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    Fed up with that AI

    That's why I play only PvP multiplayer. EUTW servers are best for that. Best server performance I have ever seen for Arma and great PvP game mode.
  2. bono_lv

    How many core is ARMA 3 using in which part?

    Please post your system configuration and Arma 3 settings, if You want any help. I think problem is not in Arma 3 or with your PC. The main problem is your expectations. You must accept, that no matter how good is your PC, you will not be able to play it smoothly if your settings are on max. It's just not possible. You have a simple choice - you can rant about Arma 3 performance or you can try to find most optimal settings for your PC and enjoy the game. For information... In most cases I have 50-120fps in single player, if mission isn't terribly scripted. Multiplayer is different story. My settings: Most on high/ultra, the most important - object quality to standart, overall view distance 1500, object view distance 1000. Theses two lines in profile preferences file gave me really good fps boost: GPU_MaxFramesAhead=4; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=0; System specs: i5 4670K@4.2GHz, 8GB 1600MHz RAM, 970 GTX, Samsung SSD. As you can see, I don't have extremely expensive system. It's really all about your expectations and finding optimal settings for specific PC.
  3. Just dreaming here. Imagine the possibilities:
  4. This mod really helped me to understand how stamina works. ShackTac Stamina Bar: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26237
  5. bono_lv

    Russia General

    That's why I included this line in my post: "Keep in mind - I'm not talking about literally every russian person. But most of them. I personally know really great russian persons and I respect them." There is a lot of great russian people everywhere. But much much more of them are aggresors towards other nations. Some of them using just words and symbolism, others brute force. Orcinus, can you imagine this situation? You are from UK, I'll assume you are native british man. Imagine that your job is directly involved with people. Every day you see clients who lives in your country from their birth, but they speak to you not in english, because it's UK native language, but in foreign. Let's assume You understand them, but you feel very uncomfortable to speak in their language, so you use your english. Sometimes as an aswer to that you are demanded, not asked, but demanded to speak in foreign language by client. And even in very rare occasions you hear from client: "Stop using your dogshit language with me!" And yes, even that is said in that foreign language in very very hostile manner. How woul'd you feel? What would you think about them? This imaginative story... My mother faces that situation every other day. She works in government structure. And yes, that foreign language in example was russian. That being said. I still know and believe that there are really good russian people, who knows how to respect other nations and cultures.
  6. bono_lv

    Russia General

    Sadly, but I can confirm this. Most of russian nation has very scewed view on history and outer world, because of their heavy propaganda. They trully believe everybody hates them for no reason. There is NO neighbor country, where native people likes russians, and there are many reasons. First of all, most of Russia neighbor countries was occupied or invaded by them at some point in history or even today. In case of Baltics, Russia deported/killed most of inteligent/rich people to Siberia... After that, they just flooded in russians with military education/thinking. Fast forward 50 years. How do you think it is now? Baltics is independant more than 20 years. Most of russians who live there still don't know language of country where they was born. There are quite large groups who even waits when great Russian empire will come and rescue them from "oppression". Now, what is that "oppression" they are talking about? Well... They think they are robbed of freedom, because their language is not offical in those countries, and as lot of them just refuse to learn native language, they do not have citizenship. To get citizenship, they just need to learn native language, proove it in quite simple exam, that's it. But meanwhile, there is complete freedom to their language use. They can have TV stations, radios, newspapers, everything. The problem is, they really believes, that baltic region is still Russia. Other reason... Russian attitude to other people in every day basis. They truly believe that russian language IS the language of the world. They have no respect or tolerance to other nations and cultures. Everybody else who is not russian is fascist for them. When you live side by side with them, you can feel it, you can see it in their behavior. Keep in mind - I'm not talking about literally every russian person. But most of them. I personally know really great russian persons and I respect them. Because russians are blaming everybody else in fascism, let's look at definition of fascism. "Fascism is a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism." Let's look at Russia. governmental system led by a dictator having coplete power - check. Putin is the new czar. forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism - check. google up how many opposition journalists and politics where imprisoned or killed in last 20 years. Latest event - Boris Nemcov was killed. regimenting all industry, commerce - check. It's risk to have bussines in Russia. Gooogle what happened to Yukos. emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism - check. I talked about that above.
  7. bono_lv

    Confusion with optics

    Wow, that guide looks nice, lot of good stuff. Thanks Belbo!
  8. bono_lv

    Do you use any AI mods?

    I love bCombat, but it often breaks scenarios if I have to load/revert.
  9. bono_lv

    Confusion with optics

    Thank you all for answers. I guess I'll find some sniper/marksman mission on steam workshop with good ratings and just experiment. Still I think it would be very usefull if Arma 3 had that kind of information in game already.
  10. bono_lv

    Confusion with optics

    As Marksman DLC is aproaching... As a civilian, I have no clue how in-game optics are working. I think game needs some VR training scenario explaining how to use optics properly. For example - how to measure approximate distance to human target or how to compensate aiming with mil dots(?). So... Is there any information about all in-game optics?
  11. So... How it's going? Arma 3 was first Arma for me with good SP performance until 1.10 went live. An no, that last hotfix didn't change nothing for me. Can we hope for 1.08 performance level?
  12. bono_lv

    Update is out

    Today tested SP showcase infantry mission. There was some little stutters at mission start, never experienced those before update. And, I double checked - at the same spot at mission start before update I had 70fps, now I got 42fps. No settings was changed. This is weird, because in flyover benchmark I have improvement, but in actual SP gameplay fps is worse. Haven't tested new campaign episode yet. Also I tried MP on one server. Can't say much, performance was ok, it was definately playable. I've seen better performance on other servers. I guess it depends on server hardware and mission.
  13. bono_lv

    Update is out

    Before update Altis benchmark average fps - 48, after update - 52. Almost 9% increase. Haven't tested anything else yet.
  14. Great! Will it be on play withSIX? Thanks for efforts.
  15. To be honest, vanilla AI movement and cover usage is quite pathetic.