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  1. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8688 hi there i am having real problems with setting this up ,The section where it explains how to stop AK-47 sniper AI Server Admins Installation Guide : If a server admin decides addon signatures should be verified, he should add the following line to the server.cfg file: verifySignatures=1 A server admin can decide which addon makers' keys he considers trustworthy by placing their public keys in the "keys" directory. Usually (vanilla installation) there's only Bohemia Interactive's signature, called bi.bikey, in this directory. You can find the Public Key for ZEU in this package under the following path: "@zcommon_ace\Server Key" Important Note: Server admins are recommended to use Zeus AI Combat skills for ACE version:0.01 server side in combination with ArmA 2 beta version: 1.04.61032 AI performance in build 60819 is currently superior to that of later releases, including 61062. Typically 60803/60819 AI respond better to engagements, provide more effective suppression, make better use of cover & concealment, maintain formation during movement and make improved flanking attacks. Player and server profile skill levels significantly affect gameplay. Empirical data provides the following recommended skill settings for the profile: skillFriendly=0.89999998; skillEnemy=0.89999998; With the above settings, AI provide good suppression levels, attempt flanking manoeuvres on spotted enemy while maintaining close formation and also make use of cover and concealment during movement. Attacks are slower, in larger force and more deliberate. Spotting distance is slightly extended in comparison to lower skill settings. Reducing skill settings to: skillFriendly=0.5; skillEnemy=0.5; With these settings AI tend attack individually or in loose formation with little regard for use of cover. Frontal attacks are common. Recommended precision settings for the player/server profile are: precisionFriendly=0.5; precisionEnemy=0.2; Higher precision settings tend to make the AI too accurate, which destroys some of the immersion. These are recommended values borne out of extensive testing. You can of course vary them as you wish to make enemy more lethal, but the window for adjustment is very small for precision: 0.2 - 0.245 Friendly precision is set higher to mitigate against friendly fire and does not appear to unbalance gameplay when commanding AI squads. It is recommended that enemy tags are disabled for all difficulty levels by setting the server profile entries to: EnemyTag=0; UltraAI should also be disabled - enabling it makes AI into AK snipers, ruining any chance of movement under fire: UltraAI=0; It says this need to go in the server profile what is a server profile and where can i find it . If anyone can shed some light on this i would be greatful. at the moment even on Cadet they can shot you in the head from 1000m with AK-47 :mad:
  2. Hi I was wanting to know if it would be possible to collect all the scores from a server and send them to an external data base and add them up to give you a total. example: EVO and Domination missions every time you leave the server it would send your score to the data base and that to any score you already had. I am not looking for any thing fancy i am just looking for a total kill so i can then make a html interface and make a ladder to be shown on my web site. just wanting to know if it is possible really. Many thanks.
  3. http://www.2shared.com/file/6362263/273267ca/WarfareExampleChernarus.html Here is a link to a example mission and a thread about it
  4. Hi Dose anyone know where i can find a list of items that i can add to the list of items for purchase and is it as simple as adding them on to the bottom of the list in the init.sqf Example: myMoney = 1000; MyCoin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_name","Base"]; MyCoin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[player]]; MyCoin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_areasize",[50,20]]; MyCoin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_categories",["Base", "Defence"]]; MyCoin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_items", [ //--- Class, Category, Cost or [fundsID,Cost], (display name) ["USMC_WarfareBBarracks","Base",200,"Barracks"], ["BTR90_HQ_unfolded","Base",100], ["USMC_WarfareBLightFactory","Base",400], ["USMC_WarfareBHeavyFactory","Base",600], ["USMC_WarfareBFieldhHospital",Base",400,"Field Hospital"], ["USMC_WarfareBMGNest_M240",Assault,150"MG Nest (M240)"], ["USMC_WarfareBVehicleServicePoint",Base,1000"Vehicle Service Point"] ] ]; myCoin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_funds",["myMoney"]]; myCoin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_fundsDescription",["€"]]; MyCoin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_onPurchase",{sleep 2}]; I am taking the class names out of the ArmA2 Libary PDF but i have not had much sucess at getting anything else to show up in the build menu.
  5. Nice Ilike the look of this now we start to go down the Chemical warfare route now imagine mados missles detonating bombs at a altitude fo say 300m with a disoersion radius of say 1000m then add some gas effect(a light smoke i guess) and then may be make that drifft across the battle field. My litle brain is ticking away many thanks for this little gem.Kudos [CAS] Daniel and all that helped get it working has anyone got a sample mission with this working ?
  6. well many thanks Mandoble I cant wait for this release in script form it is the 21st century battle field and a welcome package for ArmA2 please keep up the good work
  7. the rudder above 30mph there is no rudder it would be nice to be flying at 150mph then go in to a straffing at the same speed so as to come from behind a hill or building with out having first to slow down to under 30mph any ways massive thanks
  8. nice i use it in the mission i am working on any chance you can do something with the helis
  9. 28thCDM

    Spy plane

    really nice massive thanks it is amazing what is possible via scripts i am a noob at it and it seems a massive task again thanks
  10. Many Thanks We Only Run Coop Missions On Our Server So I am not worried if some one sets there VD to 10000m very nice
  11. Welcome all first off i better say i do understand the concept of the files in the missions i do not understand them so i guess i am saying i know where my init.sqf is and i know where the init line is on a unit . My friends and i where woundering if it possible to add a warfare map on top of a Donination map problems: i now have 2 description.ext I have tried adding one to the bottom of the first this did not work lol so is it possible to merge the 2 together some how so i have the Domination running as usual but at the same time a team of Men playing warfare over the top. as i said this is just for friends and myself to play what we are really looking for is a construction intaface with everything possible to bulid and the side missions as well from warfare. I have the constuction module working but i can only spawn 3 things so we thought we might be able to have the best of both worlds by blending the 2 together. Many thanks anyone who takes the time to read this even if you post do not be so silly just so we know it is not possible again many thanks Update:Many Thanks Indeedpete ill give it a go thanks for imput
  12. server profile skill do you mean add this to server.cfg skillFriendly=0.89999998; skillEnemy=0.89999998; Reducing skill settings to: skillFriendly=0.5; skillEnemy=0.5; precisionFriendly=0.5; precisionEnemy=0.2; EnemyTag=0; UltraAI=0; I am sick to death of AK-47 snippers
  13. Allah! Akbar ! i found may times muslim terroist saying this just before the attack
  14. hi i have the launcher attached by for the life of me i can not find the class name for the FlareCountermeasure so i can add the magazine i have tried thisaddmagazine "FlareCountermeasure" thisaddmagazine "Flare" but they are unknow can anyone post it please many thanks