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  1. Hedo

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    That's probably Takistan as there are supposed to be 2 summer maps in the DLC.
  2. Hedo

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Maybe the screenshots were supposed to be used only as the "fog of war" pictures, but someone messed up and released them to public? They look really amateurish and don't make much sense. Especially the one with the APC - something, that looks like a bugged muzzleflash and Tatras without drivers, plus the horrible LODs. Then the L-159 on the runway one with a pilot standing next to it stiff like a plank.
  3. I agree with da12thMonkey. Definitely looks like Czech forces. BIS are trolling us again. On this picture you can see czech desert troops that are already in OA. The guy on the right holds Sa vz. 58 (notice the reflex sight mounted on the front). The guy in the back holds M60E4. On this picture is L-159. Compare. It just seems a bit late to release another DLC for A2, when A3 is not that far away. Maybe they have some bigger plans with it? Who knows...
  4. Hedo

    ArmA 2 DLC question

    There was a DLC sale on Sprocket like 2 days ago (in the christmas daily offer thing), so don't get your hopes up.
  5. Laqueesha: Look at slovak mi-17. ;) http://forum.valka.cz/attachments/10659/0823.jpg That's probably where he got the inspiration.
  6. 1. Opfor? They look very similiar to early 2000s Americans. (unless US will be opfor in your mod ;) ) 2. MOLLE vest + ALICE belt? Doesn't seem too logical to me, but maybe it was/is used like that. 3. The upper (grenade?) pouch isn't on the MOLLE webbing and the radio handset isn't either. Just some things I noticed. It looks nice otherwise.
  7. Hedo

    COWarMod Release

    The Hebrew Hammer: You know you can modify this yourself, right? Just delete the pbos you don't like. http://warmod.webs.com/arma2cofeaturesdetail.htm Look for: Dynamic Sound AI (RUG DSAI) CG animation replacement/enhancement pack And the All round defence is "ard.pbo". (haven't found this on the list) Thanks for the pack Gunter. I'm not going to download the whole package, but I might pick some of the mods separately. There are some modifications which I didn't know / forgot about them. Yes! ;)
  8. I'd like this czechoslovak classic to stay in Arma: Altough I don't believe there are tons of Å kodas in Greece.
  9. Should I point you to the first post? Keep in mind: (I'll now use OP's words) "Unless you can see into the future, which I doubt you can, you can't describe the future as being realistic or not. This is also the Armaverse, not the real world." So how can you tell, that there is no realistic way that the laws of physics could change? Changing physics in 10 years isn't unrealistic, it's just futuristic. I basically agree with the first post, but that's because he just wrote the obvious. Just trying to point out how weak his arguments are.
  10. No, it can't. How do you know that the laws of physics won't change in 20 years? So, basically you are saying: "Stop complaining that it is unrealistic and start complaining that it is futuristic."? How does that change anything? Pointless thread IMO. LOL, thanks for letting us know. I'll watch out. I actually thought that we are going to the past. I suggest this thread to be closed and after 20 years we can reopen it and decide if Arma 3 was realistic or not.
  11. Christian.1987: That's Marek, Ondrej and Jennik(Jan Pražák), right? :D
  12. Hedo

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    So no new content or some major change? I don't really see the point in this. The new name seems pretty lame too. But it at least gives me a reason to play OFP again. I guess that was the point. [whining mode off]
  13. No, Reinforcements has all OA hi-res units, but no campaign. Read this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1893412&postcount=6 I just don't understand why is this fact so well "hidden". I couldn't find it on any official page or shop page.
  14. Also, if you own Reinforcements, you don't need Operation Arrowhead. The only thing you lose are the O. Arrowhead SP missions and campaign, but it's not like that will entertain you for very long - user created content is where it's at. So, Arma 2 + Reinforcements and you're good to go. All the content minus OA SP missions. Or Arma 2 + Operation Arrowhead (the same as Combined Operations). A2 + OA content and campaigns + DLC units with low-res textures minus DLC campaigns. And this list might help you (or confuse you even more).
  15. Hedo

    Are people stupid or uninformed?

    I agree with Orlok and pbishop. It's not like Arma is the most newbie-friendly game, especially the MP. Also, how is a newbie supposed to know that it spams your chat when he tries to connect? No, common sense is not the answer. In most MP games some extended message shows only to the user and on the server you see maximally: Player X connected Player X disconnected And usually in other games it doesn't even try to connect, when the user doesn't have all the required mods. The fact that it spams the server chat is bad a design, not "stupidity" from the players. (Well, partially it can be stupidity of course, but I don't believe that's the core of the problem.)