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  1. Exelent. thanx :) finaly understand :)
  2. Ok, as im still a completley noob with scripting etc i have to ask. On a object, say destroyer, where do i write what string to eneble the cruisemissile. I see from the manual what is controlling it, but i dont know how to write a script key from "scratch" with al the this=" here and there im still confused :P But as i said, i found these mando_airsupport_cmissile: Cruise missile launcher (requires mando missile initialized), default value is objNull; mando_airsupport_cmissile_pos: Model coordinates of the cruise missile launch position. mando_airsupport_cmissile_alt :cruise altitude for cruise missiles flying in inertial mode, default is 800m. so where do i do what so to speak? :) great mod btw, as a AH64 whore i like the changes :)
  3. Rgr, could be the ace2 then :P been adding so mutch cool stuff i got turned around atm :P
  4. I asked in mando missile mod as well, but it suddenly struck me it might be sutable to ask here as well, the Gunzeroing on the AH64 longbow, how do i adjust it, not shure what changed it if its the Mando or Ace mod :S
  5. I love this mod man :) But tell me, how do i adjust the range of the canon on the apache helicopter? the zeroing i mean. medic113
  6. Hello yall :) Im a 26 year old norwegian. Im currently looking for a Realism squad to join Englishspeaking pref GMT based, tough us will be considered. I work RL as a paramedic, so therfor i enjoy shooting stuff on my freetime :P I can folow orders, mature, and have no problems with TS3 etc. Im looking for a squad witch focus on realism, plays Coop & PVP. Large/medium gang preffered. It would also be awsome if the squad use time on both tactical infantry stuff as well as managing armour, air etc. Kinda wana join the army if u understand :) In return ill invest my time with the gang when ever RL dont eat my time (Work, training my rescuedog) I hope to hear from you if u have what im looking for. PM or send e-mail to christer(dot)havno(A)live(dot)no Medic113
  7. Ah, roger that m8 :) thnx :) frustrating can be a great thing :p if it means more realism :)
  8. Just wana thank, i managed to get everything to work now :) all i need now is preferebly someone to play with ;) I also learn alot just by reading what yall talking about :) this scriptcommands etc. Dunno if ill ever manage to create a mission myself, but i atleast manage to get my playground to work :) Btw, is there a list of compatible missions etc around somewhere? Or maybe i have missunderstod, and ace is compatible with everything?
  9. ok, im trying this six updaterthiny :) Just hope im doing it right :) I moved the @files to backuplocation and pressed execute, it appears to be updating, so i guess i have to not play arma in a while :)
  10. Hi. Im no expert at this, but i have managed to install it so i can access ur demo in the editor. in preview of that mission everything works like a charm. But if i try to create a mission from scratch, i cant get it to work at all, even with the "nul = [this] execVM "R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG\create_arty_quarter.sqf"; initilasation. Now i did see the install manual, but i dont think i understand it all, so i ask, these files mentioned, *Step 1. Copy the directory "R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG" ----- This is the mission files yes? **"Step 2. You have to add to the file "description.ext" of the mission the following content" --- This is suposed to be in the main root? like, documents/arma2/missions? or is it suposed to be in a folder to the mission itself? ***""Step 3. You have to add to the file "init.sqf" --- same question as above cause basicly i have the two folders from the dl in the mission folder, i have created two files as mentioned in step 2 and 3. (in missions in steamcommon/arma2 folder, in mp folder and in my documents arma2 folder to be safe ;P) but i still cant get the stuff to function when i create a mission from scratch. so i hope u can maybe explain step by step for a nuub like myself. Sincerely medic113 ______________ Ok, i managed to get the initialisation code to set up the tent and stuff at the sat phone, but no fire controll or anything. I did read trough manual again, and copied the folder in demo mission to main mission root dir. that made the different. but i still cant get it to work on mission made from scratch. medic113 -------------- Ok i found the error. i missunderstod, i placed the files in missions, not "MY mission" .. man do i feel stupid `:\ but i got it to work so :))
  11. Hi all. Im just getting in to ading mods etc. and i have started with ace2. I have done all after best ability, but i have someishues, does someone know fix'es to: "Ace_c_ai_rof Requires: CAWeapons_ammoBoxes" Second is displaied ingame: No entry: 'bin\config.bin/cfgvehicles/USBasicAmmunitionBox/TransportMagazines/_xx_M136.magazine Tird but last problem is when i try to play the demo mission in SP for ACE2 i get CTD with message "Cant load World" i have tried googeling the ishues, but no luck. so i hope someone can help me out here.. Ace version are btw: •@ACE v1.3.0.373 • @ACEX v1.3.0.252 Maybe wrong forum i notised as this is for the beta, but i hope ull bear with me. CBA is also in place. Sincerely Medic113
  12. Medic113

    [SP] Long Day

    Rgr that, thanx for the reply. Will dl the vanilla tonight then, and see if i can get this CO working :)
  13. Medic113

    [SP] Long Day

    Question. If i install all the stuf, base, ace etc. would this be compatible with OA standalone? I own a copy of arma2 standard as well, so if not i guess i have to dl that one as well, but slow line, so tought id ask beforhand. Sincerely Medic113