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  1. I am playing it for 3 days. I wasn't really impressed at first but the more I play, the better it is. I really love the numerous small things that got added to OA like the kickback, scope adjustments, head movement, FLIR of course and many more things that you may not notice at first. Haven't finished the campaign yet and I'm suffering from some annoying bugs. The singleplayer missions are awsome so far. Played Laser show and One bullet is enough and they were really atmospheric - the only problem is that they are too short.

    I was also surprised how cheap I got it. I had preordered for 25€ + 4€ postage, but then I found it in one shop for 22€, so I cancelled the preorder.

  2. I have this problem in Open season (1st OA chopper mission) too. First time I rearmed without problem, but when I wanted to rearm second time it didn't work. Does the ammo truck have limited ammunition or something? I can't call the truck by radio because it isn't manned.

    Maybe the problem is that I don't have any hellfires left? I noticed in Pathfinder that it only rearms one magazine (on the Abrams).

  3. This just doesn't work for me.

    First I found him dead in the room and grabbed the code - this was easy. Then I entered the code and it just didn't work. I've been trying all combinations for like 45 minutes then I've read this thread and restarted the mission. Now I found him alive but it still doesn't work.

    I will restart it one more time and report the outcome.


    Lol, i did the mission by running away from the mine.

    I hope I will get some terrible ending of the campaign and everyone will die.


  4. OT:

    For Dragon Rising, the press says its underlying 'engine' is version 2 of mil sim software used in training aids in major armies around the world then that ArmA II uses a further developed version 3 engine.

    Dragon Rising actually uses engine from a racing game. :z:

    Games using the EGO Engine

    * Colin McRae: Dirt (2007).

    * Race Driver: Grid (2008).

    * Colin McRae: Dirt 2 (2009).

    * F1 2009 (2009).

    * Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (2009).

    * F1 2010 (2010).

    * Dirt 3 (2010).

  5. was looking forward to this release as an Arma (all varients) fan - but a bit disappointed to read its a standalone addon and not an expansion - so those of us that are already Arma 2 owners - get no discount whatsover ?

    do we assume Arma 2 original will still be supported with regards to patches ?

    Well, I'd rather have this than some cheaper garbage like Queen's Gambit for ArmA1.

  6. i was wrong, its a bug. some trigger seems to fail. after this search and destroy WP my leader ist just lying around and the missions is not ending. i also searched for enemys, didnt find any..

    I had the same problem, but I looked around the village and found some enemy bmp and bailed out bmp crew near a pond (I think it's just north of the village). I killed the crew and voila - Mission completed. :dancered: Anyway, just try looking around and you will probably find someone. And if that doesn't help, you can still use endmission.

  7. And, are you sure the weapon shake we've seen from OA is actually the new kickback? If so, why is it included in the OA that went gold a while back but haven't been tested and adjusted during beta phase?

    Maybe because it's an OA-exclusive feature and won't be implemented in the original ArmA2?