ACO"; this addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_pointer_IR"; this addWeapon "NVGoggles"; this assignItem "NVGoggles"; this assignItem "Binocular"; So, I really don't know how to do anything complicated. I just think eliminating light sources makes sense in a wargame. (trust me... if a battle is going on near you... the lights are off...)
  20. vostov

    Power outage

    Didn't work. : /
  21. vostov

    Power outage

    I put this into the "On Act" field of a trigger designated ''Foxtrot'': nul = [] execVM "powerOut.sqf" I also put: _objectArray = ["Lamps_Base_F", "PowerLines_base_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_F", "Land_LampHarbour_F", "Land_LampShabby_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_L_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_small_F", "Land_LampDecor_F", "Land_LampHalogen_F", "Land_LampSolar_F", "Land_LampStreet_small_F", "Land_LampStreet_F", "Land_LampAirport_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_L_F"]; { _x setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0.97]; _x setHit ["light_2_hitpoint", 0.97]; _x setHit ["light_3_hitpoint", 0.97]; _x setHit ["light_4_hitpoint", 0.97]; } forEach nearestObjects [thistrigger, _objectArray, 5000]; The bold sections are changes I made. (possibly causing the trigger not to work. I wanted the entire Stratis Island to be dark.) Also, the powerout.sqf is an ''.sqf'' file. Not a ''powerout.sqf.rtf'' ect. ect. Any ideas?
  22. vostov

    Power outage

    Hey sorry all. Thanks for your help thus far. Booting up Arma to try it out. Magirot, I am going to run it from a trigger. (maybe that's why things haven't been working for me.. I suck at this scripting/syntax integrity/coding... (really, really, bad...) ---------- Post added at 09:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:48 PM ---------- It just tells me: "Local variable in global space" So, no go.