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  1. A lot of concern seems to be about the near-future scifi setting BI has to go on, with the KA-52/Mi-28 hybrid, the merkavas in digicam and the general future setting

    It's part of the immersion for me. I really don't like the SCARs in OA and it seems that they're taking it to the next level. OFP and Arma were always about realism and the equipment is part of it, not only pure gameplay.

    Here's a funny fact for you: Some people enjoy realism and MilSim.

    If I'll want futristic/unrealistic equipment, I'll play Carrier Command

    or CoD FPDR

    Of course, if it's within some reasonable boundaries, I'm okay with it.

  2. I know this has been said many times, but: How many times did you have an opportunity to do a stealth kill in Arma? (scripted situations don't count) Even if the enemy didn't hear you coming from behind...

    I'm sure this is on BIS' list of "nice to have things", but I don't see many reasons for implementing it.

  3. The questions all relate to OFP/Arma universe places - are all the weapons/places and dates valid in the game, ie is there an extra as a clue ? I am thinking there was an OFP mod for the Falklands, so I wonder if the other weapon questions are also current or past mods, and where the Nogova 1982 crisi is accurate (can't remember offhand) or would have been 1985 ?


    Yeah, already mentioned this.

    Most of them were made in some mod, but I don't remember a railgun or AN-94 Abakan anywhere. It doesn't make much sense to me to ask about some random mod content anyway and it doesn't seem to have any connection to the previous hacks either.

    And the 1982 is accurate.

  4. So according of last answers "conversion" - if I don't went wrong in writing them from paper- the figures are :

    1113 0151 1120 0101 310

    Wondering if the "5" ... or 500 is having a role in this ?

    You've got only 19 numbers and there are 21 questions.

  5. I noticed that most of the questions are Arma/OFP/BIS related, but these are not:

    - Merkava Mk IV is the main battle tank of:

    - Was the Mk14 EBR deployed in the Iraq War?

    - Was the AN-94 Abakan assault rifle meant to replace the AK series in the Russian armed forces?

    - Are there different barrel lengths available for the CheyTac Intervention sniper rifle?

    - Which countries fought in the Falklands War?

    - Railgun is a popular video game weapon. Is it being developed in the real world as well?

    Could that be a hint at new content?

  6. I translated "We are watching you." from English to Farci and this came up:

    ما نظاره گر شماست.

    It doess not resemble the Farci line in the e-mail our dear web admin got...

    And he has not responded on the requests to copy-paste the letters. Either way, we need someone to be able to read farci to tell us what it spells, or rather we need our admin here to paste it or translate it in a translater. For the record, google translate doesnt do Farci...

    Check above. ;) And Zipper is working with BIS on this, so it's understandable he won't help us.

  7. So I tried to translate the arabic text from Zipper's mail using Wikipedia and I got this. I'm not sure if I got it right or not.

    original email:


    I got this: از ماست كه بر ماسـت

    Google detects it as persian translates it to this: "Which of us is our"