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  1. Thank you for the link :) I've found the codes I needed but now I need to add those support options to the simple support module. I am no scripter, so anyone's help is appreciated. I guess that their is other codes because the code I've found do not include the "Gunship Run" support and others aswell. Here's the link where I've found it http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Secondary_Operations_Manager
  2. sgtskywalker

    Do you want upgraded Arma 2 content?

    yep.. LOL im too lazy to write something like that.. why am I even replying o.o another mystery of the universe.
  3. Where did you get the codes? Are there other codes like those for other support options? If yes can you post them here too plz? Maybe other codes like those can be found by looking into the SOM module too to add other support options.
  4. Is it possible? Is there a way I can codes or script or anything to the simple support module so I have all support options? ( like gunship run, UAV, etc. in addition to those who are already there like the arty strike, CAS, etc.)
  5. sgtskywalker

    Medevac Module

    I checked it out and yeah you're right, I had the wrong class names :rolleyes: Thank you very much kind sir for the help :D
  6. I tried this but it says im missing Halo.sqf. Where should i get this file?
  7. sgtskywalker

    Medevac Module

    Hey Goliath86, nice module you got here :D I wanted to give it a shot and I downloaded it and did as you said in the Installation instruction and all, but when I try to insert the module in one of my existing mission, I can't seem to find the Medevac module in the Modules list :O. I am running standalone OA btw and I configured the config file with OA units and not A2 units. EDIT: Nvm got it working :D ( I forgot to put a ";" between 2 mod folders in the properties :P). But now, I have ANOTHER PROBLEM :O. When I do the game logic trick, when I call the medevac, it tells me that the pilot is dead and I can't find the chopper at the game logic location. When I try without the game logic thing, when I call the medevac, it does the radio thing where it calls the chopper, but the chopper never arrives, even after 10 minutes :O. What should I do? Oh and that's what I have in the config file so I can make it work with OA but it doesn't seem to work. Where's the problem? //West units array = 0-Chopper; 1-Medic; 2-Pilot; 3-Vehicle Gunner1; 4-Vehicle Gunner2; 5-Gunner Assistant1; 6-Gunner Assistant2 MM_WEST_ARRAY = ["UH60M", "US_Soldier_Medic", "US_Soldier_Pilot", "US_Soldier_Pilot", "US_Soldier_Pilot", "US_Soldier_AR", "US_Soldier_AR"]; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //East units array = 0-Chopper; 1-Medic; 2-Pilot; 3-Vehicle Gunner1; 4-Vehicle Gunner2; 5-Gunner Assistant1; 6-Gunner Assistant2 MM_EAST_ARRAY = ["UH1H_TK", "TK_Soldier_Medic", "TK_Soldier_Pilot", "TK_Soldier_Pilot", "TK_Soldier_Pilot", "TK_Soldier_AR", "TK_Soldier_AR"]; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Resistance units array = 0-Chopper; 1-Medic; 2-Pilot; 3-Vehicle Gunner1; 4-Vehicle Gunner2; 5-Gunner Assistant1; 6-Gunner Assistant2 MM_RES_ARRAY = ["Mi17_UN_CDF", "UN_CDF_Soldier_SL", "UN_CDF_Soldier_Pilot", "UN_CDF_Soldier_Pilot", "UN_CDF_Soldier_Pilot", "UN_CDF_Soldier", "UN_CDF_Soldier"]; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Civilian units array = 0-Chopper; 1-Medic; 2-Pilot; 3-Vehicle Gunner1; 4-Vehicle Gunner2; 5-Gunner Assistant1; 6-Gunner Assistant2 MM_CIV_ARRAY = ["Mi17_UN_CDF", "UN_CDF_Soldier_SL", "UN_CDF_Soldier_Pilot", "UN_CDF_Soldier_Pilot", "UN_CDF_Soldier_Pilot", "UN_CDF_Soldier", "UN_CDF_Soldier"]; //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. I suspect that many of you noticed that some updates for the games ArmA and ArmA 2 include a new vehicule to play with, like the A-10 in the 1.08 patch for ArmA, or the AH-64 in the 1.05 patch for ArmA 2. If a patch like one of those is to be released for Operation Arrowhead, I thought that a wishlist for the vehicule you want to see would be great. So, I would love to see the F-16 in one of those release. It would be a great addition to the vehicules we already have. Some of you will probably say that that's why we have mods, wishlists for mods and people who are making the mods, but, a vehicule made by BIS will be better than any other mod of that vehicule, in my opinion. Now I want to know what vehicule YOU want to see to be released by BIS in an upcoming patch, if there will be any new vehicule to be released for OA at all. :D
  9. sgtskywalker

    Russian Army Base (FOB) template

    Looks really nice! Can't wait to check it out. I tried to make a russian base too using the US FOB v2 you made not so long ago and it looked cool but some scripts like the engineers repairing the car weren't working but anyway, good job :)
  10. Nice base you made here, I just love it! :) Did you think about making one like this but for the russians? It would be great if you did one! Just a suggestion :P
  11. sgtskywalker

    EW campaign 1.05 ending problem

    If you have fully readed my post, you would notice that I said that I already installed the 1.05 Hotfix patch.
  12. I have a problem with one of the endings of the EW campaign that you get after the installation of the 1.05 update. I passed the campaign without any problem and I got the ending where you stay at the harbor and the rest of the team go away without you. I wanted to see the other ending so I restarted the mission and when I gt to the part where you have to choose a match, I didn't have the smallest so I was supposed to go with them but instead, the menu where you choose which part of the campaign you want to play appeared ( where you can see Start , Eagle wings , End of the World and Empty Wasteland ). I saw the "Continue" button on the right side of the window so I clicked but it showed me the cinematic where you stay on the harbor. I already installed the Hotfix for the patch right after I installed the patch itself by the way. I don't know what to do now to play the rest of the campaign, so any help will be appreciated.
  13. I need someone to give me instructions to know how to make a Warfare map on the editor please.:confused: