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  1. g_rider

    Arma 3 wont start in native resolution

    I do this and it fixes but I'm stuck in 60hz instead of 144hz.....
  2. Thank God where is this paradise you say exists? Because I just tried to find it by selecting a veteran difficulty server whose name was “Realism Group so and soâ€. I spawn in and open my map to read the notes and task and BAM. I'm dead. What? I close my map and see this zero doing what can best be described as bobbing over me. What the hell is that I start to ask myself when I'm shocked to see that my lifeless body is being picked over and stripped! My God I hope deviant behavior isn't modded in as I'm sure this wouldn't be the end of it....... On second thought nothing has changed or been dumbed down.
  3. Who crashed the forums?
  4. Because these are the type of additions that you do to a military sandbox to make sure you aren't dumbing it down any.... ---------- Post added at 11:38 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:41 AM ---------- Unfortunately no there isn't any inoculations for a cure. The only cure known to work is regular belittling and sarcasm but frustratingly so there are fewer and fewer places where such a cure can be administered.
  5. You do see the irony that the inflicted of this topic syndrome needs it mentioned often as they meander from the topic....
  6. Well put. Actually helped. Thanks. ---------- Post added at 07:43 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:34 AM ---------- Which for some might have lost what this thread is titled and about. In general not to anyone specific. Take it for what it's worth. I never dismissed anyone here without reason. I know I'm curt. Trying to correct me is really losing sight of what I was looking for and wasting your time. I've actually made something of myself by being curt so those projections in attempt to change my tone are not going to work on me. And frankly this thread's title should clue any of you who took the time to understand that syndrome on society what you might be in for coming in here trying any counterpoint for the sake of counterpointing.
  7. .Point taken. In fairness the thread (full of sarcasm and belittling) was directed at BIS not the community. And when I was told to stop I did. You're a bit late on that. ---------- Post added at 07:29 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:18 AM ---------- I would say don't use open arms but take them under your wing so they aren't forever stuck as a cadet from coddling.
  8. I've been away for a long time and missed most of what surly was a painful period for many here. But my pain has just started as I've been away for so long now.
  9. Asked to remove a private conversation. So removed.
  10. Who is this he you're referencing? Are you referring to metalcraze who I replied about ACE and other mods long before had those features and many many more medical features before Dayz. So, hence BIS could learn from the former not the later.
  11. Just to clarify an ad hominem is a person attack of irrelevance. I used a whole generational point of relevance. ---------- Post added at 06:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:02 AM ---------- I missed this. I suggest you look at ACE mod and it's stretchers, epinephrin, morphine, splints, and all it's off shoots and ideas from other mods since ARMA I days. This stuff has been around for a long long time in military focused mods before Dayz.
  12. I think we know with the success of the A2OA DLC there was going to be a ARMA III with DLC. But to have all the details of development trends and decisions would require a position I'm not in to answer.
  13. I understand. Still asserting the syndrome is here however lacking my forum skills are from inexperience. To clarify Gen Zero wasn't a sarcasm but a daily reminder in my work. The Bieber remarks and such were the sarcasm. Gen Zero is nothing as you described it which could mean you don't understand the concept. Really it's not a knock on the younger as a knock on the older who mislead the younger which is unfortunately being deemed to have sinister motivations. My experience also has been that the ire is often misplaced especially when it's pointed out. I don't have a problem with new and more people here either. If you're proposing that I do by asserting your belief system to this thread to somehow contrast in a moral relevancy from mine I'd just point out that all you've done is project an assertion onto me which never helps. But I do hope this helps. Take the Gen Zero abbreviated definition that was laid out and assert the concepts into the below statement; you should see it really wasn't directed to you and anyone here but BIS. My thread was and is directed to BIS and what BIS has done. Or more correctly, what BIS hasn't done to stop this trend over the years.
  14. Are you in the right thread. Nowhere is performance and stability being discussed or a topic of this thread. All you've done is project onto me your assumptions and confusion. ---------- Post added at 05:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:02 AM ---------- I understand. Still asserting the syndrome is here however lacking my forum skills are from inexperience. But to clarify Gen Zero wasn't a sarcasm but a daily reminder in my work. The Bieber remarks and such were the sarcasm.
  15. I don't. Servers that I've hosted and help host the default files had difficulties over the years different than that they are now. All of which is a slow process which is hard to notice at a glance. I've never really looked at client side difficulty settings and compared. That could be entirely different than what you get from buying a paid server and it's default settings that you use and see there. I really don't know. Whichever it is, the syndrome is here and is evident to many via my PMs and emails not just today but in the last year or more. I don't see there being any benefit arguing this point. I myself regret it. On a more serious note, just in the last couple years I've washed out (various pilot check rides) so many young people to better prepared younger foreign (foreign to USA/Canada, usually former colonial Africa or Northern Europeans) students not affected by this syndrome. I see this as clear as day brother. Worrying to say the least. How is this relevant? Well, in my estimation its taking root to what was the premiere military sandbox game that I loved so dearly. It's one thing to see so many youths falling behind in the real world but in my favorite game, well that's just too much to take. Hence, the belittling sarcasm that I've used which to some of you would be very surprised how well it works on some to shape up and fly right. But using even that tool (sarcasm) is misidentified by many in here, which is further evidence of the dumbing down syndrome. ie belittling sarcasm misidentified as insults and trolling. Unfortunately for some they well never have the life improving events where belittling sarcasm did wonders into motivating youths to improve themselves more than when everyone getting a cadet/recruit trophy labeled Veteran has ever did.