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  1. Well the sqaud calls for help because they are being pinned down by a sniper, so while the shooter is busy with them it does "sort of * make sense to be rushing to the sniper spot to take him out...at a stretch..personally i would have just pulled out and arty the place into one big crater.. :cool:
  2. B()NE

    Nvidia SLI profile patch for arma2

    This is just for SLI (x2) card users.
  3. To make sure that threads that contain important information dont drop off the page ;)
  4. Yes I get this occasionally too, mainly when sitting in choppers or if a PC is standing next to a spawn and I drop in..for a few seconds the half hat bug appears.
  5. I have noticed this too , even on very low latency servers you get warping on moving targets, also when you are travelling in vehicles the random stutter is annoying.
  6. B()NE

    Post you most annoying bug !

    Not sure if this is a bug, but do you really have to go into "stand" stance from crouch to ready your weapon? This isnt a very healthy thing to do in a firefight...:confused:
  7. B()NE

    Ballistics, accuracy ?

    Yep Fred, I should have qualified that a bit more, sure I know ACOG etc are not adjustable, but the others just feel wrong :cool:
  8. B()NE

    Ballistics, accuracy ?

    I find the weapons to be fairly adequate for the game, but the most annoying aspect of the combat in ARMA2 is the wholly unrealistic act of having to "guess aim" at distances, it just feels wrong raising your sites to ridicuous levels to make a long distance shot with an assault weapon. The best way a game has dealt with this was in the Delta Force series where you made adjustments on the scope and then shot on target as normal, if the limitation of the round/velocity still made the shot inaccurate, fine, thats the weapons limit, even with marksmens scope I hate having to raise sights when I really shouldnt be doing this in a combat situation. :rolleyes:
  9. I use Sennheiser PC 150 headset, works great, and pretty comfortable for long periods.
  10. B()NE

    ArmA II Random Lockup

    Yep, Im getting these too, random total freeze with ARMA2, I would add though that I have had a similar issue in COD4 but ramping up the fan on my 2x GTX260's solved that one for me, same with Crysis, I can run that very high at high res and have zero problems with freezing. Last night I was running my fans at 80% ( its hot here anyway) and they showed a stable temp below 60C, well within the limits but still got a freeze about 10 mins into a game. Something is definately odd about this. I am suspecting issues with my quad core getting hot, but by the time I can reboot ( a matter of 10 secs) and check the temps, it all appears normal. Totally Frustrating. :(
  11. I also get a text typing bug where although Im in text chat mode and typing away, my on screen toon will perform actions based on what key Im pressing, so if I hit the "g" key I will open the gear menu and generally jerk aroound randomly while typing, this doesnt happen all the time however. At first I though I was hitting the keys without opening the text field, but nope, im typing text in and it still does movements etc.
  12. Thank god, I thought I was going crazy when this kept happening to me, it feels so wrong and unatural ( and has killed me a couple of times in battle), this is a bug that needs looking at for sure.:butbut:
  13. Hmm, Im going to have to try those out and give it a bit more time, the thing with current PvP servers is that I feel like Im playing a solo FPS, not what I signed up for really :D
  14. Every PvP server Ive tried has been pretty much a waste of time, no team work, no communication and it seems to just "not work" as well as a good coop, hopefully this will change as Im looking forward to some great PvP fights..AI is ok, but you cant beat being shot at by a sentient human being with a determination to kill you can you? ;)
  15. B()NE

    Online is simply "Crap"

    Im new to ARMA and It was obvious within the first try of a multiplayer experience that this game just does not work for the arcade kiddie mentality, you can't just run around the country side like a tool fragging everything in sight, not unless you want to experience alot of respawns. I have slowly started to find some real team play servers with proper admins ( this is the most important detail IMO - good admins/team work/v-comms) and the experience is second to none, I'm an old git, played lots of FPS games and tactical sims, this wins hands down, it's all there..you just need to find the right people with the right mentality and you will have the best gaming experience.